Risking It All for Her Boss: A Heroes for Hire novel

Risking It All for Her Boss: A Heroes for Hire novel

by Sharron McClellan

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Risking It All for Her Boss: A Heroes for Hire novel by Sharron McClellan

Risking It All for Her Boss by Sharron McClellan

Heroes for Hire: Big Risk. Big Reward. No Regrets.

When High Risk Securities (HRS) agent, Eva Torres, botches an undercover job by failing
to rescue both of the kidnap victims she was sent to retrieve, Quinn Blackwood—her former
lover and the man who broke her heart—pulls her and one of the victims out of harm's way.
As a penalty for her sins, she's offered the dull job of escorting a former bio-chemical warfare
scientist to Washington D.C. to reunite with his daughter. Much to her displeasure, the job of
monitoring her assignment is given to Quinn.

Quinn isn't thrilled with the situation either. He taught Eva everything he knew about secrets,
sex, and lies—but the biggest lie of all was the one he'd told himself: that his missions for
HRS were more important than anything, including his relationship with Eva. Because now
that they're working together again, the urge to put his hands on her, to feel her beneath him, is
killing him.

Things only get worse when their current operation goes wrong, and the scientist they're
guarding is kidnapped mid-air. Now, Eva and Quinn have to work together to find him before he
is forced to create a monstrous weapon that could destroy entire cities. A hard task made more
difficult when they find themselves fighting both the enemy and their building desire for each
other. Can they work together for the sake of the mission without reigniting the passion between
them—or will passion be the salvation of them all?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781622664702
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 02/24/2014
Series: Heroes for Hire
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 250
Sales rank: 692,418
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Raised on sci-fi and fantasy, Sharron always planned to be an author of some sort. However, in college, the joy of writing was sucked out of her by a writing teacher. So, she turned to her next love—Science.

And for a while, archaeology was enough. It allowed her to travel, play in the dirt and uncover artifacts, which, as she says, is better than Christmas. Then she found romance novels. And suddenly, her world grew. And it wasn't long before she found herself writing again and archaeology, while exciting, paled in comparison to creating entire worlds.

Today, she lives in San Diego with her husband, three cats, and writes for Entangled Publishing. She has received an RT Top Pick, was nominated as a Best Continuity, and has been awarded numerous 4 star reviews for her romantic action-adventures.

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Risking It All For Her Boss

A Heroes for Hire Novel

By Sharron McClellan, Tracy Montoya

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2014 Sharron McClellan
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-470-2


"You think we will allow you to starve? Eat, or I will shove this down your throat."

Eva Torres hunkered outside the rickety wooden hut, listening as Rafael, a FARC guerilla and world-class sadist, delivered food and a message to kidnapped victim, Felix Bennett.

She heard a muffled reply, then the distinctive sound of flesh hitting flesh. Anger rippled through her. The members of FARC — Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia — Ejército del Pueblo — were known throughout Colombia, South America, for kidnapping and trafficking drugs, so it shouldn't surprise her that they'd beat someone who was already beaten down.

But despite a month of deep cover and pretending to be one of the guerrillas, she was still bothered by their callousness toward human life. She reminded herself that that was a good thing.

The door slammed open, and she pressed herself against the side wall of the hut. She willed her pulse to slow and listened as Rafael put the wooden bar across the door, locking Felix inside.

Staying low, she peeked around the corner and watched as he trundled toward the next hut to deliver more of the watery gruel that passed for the evening meal in the FARC encampment.

She ducked back behind the wall and let the air whoosh from her lungs in relief. She had two hours to get Felix to the extraction point and herself back to the valley camp before the next check. It was a tight timeline but one that had been set in place before she'd even entered the field. Once she had been deployed, there was no way to get a message to her without risking exposure.

Once the furor died down from Felix's impending escape, she would be on her way to the other FARC site — this one along the river and twenty kilometers away — and to Claire, another kidnapping victim. And after that —


Sushi. Hot showers. Television. The anticipation warmed her all the way to her bones. Although now was not the time to get excited. Home was over a month and two rescue operations away. Still, she allowed herself to smile for a few seconds before she put the grin away.

Palm on the rifle slung on a strap at her side, she rose and edged her way toward the front of the hut, then stopped when she caught sight of Rafael still in the open, relieving himself on a bush.

Her hand twitched, instinctively reaching for the trigger. She had a job to do, and she wanted to complete it. Now. But the flicker of impatience was followed by a solid, warm voice inside her head, telling her there was never a right time to lose her cool during an op.

Quinn's voice.

Teacher, fighter, and the man who'd broken her heart, Quinn Blackwood had taught her everything she'd needed to know about subterfuge. He was master of the lie. There was no denying that painful and personal fact.

Her trigger finger tightened further. God, she wanted to shoot them both, Rafael and Blackwood.

But Quinn was also the Agency's top rescue and recovery agent, and while he'd taught her about secrets and sex — and how one could be used to uncover the other — he'd also schooled her in endurance and how to stay alive.

She watched the soldier, imagining that Quinn would be both pleased and pissed to find that infiltrating FARC had driven those lessons home more thoroughly than anything he'd taught her.

Her hand relaxed.

Not that Quinn mattered, she told herself. Not anymore. Not ever again.

Rafael zippered his pants, wiped his hands on his leg, picked up the pail of slop, and continued the delivery.


Eva pulled her camouflage jacket closed to cover her pale green T-shirt, and in seconds, a film of sweat covered her back.

"God help me," she muttered, then slipped to the front of the hut.

No challenge sounded, and there was no shout of discovery.

Heart pounding, she removed the board that served as a crude lock and stepped inside.

Felix crouched against the far wall, eating with his fingers. His clothes were gray, ragged, and stank of sweat and fear. His salt-and-pepper hair hung in greasy strands. Not a pretty sight and one that would shock his daughter, provided they made it to freedom. He appeared closer to seventy rather than the under sixty his file claimed was his age.

But stench and appearance weren't the problem.

His bone-thin frame was the issue. He'd gone over two months with no exercise and been fed half-rotten food that served to keep him breathing but little more. Beneath the skin was nothing more than wasted muscle.

He glanced up at her and hid the bowl of food behind him and out of her reach. "I'm not done."

"Leave it. I'm here to rescue you," she said.

"Rescue me? You?" His thin mouth pressed tight, the glint in his eyes almost feral as his gaze flickered from the bowl, back to her, and to the bowl again.

"Yes." She gripped his shoulder to try to draw him to his feet. "And we need to get moving."

Jerking out of her grasp, he pressed himself against the wall. "I have seen you around camp for over a month. If you were here to help me, you'd have done it sooner." He pushed her away, surprising her with the strength still left in his stick-thin arms. "Tell the commander that his tricks won't work."

Eva massaged her forehead. She hadn't been expecting resistance to a rescue. When she returned back to headquarters, she'd have to remember to let Quinn know his classroom was lacking in this particular lesson.

The anticipation of correcting him warmed her more than the previous idea of a soft bed and hot food.

Focus on the now, she reminded herself. As far as Felix was concerned, he knew her only as a FARC soldier. She'd have to convince him that she was one of the good guys.

She squatted down until they were face-to-face. "I know this seems like a trick." She rested a firm hand on his forearm. His skin twitched beneath her palm, but he didn't flinch, so she continued. "I work for High-Risk Security. And I'm here to get you out of here."


"HRS. We're a private company. I work in rescue and recovery. Specifically, people."

His accusatory stare told her he was anything but convinced. "And they sent you? No one else?"

She smoothed back her long hair, fighting her rising frustration. There was no time to explain the effort it had taken to plan a rescue that would both free the biologist and allow her to remain behind to help the other hostage, Claire.

"I'm good at what I do," Eva replied. She was, though this assignment had tested her in ways she'd never predicted. "And someone paid a lot of money to get you out of here. Let's move it."

He studied her hand as if the answers were to be found in her touch.

She remained still, as if coaxing a wild animal.

"They will catch me," he whispered, shifting his gaze to the wall. "They will catch me and beat me."

It was possible. Of course, if they were captured, she'd get more than a beating. She'd seen what they did to betrayers, and it always ended in blood and screams. Fear rose in her throat. She swallowed it back.

This isn't about you, Quinn's voice whispered in her head.

Shut up, she whispered back.

But he was right. This was about the client. She needed to do whatever it took to convince Felix that she was here to help. Ignoring the urge to simply drag the man to his feet and force him to follow, she searched her memory for anything that might help her persuade him to run.

What would make her run? What would make her believe in someone she saw as the enemy? Or rather, who?


She frowned, hating that he still occupied a part of her brain, but it did remind her of one thing — loved ones gave people strength.

The daughter.

Estranged from her father before the kidnapping, Pauline Bennett had become his biggest advocate since he was taken, pushing his company, a medical research conglomerate, to hire HRS for a retrieval.

Eva leaned in toward Felix. The stink of his skin and hair filled her nose. "Pauline misses you."

He froze. His gaze slid to hers, and he swallowed hard. "Pauline?"

She nodded. "I know you had words. I know you fought, but she misses you. She misses her father and wants you back home."

His eyes welled with tears. "I want to go home. To my Pauline."

"Then let me take you to her."

Still, he hesitated.

"Trust me, and I promise you. ..." Her fingers tightened, clutching him. "I promise that I will reunite you with your daughter."

He slid his hand into hers. She pulled him to his feet, feeling the strength in his grip and seeing the conviction as he morphed from defeated kidnapping victim to the scientist who was top in his field and in line to win a Nobel.

He'd need all of that and more if they were to reach the top of the hill — his extraction point — in time.

She opened the door and stopped short. Rafael waited on the other side, his expression grim.

For a split second, she wondered how much he'd heard, and as if in reply, he raised the barrel of his AK47.

Apparently enough.

Adrenaline flooded her veins, and she knew what had to be done.

He motioned for her to drop her weapon.

She widened her eyes in her best "please-don't-hurt-me-because-I'm-a- girl" expression and nodded, training kicking in even as her heart hammered inside her chest.

She released Felix and started to raise her hands, letting them shake. The tips of her fingers grazed the sides of her shirt, along the swell of her breasts, and she hesitated, the shiver of flesh against the tight cotton drawing the guard's gaze. It was barely a flicker of a glance, but a flicker was all she needed.

She grabbed the barrel of his weapon and shoved the butt-end into his face. Before he could cry out, she grabbed his arm and dragged him into the hut. Blood poured from his nose.

Rafael lunged for her, and in the moment he pulled his fist back for a heavy blow, Eva hit him again. This time the heel of her hand connected with his nose, driving the cartilage up into his brain.

* * *

"We'll never make the hill," Eva muttered. They'd been hiking upward and out of the valley for almost all of their two-hour window. Moonlight broke through the canopy, illuminating the path through the jungle. Despite the relative ease of the trek, the scientist began to slow.

Cupping her hand over her watch, she pressed the side button for illumination.

"Damn." In fifteen minutes, the helicopter would arrive to pick Felix up, and if he wasn't waiting, it would leave him behind. "Hurry."

He stumbled and fell.

She bit back the sudden, impatient words that came to mind. Instead, she helped him to his feet. "Tell me about Pauline," she coaxed, hoping the thought of their reunion would give the weakening man added strength and motivation.

His strained gasps were the only reply. She bit her lip. It seemed that dreams of the future were no longer enough. He needed something more concrete than words.

Reaching into the side pocket of her black cargo pants, she extracted a caramel. Sticky from the heat, it was mushy and unappealing, but the sugar would provide a shot of energy. Unwinding the foil wrapper, she pressed it into his hand. "Take this."

Felix popped the sweet into his mouth. Seconds later, he chuckled. "What is it?" she asked.

"I never liked sweets before I was taken," he said.

"And now?"

"The best meal I have had in months."

She didn't doubt it. FARC kept their victims underfed for a reason — weak people didn't escape, and if they did, they didn't make it far.

Behind them, voices floated on the night air, and she froze. There wasn't anyone for miles in this section of the Colombian jungle — besides FARC.

Damn. They must have found the body. Which meant they knew the scientist was missing and that he had help, since there was no way he could have overpowered the guard. But did they know it was her? If not, then her cover might be salvageable.

She took Felix's hand. "We have to move faster."

He wound his fingers through hers in mute reply.

Together, they broke into a trot, her rifle bouncing against her back with the rhythm of her steps.

"How much farther?" he asked, his weight combining with the moist heat of the jungle, threatening to drag her to the ground.

"Not sure," she replied. It couldn't be much farther. If it were, they were screwed. They rounded a bend, and the canopy opened up, the jungle-floor plants petering out before them to reveal a rocky ridge outlined against the starry Colombian sky.

"There." She pointed toward the top of the hill fifty yards in front of them. "That's where we're headed."

"Thank God."

Behind them, the voices grew clearer, more distinct. Two. Maybe three men.

The extraction point was close. The voices were closer.

It was either leave the trail or be caught as soon as the soldiers rounded the bend. She slowed.

What to do? Salvage her cover and pretend to have captured Felix? Or get him to the pick-up and blow two months of undercover work?

She glanced at the old man and knew there was only one answer. "We have to hide," she said, her voice low as she pressed the spiked leaves of a bird-of-paradise plant aside, making sure not to break them as she and Felix slipped into the dense undergrowth. They squatted down.

She inhaled, and the rich scent of decaying vegetation combined with sweetness of a night-blooming cereus flower filled her nose.

"How will the helicopter find us?" Felix whispered.

"Don't worry. As soon as the soldiers go past, we'll get back on the path," she replied. It was a crappy plan with the soldiers so close, but unless she wanted to take Felix back to his prison, she was out of options.

She wondered who the pursuers were and prayed that none of them had tracker experience.

She lightly tapped her rifle. A metal talisman. She promised herself that if it came to it, she'd do what was needed. She might know her pursuers or have even befriended them as was her duty when working undercover, but there was no room for mercy. Not when it came to the success of the mission.

Another Quinn Blackwood lesson and one she took to heart.


The voices were almost on top of them now, and a sweat that had nothing to do with the heat and her light jacket trickled down her skin.

A moment later, three soldiers trotted past them. Two swept the thick foliage with their flashlights as they moved. The third kept his beam pointed ahead on the path. She recognized him as the light flashed across his face.

Diego. Her stomach rolled. A street kid, he'd joined FARC as a substitute for the family he'd lost as a child. Raised on the streets of Colombia herself, she'd bonded with the teenager. She understood his desire for safety, for wanting to belong to something bigger than himself, and his need to escape his past. After all, those were the exact reasons she'd joined HRS.

She prayed she wouldn't have to kill him.

The soldiers moved out of sight down the path. She counted to sixty to give them time to pass, then helped Felix to his feet.

Once again, she glanced at her watch. Seven minutes.

"What if they come?" he whispered, nodding in the direction in which the soldiers had gone.

She put a finger to her lips, not wanting to take a chance they might be heard, and signaled Felix to remain in place while she went ahead. Keeping low, she followed the trail, but there was no sign of the soldiers. It seemed the few minutes of hiding had been worth it. She hurried back to him. "Time to send you home," she whispered.

Taking lead, she continued to watch for the three men as adrenaline pumped through her, keeping her sharper than any manmade drug could.

Ten feet from the top of the hill, the remaining bushes and vines faded into rock, and the trail petered away into thigh-high rasp grass. Ahead of her, moonlight illuminated a single, dead tree protruding from the surrounding stones. Ground zero.


Excerpted from Risking It All For Her Boss by Sharron McClellan, Tracy Montoya. Copyright © 2014 Sharron McClellan. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Risking It All for Her Boss: A Heroes for Hire novel 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is not your typical romance read - it's a page turner with lots of excitement and interesting unseen twists. From page one, I was immediately sucked into the action packed storyline. McClellan does a great job of building a heroine that totally combines the femme fatale with the psyche of your best friend; basically Jason Bourne meets Tomb Raider. The romance feels real, not cliché, and connected to the story without overdoing it. I dove in and had a hard time putting it down until I devoured every word. There were some great twists that I didn't see coming which is unusual for most novels I read. I highly recommend picking up this read if action adventure with a sultry sexy side is up your alley.
Mennina1 More than 1 year ago
Eva is a an undercover agent for a private agency. She is good at what she does and wants the chance to prove herself. Until thoughts of her trainer/ex boyfriend get in the way. Quinn just can't help himself but interfere. Eva is still upset that Quinn left her, and Quinn can't help but beat himself up trying to determine why they should stay apart. When they get put on the same job thinking it is going to be a easy babysitting job, boy do things just start to go wrong. Great book. The author keeps you interested. It is suspenseful and you just can't quite tell what is going to happen next. You can tell both Eva and Quinn are trying to fight their attraction, but not quite succeeding.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Eva Torres is very good at her job for High-Risk Security. After all she learned from Quinn Blackwood and he's the very best. Now he is the director of South American rescue and recovery as well as her boss. Her last mission went badly. She blew her cover and could only rescue one of the FARC hostages. Felix Bennett is a famous scientist. Eva is determined to redeem herself but things keep getting worse. Felix and his daughter are kidnapped and the police think she did it. She is arrested. Frustrated she escapes. Quinn decides to help her. Now they are on the run. Can they locate the hostages and save them? Can Eva and Quinn put their past behind them? This is an exhilarating adventure filled with danger and intrigue. Eva is an edgy character who's strong and determined. She can and does take care of business. Quinn is fierce warrior who's weakness is Eva. Their past romantic involvement and their current attraction kept me riveted. The author does a wonderful job keeping the reader off balance. The twists and turns never stop, but the author saved the biggest surprise for the end. I love that Quinn treats Eva as his equal. He may want to protect her but he let's her do it herself. I loved Risking It All For Her Boss. It left me wanting more.
megHan-sHena More than 1 year ago
Heroes for Hire: Risking It All for Her Boss For anyone who has been following my reviews, you know that I have been taking myself out of my "I hate romance" comfort zone this month. This is another one on my list. And, again, for anyone who has been following my reviews, no I did not choose this one for it's cover haha. When it comes to anything romance-based, I have to read the full book description (while, at other times, I either skim it or ignore it all together) because I need to know if it is actually something I will enjoy. This one, being under the genre of suspense, thriller and mystery, was right up my alley. I really liked the story when it came to the mission that they were on and the twist at the end - completely not what I expected. Once the cop shows up ... I sat there with my mouth wide open reading as fast as I could, completely shocked by the events that were happening on the page. My issues with the book didn't take away from my enjoyment of the suspense, but at the same time annoyed me to no end. First of all, Eva - oh my God!! Eva - she is probably one of the most annoying women I have ever read about in a book. Now, you may love her, and I won't blame you if you do, but to me, she was just too much. I get that she loved this guy and he hurt her and now they had to work together, but sheesh (You still worked together and he was one of your bosses, Eva, so you had to know that the possibility was there. And if he hurt you so bad, why do you keep throwing yourself at him, only to feel guilty afterwards?). I know I know, you're saying "Meghan, that's the romance part" and I get that, but it just didn't seem logical to me (but then maybe romance isn't supposed to be logical). Secondly, there are some editing issues, which didn't effect my rating, but this is the third book I've read from this publishing company and all three (different authors) had editing issues. Third, there was action throughout the whole thing, but it doesn't get really good until about the last maybe 75% and, as I've noticed with other books that are romance-based, everything is wrapped up into a pretty little box at the end (the happy ending/happily ever after thing) which is great and all, but it just seems a little TOO easy. Fourth, I think that the author spent too much time dealing with the romance part and not enough time with the rest. I think, if she had backed away a bit from all the longing for each other nonsense, making the romance more of a side note, that this would have been an even better book (but that is just my opinion.) Would I read another from this series? Yes. Would I suggest it to someone else? Yes. Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
What a powerfully intense suspenseful story!  This book grabbed me from the beginning.  I always love a story with a very strong female character.  One who can protect herself and the others around her.  Eva was a powerhouse woman!  I so want to be like her. She was strong and fierce and totally went on her gut instincts.  Then there is Quinn.  Wanting to protect Eva at all costs.  I liked the fast pace action of the story and the twists and turns of the plot.  The story kept me guessing until the end.  I had an inkling of who would end up being behind the whole situation, but didn't want to believe it.  I am just glad I was wrong in the other way I was thinking too.  Overall I enjoyed this story and would love to read more by the author.
Claudia_love_books More than 1 year ago
I really liked this book - the story was good, with a lot of action and a sizzeling romance. Eva Torres is a HRS agent, who is specialised on the rescue of kidnap victims. when her current job does not go as it should, she gets a dull job of escorting her victim home and to her intense displeasure her former boss and lover, Quinn is monitoring her success. but the job is not what it seems and Eva and Quinn have to work together to successfully finish the mission this was my first book by Sharron McClellan but definitely not my last! I enjoyed everything in there - the story, the action and the romance. the characters were really interesting and believeable - especially in their history together and how this would influence their decisions. I loved the tension between them and how they worked through their differences. Although in the end, everything was a little bit to smooth for me - but that is ok Eva is a strong-willed and tough heroine but also has a lot of compassion. Quinn is quite stoic but behind the facade he is the perfect guy. I loved the story line: there was a lot of action, twists and turns and it was perfectly paced. the dialogues were excellent and funny. this is a stand-alone but I really hope for another book in this series, as I would love to see some of the secondary characters and of course Eva and Quinn again Disclaimer: I received a copy for an honest review
MTSmith More than 1 year ago
***Received from Entangled Publishing for an honest review*** Quinn and Eva are one hell of a duo. They work in tandem with one another. At times, it felt like they anticipated each other's next move. Their past is always there during the story, showing up one way or another, whether it's in the form of a memory, a touch, or a sound. Their time apart is almost unnoticeable as their present is saturated with the desire that's simmering between them. It's a passion for each other that never died out. And I like that it's still there, burning in the background, waiting for that perfect moment to explode and burn brighter than before. What I had a hard time grasping/understanding was Quinn's inability to believe in Eva enough to let go of the rules. His mouth was saying one thing but his actions said another. It was frustrating to see those roadblocks knowing they were so easy to remove and wondering why he didn't just hang the rules and go with his gut. After all, Eva learned all she knew about being an agent from him. It should've been enough of a reason to have more faith in her and her ability to get the job done. And...yet I can't fault him his reasoning. Their past might be ever-present throughout the story, but the good part of their past is vastly overshadowed by a shared tragedy that ultimately led to their breakup. This is a fast-paced romantic suspense that Ms. McClellan filled with excellent dialogue, descriptions, action, and adventure. Every move Quinn and Eva made helped them face their past and a truth that was undeniable: their love for one another was all they would need to make it.
MJHughes12 More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars This was a good story with lots of action and suspense. I love stories with a kick-ass heroine, and this one certainly did not disappoint with Eva Torres. From her background as an orphan who survived on the streets in Columbia, to her ability to master all the skills required to become a top operative, Eva was everything you want in a strong heroine. Up until the end, Quinn was just ok for me – I really found that I wanted to slap him half the time. The way he walked out on Eva and then continued to hide his feelings was just infuriating! It added a great dynamic to the story, but boy did he get me angry! On the one hand I loved the fact that his feelings for Eva were so strong he wanted to protect her, but on the other hand I wanted to get all up in his face and remind him that part of why he loves her is her strength and ability to take care of herself, so be her partner, not her protector! I was a little disappointed by the lack of spark and sizzle between Eva and Quinn for most of the book. I’m not sure why I never felt that over the top tension between the two characters that I really wanted to feel throughout the book. I don’t know if it was because there wasn’t a lot of back-story on their relationship (there was some, but maybe for me it wasn’t enough?), or perhaps it was that I never really got Quinn’s side of the heat, but it wasn’t until near the end when they got dirty and sweaty in the gym that I felt those sparks fly. I did enjoy the overall story and like the premise of the HRS organization, and look forward to reading the next installment in this series. I received an eARC from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
gigiluvsbooks More than 1 year ago
When High Risk Securities (HRS) agent, Eva Torres, botches an undercover job by failing to rescue both of the kidnap victims she was sent to retrieve, Quinn Blackwood—her former lover and the man who broke her heart—pulls her and one of the victims out of harm’s way. As a penalty for her sins, she’s offered the dull job of escorting a former bio-chemical warfare scientist to Washington D.C. to reunite with his daughter. Much to her displeasure, the job of monitoring her assignment is given to Quinn.  Quinn isn’t thrilled with the situation either. He taught Eva everything he knew about secrets, sex, and lies—but the biggest lie of all was the one he’d told himself: that his missions for HRS were more important than anything, including his relationship with Eva. Because now that they’re working together again, the urge to put his hands on her, to feel her beneath him, is killing him.  Things only get worse when their current operation goes wrong, and the scientist they’re guarding is kidnapped mid-air. Now, Eva and Quinn have to work together to find him before he is forced to create a monstrous weapon that could destroy entire cities. A hard task made more difficult when they find themselves fighting both the enemy and their building desire for each other. Can they work together for the sake of the mission without reigniting the passion between them—or will passion be the salvation of them all? Review: I really enjoyed the story from new to me author Sharron McClellan! This story starts out with action and it keeps going until the end of the story.  I thought the author's writing style and her topic were very entertaining and kept me on the edge of my seat until the end of the book.  I think the use of the biological weapon in the story is very timely and so true to the world today. The story is about Eva and Quinn who work for a private security firm.  Eva and Quinn have had a love affair in the past, but Quinn broke things off about a year ago when he got scared that the riskiness of their job might mean losing Eva.  Well, I understand where Quinn wants to protect Eva not just from himself but from outside forces, but it does not work.  As they go about trying to rescue a scientist and his daughter, they fight their love for one another.  I love that Eva is tough as nails, probably stemming form her past, but that she also has such a tender heart.  I think Eva and Quinn are perfect for each other and was so glad they overcame their obstacles.   Without giving anything away from the story, there is tons of suspense and mystery here to keep you guessing and the ending is a real nail-biter. 4 stars