Risk Taker (Harlequin Romantic Suspense Series #1787)

Risk Taker (Harlequin Romantic Suspense Series #1787)

by Lindsay McKenna
4.5 9

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Risk Taker (Harlequin Romantic Suspense Series #1787) by Lindsay McKenna

A Navy SEAL fights the most important battle of his life—love—in New York Times bestselling author Lindsay McKenna's Shadow Warriors miniseries 


In the mountains of Afghanistan, her daring rescues have made Medevac pilot Sarah Benson a legend. She loves taking her helicopter where others fear to fly—the danger, the adrenaline…and the distraction from thinking about her own hurt heart. 


U.S. Navy SEAL Ethan Quinn is man enough to prize Sarah's valor as well as her beauty. But his efforts to reach his beautiful colleague cannot pierce her armor. Can he prove that it's possible to find love in a war zone?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781460325858
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 02/01/2014
Series: Shadow Warriors Series
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 46,648
File size: 301 KB

About the Author

A U.S. Navy veteran, she was a meteorologist while serving her country. She pioneered the military romance in 1993 with Captive of Fate, Silhouette Special edition.  Her heart and focus is on honoring and showing our military men and women.  Creator of the Wyoming Series and Shadow Warriors series for HQN, she writes emotionally and romantically intense suspense stories. Visit her online at www.LindsayMcKenna.com.

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Risk Taker 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
sharon1JT More than 1 year ago
This book addresses the issues and difficulties a woman in the military faces. There is a very high risk of rape and attempted rate from their own co-workers. Many men resent or refuse to admit that women can get the job done. Well, I’m here to tell you that we can and do.
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
4 STARS Risk Taker is very well told drama. Their is so much action, drama, romance in this story. I really enjoyed the ending. The characters are really likeable and heroes. There is a lot of poetry in this book that I liked but am not a good judge of poetry. There were a few love scenes that I skipped over. Sarah Benson is a Medevac pilot that takes some risks to save soldiers hurt in battle. Even when she is warned to stay away by her commander till it is more safer to go into rescue the wounded men. Sarah on one hand is brave and courageous. She turns away any man from her because she has learned not to trust them. Ethan is a navy Seal who risks his life all the time. He has hidden side to himself he writes poetry. He is attracted to Sarah like most men in the bar. When four men try to harass her he steps in. Then later rescues her again. He knows she is careful around men. So he decides to sneak poetry to her tent each morning that he can. The drama catches what it might be over in Afghanistan. It was believable to me. How men and woman are doing their best but there are always a few bad bunch in any group. I can't wait to read Degree of Risk the other book that features Sarah and Ethan that will be out in March 2014. The setting for this book is Afghanistan. 02/04/2014 PUB Harlequin Romantic Suspense ISBN 9780373278572 I was given this ebook to read and in return asked to give honest review of it by Netgalley and Harlequin
MissLML More than 1 year ago
Having read Lindsay McKenna books for many years I have always found them to be relevant, realistic, gut wrenching but at the same time endearing, emotional and heartwarming. This is no exception and may just be one of her best ever! Chief Warrant Officer 4 Sarah Benson, US ARMY, is known for her arresting eyes, thus she garnered the nickname “Blue Eyes”. The soldiers who surround her at Camp Bravo, in Afghanistan do not look past her beauty. They see her only as a woman they want to bed and harass her incessantly. US Navy SEAL Ethan Quinn first sees Sarah sitting alone at a table in a bustling canteen. His SEAL senses hone in on a depth of sadness in those haunted eyes. This somehow touches his core and he wants to learn know more about Sarah, the person. Almost immediately Ethan becomes her knight in shining armor when he stumbles upon an enlisted Army sergeant attempting to rape Sarah. He thwarts off the attacker and takes her for medical care. A bond begins to grow between them. Ethan eventually learns of Sarah’s painful past. She was given up by a mother she never knew and discarded in a dumpster only to be found by winos. She was placed in the “snake pit” of a foster home with a couple of alcoholics who only wanted the money they could get for taking her in. The husband repeatedly sexually abused her setting up a pattern of justified distrust, a sense of worthlessness and abandonment. No one ever came to rescue her. She vows that no man will ever take a piece of her soul again. Ethan understands Sarah’s wariness. He works at gaining her trust by writing her poems daily. He verbally paints a picture of her as he sees her which is not how she sees herself. Sarah loves rainbows and butterflies but needs to be in the rain to wash way the chaos and dirt she feels inside. Ethan has the desire and patience to watch her grow, gain confidence in herself as a woman. Sarah is a risk taker and expertly flies helicopters into hot zones where others won’t. This does not set well with her commander Major Donaldson. She rescues the wounded so that no one is left behind. It’s been said that she’s a ballsy broad, gutsy, and a solid kamikaze medevac pilot. As a woman she is the complete opposite, withdrawn and hiding. Understandably her personal history is the foundation for this. It’s a tough hurdle to overcome, but Ethan is up to the task. He knows she’s worth it. Known in his SEAL family as “The Hawk” Ethan has witnessed firsthand Sarah’s stellar capabilities. Her reputation spread thru the SEAL community when she rescued 2 of their brothers against all odds. They appreciate her and adopt her into their fold. There is no stigma within their ranks. They recognize that courage is not predicated on gender. Sarah is recommended for the Bronze Star and a V for valor by the Navy. Her own CO Donaldson refused to do this but bent under SEAL pressure not to object. Sarah finally experiences the positive side of respect. SEALS protect their own. She’s now a part of them. Navy Master Chief Gil Hunter gladly accepts her as a “daughter” in his platoon. He’s also a father to his SEALS who all readily become her big brothers. In order to fully and thoroughly explore Sarah and Ethan’s developing relationship and story, a pivotal sequel has been written. DEGREE OF RISK, will be released in HRS, March 2014. I anxiously await reading more about these endearing characters of the Shadow Warriors Series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love the idea of a literate and sensitive soldier! Sarah is emotionally scarred but blooms under Hawk's tender and steadfast love. This is a lovely romance in the midst of a hot combat zone. Thank goodness there is a sequel!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another captivating book by an author who skillfully brings you into all of her stories and allows you to read, feel and sense the drama and humanity experienced by all of the protagonists. Each of McKenna's books are very special and are worth reading because when you finish the last page you are left with something precious that you will always remember...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Risk Taker has you wondering at the end who is the biggest risk taker? Medevac pilot Sarah Benson for going in under fire to rescue wounded soldiers or Navy Seal Ethan Quinn who goes into dangerous situations? Or is the biggest risk the one they take with their hearts when they find each other? This book was so good, I have already bought the second book in the series!
judyrudy More than 1 year ago
No one writes a military romance like Lindsay McKenna. Risk Taker is a fabulous story about Medevac Pilot Sarah Benson and Navy Seal Ethan Quinn. Sarah has no fear when it comes to flying into harm’s way to evacuate an injured soldier while her personal life is another story. She was raised throughout the foster care system and endured some horrible situations. Ethan is a true Seal. He is fierce in combat but has a softer side as he keeps a journal and writes poetry. An incident brings Ethan into Sarah’s world. Over time, he breaks down her barriers and teaches her how to trust and love someone. Risk Taker also re-introduced us to Emma and Khalid Shaheem whom we’ve seen in Ms. McKenna’s Black Jaguar Squadron series. Risk Taker is a two-part book that concludes with Degree of Risk. Ms. McKenna writes combat scenes like no other. One feels like they are present as the battles are fought. I would highly recommend this novel and look forward to the conclusion of Risk Taker.
booklover10CM More than 1 year ago
Although I liked the story and characters, I thought at times the story got a bit tedious. With that said, I still look forward to continue reading about Ethan and Sarah. Do Seals really eat that much?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love Lindsay McKenna books. This one has all the suspense and romance . I couldn't put it down.