Ritual and Deference: Extending Chinese Philosophy in a Comparative Context

Ritual and Deference: Extending Chinese Philosophy in a Comparative Context

by Robert Cummings Neville



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ISBN-13: 9780791474587
Publisher: State University of New York Press
Publication date: 07/01/2009
Series: SUNY series in Chinese Philosophy and Culture Series
Pages: 218
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About the Author

Robert Cummings Neville is Professor of Philosophy, Religion, and Theology at Boston University and the author and editor of many books, including Boston Confucianism: Portable Tradition in the Late-Modern World, also published by SUNY Press.

Table of Contents


1. A Confucian Program

Philosophical Cosmology
Human Nature
Social Theory

2. The Significance of Confucian Values

Values for the Good Life: Conventional, Yet Normative
A Confucian Solution: Ritual
High Civilizations: Competing Values and Global Rituals
A Homily on Humaneness

3. Ritual in Xunzi

Initial Considerations of Ritual in Xunzi
Ritual and Semiotics
Ritual and Desire
Ritual, Integration, and Religion

4. Daoist Relativism, Ethical Choice, and Normative Measure

A Metaphysical Daoism
Normative Measure
Daoist Ethics
Daoism and Confucianism Compared

5. Chinese Influences in English-Speaking Philosophy

Scholarly Influences
Roger T. Ames and David L. Hall
Tu Weiming and Cheng Chungying
Wu Kuangming

6. Methodology, Practices, and Disciplines in Chinese and Western Philosophy

The Problem
Methodology as a Concern
Philosophical Practices
Philosophical Discipline

7. Metaphysics for Contemporary Chinese Philosophy

The Need for Metaphysics
Themes of Chinese Philosophy
Metaphysical Directions

8. The Conscious and Unconscious Placing of Ritual and Humanity

The Unconscious as a Problem for Confucian Virtue
Ritual and Humaneness
Deceptions of the Heart: Freud
Deceptions of the Heart: Marx

9. The Contemporary Mutual Development of Confucianism and Christianity

From Reformation of the Inner Heart to Loving the World
The Location of Ethical Analysis and Rectifying Power
Peace, Action, and Retreat

10. The Personal and the Impersonal in Conceptions of Divinity

Popular versus Sophisticated Religion Hypothesis
Development Hypothesis: Pre-Axial Age and Axial Age
Semiotic Hypothesis
Ontological-Anthropological Continuum Hypothesis

11. On Comparison

Models of Comparative Theology
Objectivist Comparison
Normative Comparison
Beyond Comparative to Integrative Philosophy

12. Contributions of Chinese Philosophy: A Summary Discussion

The Happy Portability of Chinese Philosophy
Ritual, Again
Ethics, Again
Orientation and the Self


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