Risky Issues: Stories About Identity, Drugs, Abuse, Death and Friendship

Risky Issues: Stories About Identity, Drugs, Abuse, Death and Friendship


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Risky Issues is not your typical book of short stories; instead, it brings to light many issues faced by children, teenagers, and even adults: identity, drugs, abuse, death and friendship.

The stories found in Risky Issues were carefully selected because they're not your typical conversational topics. It's the author's hope that those who read these stories will be able to share their own experiences with others. As such, this collection of stories can be read by people of all ages.

The first story, The Secrets of the Study, is about a girl who enters her father's study to get some blank printer paper but instead finds papers that reveal she is adopted. To compound things, her father catches her...

The second story, Pamela in the Park, is about a teenage girl who is out past curfew and is supposed to meet a temperamental drug dealer in the park to give him back some drugs she was holding for him. He doesn't show up, but a policeman does...

The third story, The Day Adam Saw Red, is about sexual abuse. Adam, a victim, gives a speech to his class about this topic, and then goes outside to sit under an oak tree to ponder his dire situation, as his speech was a masked cry for help. He is befriended by the school custodian, who is thought to be "creepy," but who takes the time to speak to him to help solve his problem...

In the final story, My Best Friend, a young girl finds out that her Grandma's dog died. She thinks of Snoopy as her own, and is devastated...

Read Risky Issues today, and get the conversation started!

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ISBN-13: 9780993795312
Publisher: Lorraine Reguly
Publication date: 07/01/2014
Pages: 52
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.11(d)

About the Author

Lorraine Reguly, a rape survivor and single mother, is a Canadian-based high school English teacher-turned-freelancing-entrepreneur. Her websites include Wording Well (which offers writing, freelancing, and blogging tips) and Laying It Out There (where she shares personal stories on True Tales Tuesdays and features book reviews, author interviews, and other things - such as information related to self-publishing - on Featured Fridays).

Lorraine loves reading murder mysteries, playing cards, spending time with her family, and shooting pool. She likes cats - even though she's allergic to them - and dislikes snow and cold weather. One day, she hopes to live near a beach so she can go swimming every day.

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