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Quintessence Publishing
Risk Factors In Implant Dentistry: Simplied Clinical Analysis for Predictable Treatment / Edition 1

Risk Factors In Implant Dentistry: Simplied Clinical Analysis for Predictable Treatment / Edition 1

by F. Renouard, Bo Rangert


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ISBN-13: 9780867153552
Publisher: Quintessence Publishing
Publication date: 01/01/1999
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 11.30(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1General Risk Factors13
Preliminary Examination16
General examination16
Etiology of the edentulism17
Extraoral examination17
Intraoral examination18
Functional evaluation25
Radiographic examination26
Periodontal control27
Chapter 2Esthetic Risk Factors27
Gingival Risk Factors30
Smile line30
Gingival quality30
Papillae of adjacent teeth30
Dental Risk Factors32
Form of natural teeth32
Position of interdental point of contact32
Shape of the interdental contact32
Bone Risk Factors33
Vestibular concavity33
Adjacent implants33
Vertical bone resorption34
Proximal bony peaks34
Patient Risk Factors36
Esthetic requirements36
Hygiene level36
Chapter 3Biomechanical Risk Factors39
Geometric Risk Factors40
Number of implants less than number of root supports40
Use of Wide Platform implants42
Implant connected to natural teeth43
Implants placed in a tripod configuration44
Presence of a prosthetic extension45
Implants placed offset from the center of the prosthesis45
Excessive height of the restoration46
Occlusal Risk Factors47
Bruxism, parafunctional, or natural tooth fractures resulting from occlusal factors47
Lateral occlusal contact on the implant-supported prostheses only47
Lateral occlusal contact essentially on adjacent teeth49
Bone and Implant Risk Factors50
Dependence on newly formed bone in the absence of good initial mechanical stability50
Smaller implant diameter than desired50
Technological Risk Factors51
Lack of prosthetic fit51
Cemented prostheses51
Alarm Signals53
Clinical Examples Using the Biomechanical Checklist56
Case 156
Case 258
Case 360
Case 464
Chapter 4Treatment of the Edentulous Maxilla67
Central Incisor68
Clinical situation68
Conventional prosthetic solution68
Suggested implant solution68
Alternative implant solution69
Lateral Incisor73
Clinical situation73
Conventional prosthetic solution73
Suggested implant solution74
Alternative implant solution75
Clinical situation77
Conventional prosthetic solution77
Suggested implant solution77
Alternative implant solution78
Clinical situation80
Conventional prosthetic solution80
Suggested implant solution80
Alternative implant solution81
Clinical situation82
Conventional prosthetic solution82
Suggested implant solution82
Alternative implant solution83
Anterior, Two Teeth Missing84
Clinical situation84
Conventional prosthetic solution84
Suggested implant solution85
Anterior, Three Teeth Missing87
Clinical situation87
Conventional prosthetic solution87
Suggested implant solution87
Alternative implant solution88
Anterior, Four Teeth Missing91
Clinical situation91
Conventional prosthetic solution91
Suggested implant solution91
Alternative implant solution92
Posterior, Two Teeth Missing95
Clinical situation95
Conventional prosthetic solution95
Suggested implant solution95
Alternative implant solution96
Posterior, Three or Four Teeth Missing97
Clinical situation97
Conventional prosthetic solution97
Suggested implant solution97
Alternative implant solution98
Complete-Arch Fixed Prostheses103
Clinical situation103
Conventional prosthetic solution103
Suggested implant solution103
Alternative implant solution104
Implant-Supported Overdenture107
Clinical situation107
Conventional prosthetic solution107
Suggested implant solution107
Chapter 5Treatment of the Edentulous Mandible111
Central or Lateral Incisors112
Clinical situation112
Conventional prosthetic solution112
Suggested implant solution112
Clinical situation114
Conventional prosthetic solution114
Suggested implant solution114
Alternative implant solution115
Clinical situation116
Conventional prosthetic solution116
Suggested implant solution116
Alternative implant solution117
Clinical situation119
Conventional prosthetic solution119
Suggested implant solution119
Alternative implant solution120
Anterior, Two Teeth Missing121
Clinical situation121
Conventional prosthetic solution121
Suggested implant solution121
Alternative implant solution122
Anterior, Three or Four Teeth Missing124
Clinical situation124
Conventional prosthetic solution124
Suggested implant solution124
Alternative implant solution125
Posterior, Two Teeth Missing126
Clinical situation126
Conventional prosthetic solution126
Suggested implant solution126
Alternative implant solution127
Posterior, Three or Four Teeth Missing129
Clinical situation129
Conventional prosthetic solution129
Suggested implant solution129
Alternative implant solution130
Complete-Arch Fixed Prostheses135
Clinical situation135
Conventional prosthetic solution135
Suggested implant solution135
Alternative implant solution136
Implant-Supported Overdenture138
Clinical situation138
Conventional prosthetic solution138
Suggested implant solution138
Chapter 6Treatment Sequence and Planning Protocol143
Radiographic Examination143
Bone volume143
Bone Density145
Classification of bone quality145
Classification of bone density145
Radiographic evaluation147
Computer tomographic evaluation148
Evaluation by drilling and tapping resistance149
Preliminary Radiographic Examination150
Preoperative Radiographic Examination152
Surgical Guide154
Treatment Sequence158
Surgical Technique160
Advanced Surgical Techniques162
Guided Tissue Regeneration162
Autogenous bone grafting164
Postoperative Follow-up and Maintenance166
Screw-retained prosthesis166
Cemented prostheses167
Chapter 7Patient Relations169
Chapter 8Complications173
First-Stage Surgery173
Second-Stage Surgery + Abutment Connection174
Prosthetic Procedure; Control After Prosthesis Placement174

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