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Rising from the Ruins: The Right of the 21st Century

Rising from the Ruins: The Right of the 21st Century

Rising from the Ruins: The Right of the 21st Century

Rising from the Ruins: The Right of the 21st Century




The liberal order that defined the latter half of the 20th century is collapsing under the growing weight of its conflicts and contradictions. It threatens to pull European civilization and the peoples who created it with it in its fall. This is no time for liberal reformism; the present moment is a Gordian knot of urgent crises. A significant part of our civilization lies already in ruins, if not always physically. Even so, there is reason for optimism: a number of challengers to the crumbling liberal order have appeared.

This book is both a depiction of the rubbled landscape surrounding us, and an overview of the challengers who are rising from the ruins. Touching on everything from the Italian CasaPound, Alexander Dugin and the Danish Tidehverv, to the New Right, the American Alt-Right and Donald Trump, this book analyzes the key success and risk factors of those men and movements that might lead our civilization and our peoples to create a new historical order.

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ISBN-13: 9781912079445
Publisher: Arktos Media Ltd
Publication date: 04/03/2018
Pages: 342
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.88(d)

About the Author

Joakim Andersen is a Swedish writer and co-founder of the Scandinavian New Right think-tank Motpol. Together with his comrade-in-arms, Daniel Friberg, he is largely responsible for introducing the New Right and the concept of the metapolitical into Sweden. Joakim has been a regular writer at Motpol since 2006 and his articles have been published in a number of other Swedish publications.

Table of Contents

A Note from the Translator

Foreword by Daniel Friberg


1. Ragnarök

Among the Ruins

The Civilizational Perspective

2. The Late 20th Century as Historical Formation

The Spiritual Emptiness

Culture and Anthropology

Family and Gender Roles

The Free Citizen

Ethnic Replacement and Group Solidarity

The Welfare State Becomes Amorphous and Therapeutic

Academy and Ideology

The Iron Law of the Oligarchy

The Economical

Occupied Europe


3. The Toothless “Right”

The Right and the Alternative Modernity

The Right and the World War

4. The New Left — A Failed Attempt

The Left and the Authentic Right

Saul Alinsky—Rules for Radicals

5. The New Right—Foundations



Opposing Liberalism



Anthropology, Identity, and Long Memories

The New Right and Feminism

The New Right and Democracy



The Swedish New Right

6. Tidehverv and a Possible New Christianization

The Church and the People

The War Against the Multidimensional Man

7. The Identitarians

Historical background

Successful Actions

Conception of the World

The Concept is Spreading


8. CasaPound

Historical Background

Activism and Activities

Conception of the World

Success Factors

9. The Neoreactionaries

The Degeneration of Libertarianism

Mencius Moldbug

The Neoreactional Analysis

The Cathedral

The United States as a Caste Society

After Moldbug

Success Factors and Limitations

10. The Right in the Non-Western World

A Self-Chosen Path—India and the BJP

Thumos and Populism—Erdoğan and Duterte

The Generals—Thailand and Egypt

Eastern Europe and Visegrad

11. The Street and the Public Space


English Defence League

Soldiers of Odin


12. The Alternative Right

The Great Worsening, and the Internet as a Refuge

The HBD-sphere

Roosh and Neomasculinity

The Trolls

Older Spheres Critical of Immigration

Shaped by Victory

What is the Alt-Right?

No Enemies to the Right

What Does the Alt-Right Want?

The Alt-Right and the Jews

The Alt-Left

Meme Magic and Private Language

From Pepe to Kek


The Socio-Sexual Model

The Generational Aspect

Success Factors and Pitfalls

13. The Immigrants in the New Europe

Éric Zemmour — the Reactionary

Akif Pirinçci — the Libertarian

Bassam Tibi — the Patrician

Égalité et Réconciliation


14. Dugin and the Fourth Political Theory

The Post-Soviet Background


The Fourth Political Theory

Dugin and Putin


Geopolitics and Eurasia


What Can We Learn from Dugin?

15. Trump

Trump’s Background

The Background to Trump

Trump as a Modern Day Napoleon?

Trump and Sam Francis

Trump and Metapolitics

Success and Risk Factors

16. The 21st Century Begins


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