Riskier Business (Crossing the Line Series)

Riskier Business (Crossing the Line Series)

by Tessa Bailey

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After a life of pool hustling and living on the wrong side of the law, Ruby Elliott is living on the straight and narrow with sexy-as-all-hell NYPD detective, Troy Bennett. Now the only trouble Ruby has with the law is the naughty kind, pinned against the wall by Troy's strict and spectacularly hard body. Obeying his every command. Both of them losing themselves in a lust that borders on obsession...

But then her father returns with an offer she can't refuse: one last hustle in exchange for information. Information she'd die to have. As the pieces and the players of the game reveal themselves, Troy feels the fine edges of his control slipping—control he can't channel without hurting Ruby. The stakes are high, and the risk higher. Because losing this final game could cost more than Ruby's heart…it might cost her life.

Each book in the Crossing the Lines series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Prequel Novella: His Risk to Take
Book .5: Riskier Business
Book 1: Risking it All
Book 2: Up In Smoke
Book 3: Boiling Point
Book 4: Raw Redemption

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781633751644
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 01/05/2015
Series: Crossing the Line Series
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 140
Sales rank: 48,970
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Tessa Bailey lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and young daughter. When she isn't writing or reading romance, she enjoys a good argument and thirty-minute recipes.

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Riskier Business

A Crossing the Line Novella

By Tessa Bailey, Heather Howland

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2015 Tessa Bailey
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-164-4


Ruby Elliott bent low over the pool table, lining up her shot on the six ball. She could feel the familiar, level gaze burning over her back, bottom, and thighs. Familiar, yes. But since the night all those months ago when she'd met her boyfriend, Troy Bennett, the power of that gaze had only strengthened, making it damn hard to concentrate on what she was doing. What game was he playing? He'd walked into Hildebrand's, her old Brooklyn neighborhood's local pool hall, twenty minutes ago, but instead of greeting her with a kiss as usual, he'd sat at the bar and ordered a beer. He'd been watching her ever since, steadily sipping from the bottle as though formulating a plan. Anticipation quivered in her belly, hot and liquid. Whatever he had planned, she needed him to hurry.

From day one, their relationship had never been anything less than exciting. Explosive. Often volatile. Could one expect anything less between a stubborn pool hustler and an NYPD detective who thrived on exercising control?

Their first week together had found them on opposite sides of the law. Troy had been investigating a local Brooklyn mobster, a man who just happened to be the father of her childhood best friend. Knowing the level of violence this man was capable of, she'd defected to Troy's side in an effort to keep him alive—and it had very nearly ended with a bullet in her reckless backside. Troy had saved her, though. In more ways than one. Not only had she stopped putting herself in danger to make money by fleecing marks out of their cash on the felt, she'd opened her own custom pool cue factory, and the business had taken off.

Finally, finally, she was exactly where she wanted to be.

After banking the eight ball, Ruby set her stick aside to rerack. Just as she finished the familiar task, she felt Troy move up behind her, brushing against her slightly as he passed. Electricity raced across her skin, every nerve ending in her body waking up and paying attention.

"Looking for a game?" he murmured near her ear.

Ruby shrugged, trying to appear unaffected, yet knowing her red cheeks likely gave her away. Her body never failed to betray her to this man. "Can you afford to play with me?"

He rested his hands on either side of her on the table, bringing his chest flush against her back. Deep in his throat he made a humming sound when his lap fitted snugly against her bottom. Ruby barely held back the urge to shift her body, tempt him closer. "I don't think I can afford not to," he said. "What's your name, little hustler?"

So this was his game. Pretend they didn't know each other? She could play along. Troy never did anything without a purpose. And his purpose was always her pleasure. "Ruby." She tilted her neck to the side, felt his gaze move lower to where her breasts strained against her tank top. "Why don't you put your money where your mouth is, then?"

His chest rumbled with a growl, alerting her to the fact that she was now playing with fire. Troy's dangerous fire. Her thighs squeezed together of their own accord. "I would worry about your own mouth if I was you. Before it gets you into trouble."

"Maybe I like trouble," she whispered.

"Well, you've definitely found it." One hand traveled to her hip, fingers digging in, just hard enough to make her gasp. "My brand of trouble is so good it hurts. You want to hurt a little tonight, baby?"

A blast of desire ricocheted through her system. She felt stripped bare, unsuited for a public place. The raucous conversations taking place in the bar had faded into background noise, Hildebrand's ceasing to exist around her. Troy frequently had this effect on her mind and body, leaving her struggling to contain her composure. "The only thing that's going to hurt is your ego when I beat you."

His laughter against her neck was filled with dark promises. "I think we know who's going to win in the end."

She swallowed hard. "You're very confident."

"Yeah. I am. Do you know why?" Troy pressed his hips close. She could feel his substantial erection, thick against her behind. "I have what makes you moan. What's going to make those thighs open wide. I've got it right here and you're fucking dying for it." He backed away and a whimper escaped Ruby before she could stop it. "Your break, hustler."

"What do I get if I win?" Ruby asked with forced nonchalance, even as her pulse kicked into high gear. Watching Troy play pool always turned her on to a stunning degree. He'd never let on until recently exactly what an accomplished player he was. That is what made her so hot. He didn't need to brag, nor did he pout like most men inevitably did when she won, which happened to be the majority of the time.

No. Troy took his victories elsewhere.

Ruby broke the rack, but divested of her concentration, sunk none of the balls. She narrowed her eyes at Troy's smirk as he approached the table.

He stopped in front of her, chalking his cue slowly. When he set the blue cube aside, his stormy blue gaze found hers, voice dropping to a whisper. "If you win, I'll stop tonight when you beg me to."

Ruby inhaled shakily, resisting the urge to press a hand to her tightened belly. "And if you win?"

Troy laughed under his breath. "I don't stop. We go another round. Harder. So much fucking harder than the first one." He leaned in and ran his lips up the side of her neck, scraped his teeth against her heated flesh on the way back down. "How does that sound?"

Ruby was forced to lean her weight onto the pool cue in her hand when her legs would no longer support her. "I need to know exactly what harder entails before I agree to the bet." The temptation to hear more proved too much. Ruby suspected the more she pushed, the longer he would make her wait for satisfaction, but then curiosity had always been her downfall. "I deal in specifics."

"I don't appreciate being questioned," Troy murmured against her ear. "But I'll make an exception since we're getting to know each other." He moved to block her view of the bar. Gripping the front waistband of her jeans, he twisted it hard in his fist. Denim, already snug against her center, squeezed tight around that incredibly sensitive part of her until she gasped. Suddenly, release loomed so close, she knew if she moved her hips in either direction, she'd come right where she stood, in a bar full of people. A sensual, knowing smile played on his lips. "You want specifics? Fine. I'm going to fuck you in the shower. The neighbors can't hear you scream quite as loudly in there. I'm going to nail you, over and over, against the wall. Until you can't think. Or stand. Or speak." He twisted the denim even tighter and Ruby moaned into his shoulder. "Then I'm going to go down on you, lick the spot I just satisfied, pick you up, and do it all over again."

Troy released her waistband and Ruby slumped against the stool beside her. He maintained eye contact with her as he bent over the table and sunk a solid in the side pocket. As she watched, pulse jackhammering in her ears, Troy cleared the table of every ball except for hers, before knocking in the eight.

"Get your jacket."

* * *

Ruby tossed her jacket onto the kitchen table, watching warily as Troy did the same. On the ride from Brooklyn back to Manhattan, he hadn't spoken to her once, communicating instead through discreet touches and hidden glances in the backseat of the cab. A hand brushing across her breasts, a soft growl beside her ear. The air between them practically vibrated, the electric hum matched by her own anxiousness. Still, the part of her brain that managed to think clearly around a sexually charged Troy had decided he wouldn't win the game quite so easily.

"Nice place you've got here," Ruby remarked casually, catching the slight twitch of his lips. She ran her fingers over the square red candles arranged in the center of the table. "I would say it needs a woman's touch, but it looks like somebody beat me to it."

Flash of amusement long gone, Troy rounded the table purposefully, crowding her against it. "Speaking of a woman's touch ..." He took her hand and pressed it against his straining fly. "I'm done waiting for yours."

As he leaned in to kiss her, Ruby drew back quickly. His low sound of frustration made her stomach muscles clench. Teasing a hungry Troy was like juggling a stick of lit dynamite. Too bad she was about to clue him in to the fact that his plan to pretend they didn't know each other had backfired. "Just a minute, big boy. I don't sleep with men I just met." She leaned back on the table, letting her shirt ride up to expose her belly. "I'm going to need a little convincing."

A muscle worked in his jaw. "Convincing."

Ruby bit her lip and nodded. "I need to know what kind of man I've allowed to bring me home."

Troy's gaze dropped to her bare midriff. "You should be careful what you wish for." He braced himself with hands on either side of her hips, then bent low to let his warm breath fan across her belly. Such a simple action, yet Ruby's lips parted on a shaky sigh, thighs tightening on top of the table. Before she could guess his intention, he bared his teeth and ripped open the button on her jeans. He hit her with blistering eye contact, maintaining it as he drew down her zipper, painstakingly slow, with his teeth. Her shuddering breaths echoed in the kitchen as Troy straightened to his full height once more. "You want to know what type of man I am, Ruby?"

"Yes," she whispered.

So fast she didn't have time to react, his big hand disappeared inside the opening of her jeans, shoving her panties aside to impale her with his middle finger. When Ruby automatically moaned and tipped her head back, legs opening in a silent plea, Troy sucked in a breath. "I'm the kind of man who makes you this goddamn wet before he's even touched you." He withdrew his hand and turned toward the bathroom, pulling his shirt over his head as he went. Seeing his broad, sinfully defined back revealed, Ruby's pulse sped up even faster. "When you're ready to stop playing games, come get in the shower."

Ruby stripped off the last of her clothes, leaving them in a pile outside the bathroom door. She could hear Troy on the other side, pulling back the shower door and stepping under the pounding spray, interrupting its flow. Eager to see hot water spill down his back, soak his body, she nudged the door open with her toe. Her breathing went shallow with anticipation, heat mingling with impatience in her belly. She'd waited long enough. Couldn't wait any longer to be taken by him.

She took a single step into the bathroom and stopped, concern overriding every other emotion. Troy stood naked beneath the coursing water, hands braced high against the tile wall. His shoulders and back, so flawlessly sculpted it ached to look at them, were unusually stiff. Rigid with tension. He'd bowed his head forward slightly, but Ruby could see his eyes were closed. His jaw tight.


Immediately, he straightened. As if he hadn't expected her to enter the bathroom behind him so quickly. As if she could wait. When he turned to her, Ruby's chest went tight. Anxiety. Dread. Love. All three emotions waged a battle on his face. Then just as quickly, his expression went blank. He held out his hand to her, gaze tracking down her naked body slowly. Heating. Planning.

"Come here."

She slid her palm over Troy's, let him help her over the rim of the tub. Ease her against his hard body.

Using his hips, he pushed her back onto the slick wall, lips moving over her neck. "Help me take away the ache, baby. You know how bad it gets when I don't fuck you in the morning."

Ruby wanted so badly to forget the look she'd seen on his face. The trepidation she'd witnessed. But her love for this man wouldn't allow her to leave him hurting for some unnamed reason. To distract her with her one weakness. Himself. When he leaned in to kiss her, she placed a hand on his chest to hold him back. "Something's wrong." Her whisper was nearly swallowed by the pelting water. "Talk to me, first."

His eyes squeezed shut, then opened slowly, containing a predatory glint. She couldn't shake the intuition he was hiding something, but when he hit her with the full force of his magnetism, her thoughts tended to scatter. And he well knew it. "Talk to you?" His hands molded to her bottom and lifted, seating her on top of his slippery erection, levering her against the wall with the use of his hips. Ruby moaned, ankles automatically locking behind his back. "What would you like to hear? That my girlfriend has become my obsession? That I can't think past getting inside her? Every. Single. Hour." He punctuated each word with a devastating upward thrust, then kissed her hard, tongue moving over hers, claiming her. She felt his mood shift rapidly as his mouth ravished hers. From seductive to desperate. It sent warning signals to her brain. "I won't let you go. I won't let you go back to that," he rasped. The kiss deepened briefly, fiercely. "Have to keep you safe."

Somehow his words broke through the fogbank of lust, dragging Ruby back to where she could breathe. "Let me go, Troy? Go back to where?"

He buried his face against her neck, his chest rising and falling with rapid breaths. She wrapped her arms around him and held him close, trying to stifle her alarm and failing.

His tortured gaze finally met hers. "Your father is back in town."


Troy felt Ruby go completely still against him. Where seconds earlier she'd been wet and pliant, her body had grown stiff, her expression guarded. Reminiscent of how she'd looked the first time they'd met, when she'd been hustling for a living. When she'd been distrusting of everyone and everything. Especially a cop like him. That distrust had almost ripped her away from him. After his job and her criminal past bleeding together had caused her to literally bleed, he'd vowed never to let anything harmful touch her again. Here it was, though. Too soon. Right on their doorstep.

In a move that only increased his disquiet, her legs went limp, dropping from around his waist, her hips twisting to unlock their bodies. It alarmed him, this automatic shield she raised. As if he needed another reason to be fucking anxious or worried for her safety. The safety he'd worked so damn hard to achieve. After leaving the pain of losing his best friend and partner behind back in Chicago, his fear of loss had been challenged by a pool hustler who never looked before she leaped. Ruby had finally met him halfway after months of compromise, and with the utterance of a single sentence, he felt it slipping away. If he didn't think it would scare her, he'd have already put his fist through the bathroom wall.

Helplessness was a living thing inside him. Briefly this afternoon, he'd considered not telling Ruby about Jim Elliott's return. One look at his rap sheet told Troy he could easily have her father picked up for some bullshit misdemeanor. He had outstanding warrants in several states, and had violated his probation by leaving New York in the first place. Troy could have used the threat of imprisonment to send Jim packing. Out of Brooklyn. Away from his daughter, who'd finally managed to get her life together despite her father's atrocious parenting skills.

Ruby would have never been the wiser.

He'd picked up the phone several times to make the call, but ultimately couldn't do it. If she ever found out, they might not recover from the betrayal. Trust was everything between them, and Troy wouldn't violate it, no matter how much he hated seeing the strongest person he knew shrink before him when presented with her greatest weakness.

Her love for a man who'd neglected her, endangered her, then abandoned her.

"What ... what did he want?" Ruby asked numbly.

Troy hesitated for a split second and she tensed, trying to move farther away. Visibly angry at him for even considering holding back. He gripped her arms and kept her still.

"He wants to see you." The words felt like they were strangling him. "He...it sounds like he has some sort of proposition."

Tell her I've got an offer she'll want to hear, specifically.



Excerpted from Riskier Business by Tessa Bailey, Heather Howland. Copyright © 2015 Tessa Bailey. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Riskier Business (Entangled Select) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## Tessa Bailey....you are a freaking rock star! This conclusion of Troy and Ruby's story was FABULOUS. So many times when an author continues a story in a second or third book, it amounts to nothing but a filler of boring, regurgitated information (Sylvia Day anyone?). Not the case here; it's fresh, new and completely sexy. These two characters still have sizzling chemistry and I love that Tessa included Bowen in the story. "His Risk to Take" should be read first for maximum enjoyment. I actually went back and re-read it for the 6th time and still enjoyed the heck out of it. I will be reading this again and again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It's a steamy story and a great read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the introduction to the next series Crossing the Line and a but more about Ruby and Troy! I love these two and it is filled with betrayal, lies, action and incredibly hot sex!!! Just a great story!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MichelleKemp More than 1 year ago
I loved it Troy and Ruby are great together . what a great story and i can't wait to read the next Book from this series. 5 Stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the series
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this author!
ValerieRNC More than 1 year ago
I loved this novella which is a continuation of Ruby and Troy's story, His Risk to Take. This book was so hot and intense...I just couldn't put it down! Troy is so alpha, wanting to protect Ruby, and Ruby is, well, Ruby. She's so stubborn and so prone to getting herself into trouble and with Troy being cop, it's a problem. The story is just amazing, and Tessa Bailey's writing continues to blow me away. What an imagination she has! I can't wait for her next book, Risking it all on Jan. 27th. Nice one, Tessa!
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
This sequel to His Risk To Take (and the prequel novella to the Crossing the Line series) gives us a glimpse into Ruby and Troy's life and the challenges they still face as a new couple. Ruby's father is back in town with an offer Ruby can't refuse, despite knowing that neither Troy nor her friend Bowen think it's a smart decision on her part to get involved. But will agreeing to help her father with one last game risk everything she's come to love? I quite enjoyed this story. Troy has been my favourite police officer in the Line of Duty series by Tessa Bailey so I loved seeing him in his element again here, trying his best to love and protect Ruby despite her tendency to act without thinking of the consequences. He's a dirty talking hero and the love scenes between him and Ruby are as expected - steamy and emotional. This story contained some twists and turns that I confess I didn't see coming at all! So kudos to the author for writing an interesting and provocatively suspenseful story to go with the heated romance. I'm very much looking forward to the next installment in the Crossing the Line series. 4 stars!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.75 stars--RISKIER BUSINESS is the first installment and novella in Tessa Bailey’s contemporary, adult Crossing the Line erotic romance series-a spin off from her Line of Duty series. This is former pool hustler Ruby Elliott and NYPD detective Troy Bennett’s continuing storyline. We were first introduced to Ruby and Troy in HIS RISK TO TAKE (Line of Duty #2) by Tessa Bailey (May 2013). Told from third person point of view RISKIER BUSINESS finds Ruby Elliott on the receiving end of an offer she cannot refuse. One final hustle, at her father’s demand, and Ruby will gain some very important information that she has been searching for all of her life. Troy knows that whatever is being offered is not as important as saving the woman that he loves, and he sets out to uncover the truth about what it is Ruby’s father is offering for one last game. While Troy is determined to protect Ruby, our heroine continues to place everyone at risk when she puts her wants above ahead of everything else. The relationship between Ruby and Troy has already been established. Ruby is a former pool hustler who has recently made good with a successful business venture of her own. Troy is a detective whose love for Ruby is beyond measure and he is willing to risk his own life to protect the woman that he loves.  The bedroom scenes are erotic, hot and adventurous. Troy continues to talk dirty whenever sex is involved. The supporting and secondary characters include Ruby’s best friends and confidants, her receptionist Mya, as well as a few of Troy’s fellow officers.  We are introduced to Ruby’s over protective, best friend Bowen Driscol, whose storyline is next.  The world building pushes the line between right and wrong where most of the players are not quite following the rules.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
After her recent sex club series novels, I was losing faith in TB, but this brought back to favorite characters and now I am really looking forward to this new series!  Generous length for a novella, and very hot!  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
but this may be my least favorite of her books. If you haven't read any of her others, don't let this one stop you!
Lauren2LC More than 1 year ago
First off I'm such a big fan of Tessa Bailey and all her dirty talking men. In Riskier Business this is a prequel and jumping point from one series into a new series. We first me Troy and Ruby in His Risk to Take from the Line of Duty series. Troy's a cop and in need of control who is dating Ruby, who was once a pool hustler and has a flare for the dramatic for the bad side of life. Even though they're complete opposite they complete each other to the point of a need or addiction to one another, which can help or hinder their relationship. Ruby gets called back into her old life, where this puts strain on their relationship. However, even though their relationship was strained it did not effect their sex life at all. Now, normally I love Ruby's strong independent ways but when I read this I was in a bit of a bad mood, which made me get a wee bit frustrated with her independent ways. Which came across as more stubborn and her bad choices led to a domino effect of bad consequences for others instead of just trusting in Troy and in them. But these consequences have also opened up a new world of drama which will be the jumping point for this new series, which I can't wait to get my paws on and find out how it is all going to play out for all of them.
TheLustyLiterate More than 1 year ago
4 Stars | White-Hot Steam Every time I finish one of Tessa Bailey’s novels, I instantly miss its unforgettable lovers, whose intense, passionate and enviable lives I’d just inhabited. So when I discovered that she was releasing another novella in her sensational Line of Duty series while launching a sparkling new series at the same time,  I might have squealed and jumped up and down a little. OK, a whole lot. And let me tell you, RISKIER BUSINESS does not disappoint! Fast-paced, deliciously torrid and filled with explosive plot twists and turns, this fabulous contemporary romance manages to arouse, captivate, charm and surprise page after thrilling page! I loved Ruby and Troy in HIS RISK TO TAKE (Line of Duty #2), but after reading RISKIER BUSINESS, oh my goodness, I LOVED them. No, WORSHIPPED them! Tessa Bailey took every single bit of what I adored about this indelible couple—their fierce connection, their all-consuming love and their overpowering, exquisite and combustible attraction–and she multiplied it exponentially! The dizzying result is one blazing hot novella that left me ravenous and begging for more! A radiant addition to an established and successful series, RISKIER BUSINESS is a divine gift to fans of Tessa Bailey and her sinfully sexy romances. If you’re new to Tessa Bailey and her unparalleled writing, RISKIER BUSINESS is a perfect (and inexpensive—only $0.99!) introduction to your next series addiction, the Crossing The Line Series. Not only will you cherish Ruby and Troy, but after meeting dark and delectable Bowen, you’ll be counting down the days until January 27th, 2015, when his story, RISKING IT ALL, releases! Bottom Line: Read This Book! Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.
kimberlyfaye More than 1 year ago
I suppose it’s not really fair to call Troy and Ruby my favorite of Tessa’s couples because I seriously love every single one of her pairings, but if I was forced to rank the couples, these two would definitely be high on my list. I was ridiculously excited to learn they would be getting a follow-up novella… even if I did read the books a bit out of order. I had the chance to read an early copy of Risking It All and I jumped at the chance to read that one before I knew this one was coming. But, no matter. They were both incredible stories. This one just focused a little more clearly on Troy and Ruby. Riskier Business had everything that makes Tessa’s books so special. If you’ve read His Risk to Take, you know Troy and Ruby can steam up the pages. (Hello! Pool cue anyone? I swear, I’ve sold copies of this book to no fewer than 6 other people solely after freaking out over that scene. And all those readers? HUGE Tessa fans now.) I fully expected this book to be smoking hot and I wasn’t disappointed. But the other thing that it delivers is GINORMOUS amounts of feels. That took me a little bit by surprise. I’ve always connected to Tessa’s couples, but I think this is the first time I got legitimately emotional over one of her books. All the feels? They were felt. I may have even shed a tear or two. At 140 pages, Riskier Business is pretty much the perfect length novella. There was no time wasted here before jumping into the action – in or out of the bedroom. (The first chapter is HOT!) The goings-on in this book weren’t exactly a surprise, but there were a couple twists I didn’t really see coming. This book holds one more test for Troy and Ruby, and it also holds some pretty big answers. The action and suspense had me on the edge of my seat as I waited to see how everything would turn out for them. I was so glad Tessa decided to revisit Troy and Ruby with Riskier Business. Not only was this a great setup to Risking It All, but it felt like one huge bonus for Troy and Ruby fans. It was a giant win all the way around. If you’re a fan of her Line of Duty series, this is a must-read. If you’re not a fan, you need to get on that. I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Mikki4ABookishEscape More than 1 year ago
5 irresistable, naughty, intense, passionate, unputdownable, dirty talking stars! I am a HUGE Tessa Bailey fan. There is not a week that goes by that I don't talk about her books. My Tessa Bailey fangirl mode has been ON since May 2013 when I met Ruby Elliott and Troy Bennett for the very first time. His Risk to Take was an unforgettable reading escape that I have reread numerous amount of times. When I read His Risk to Take, which is a novella, I wanted to know more about Ruby and Troy. I felt like their story was far from over. When I heard that they were getting another book, I was happy dancing like there was no tomorrow! This couple has a piece of my heart and I was so happy to reunite with them and the Line of Duty crew. Riskier Business is the first book in Tessa Bailey's new series, Crossing the Line. I don't want to spoil His Risk to Take so I will keep this review pretty simple so that you can indulge in Ruby and Troy's passionate and intense love story with both His Risk to Take and Riskier Business. The one thing I will tell you about Riskier Business it's that Ruby and Troy's relationship is put to the test when Ruby's dad comes back to cause trouble. That man is a real jerk! Just thinking about what he made Ruby go through when she was young makes my blood boil!!  What I liked about Riskier Business is that even if I got an early ARC of Risking It All, which is Bowen's book, I did not feel like I read it out of order. Yes, I did find out a little secret in Risking It All that was revealed in Riskier Business, but it did not take anything away from my reading experience of Riskier Business. On the contrary, I was even more anxious to get to that part so I could see what really happened. Secrets have been kept and once they are out everything will change in Ruby's life. The one thing she will never lose is the love that Troy has for her. Oh, mama! That man knows how to talk to his woman and the way he protects and takes care of her.... Gah!!!! I felt all kinds of different emotions when I read this book. I even cried at the end of it. I absolutely did not want it to end!  You can't go wrong with a book written by Tessa Bailey. Her stories are captivating, her characters are addictive and the sensuality in each of her steamy scenes will leave you breathless and keep that fan ON because it will get HOT! Her dirty talkers club is growing each and every time a new hero appears in a new book. These men will melt the panties right off of you with their naughty mouth. Don't even get me started with the ladies! They are all confident, independent and they know exactly how to drive those dirty talkers absolutely crazy! Tessa Bailey's characters are more than just characters to me. When my life is getting out of control and I need an escape, I turn to these characters to lift up my mood and make me smile again. If you have not read any of Tessa's books you are seriously missing out! They are freakin' phenomenal!! Each couple will steal a piece of your heart and will leave you wanting more! Next up in this new series is Risking It All.  Oh.my.God This book is ABSOLUTELY INTOXICATING! Sera and Bowen are one EPIC couple and their chemistry.... Whoaaaaa! It's scorching hot! I highly recommend all of Tessa's books. They are the PERFECT reading escape! I give, Riskier Business, by Tessa Bailey 5 irresistable, naughty, intense, passionate, unputdownable, dirty talking stars!