Rival Desires

Rival Desires

by Annabel Joseph


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Lady Ophelia's voice is so lovely, so incomparable, she's permitted to break convention and appear on the London stage. The young ingenue has more admirers than she realizes, but after long years cloistered at a Viennese music school, she has no idea how society's games of courtship and seduction are played. The Marquess of Wescott is prone to bucking convention too-not always in a good way. He and his friends are frequent subjects of gossip for their rakish behavior, like their regular forays to Pearl's Emporium, where lovers of discipline explore risqué fantasies in secret rooms. Wescott and Ophelia's fates collide on a dry autumn night, when a fast-moving fire strands them together on the outskirts of London. As the sun rises, they learn convention can only be stretched so far. They're obliged to wed in a quick, quiet ceremony, and embark upon married life as little more than strangers. From the start, their dueling personalities tangle into knots of frustration and regret. But marriage is marriage, and they must learn to live with one another. Lord Wescott tries to bring his wife into line using the disciplinary tactics he's honed over the years, but Ophelia's not so easily tamed. She's a stubborn soul, determined to resist her husband at every turn. Life is not an opera, and love is not easy. For Wescott and Ophelia, the battle has only begun...

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ISBN-13: 9781695842403
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 09/28/2019
Series: Properly Spanked Legacy , #1
Pages: 228
Sales rank: 393,852
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.52(d)

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Rival Desires 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
ViperSpaulding 2 days ago
I enjoyed this intense historical romance Both Jack (Lord Wescott) and Ophelia are very immature as the story starts; Ophelia is so sheltered as to be woefully ill-informed about adult activities, while Jack is an unrepentant playboy with no compassion for women as anything other than bed partners. I struggled through the first part of the story as these two young people find themselves in a marriage neither one of them wants nor knows what to do with. I kept hoping that as the story progressed, each would mature enough to change their course, and thankfully, I was not disappointed. There are some issues of consent in this story, enough to make it fit the subgenre but not quite going beyond the point where the marriage can be salvaged. There's plenty of spanking/bdsm mentions, but if you're hoping for a nuanced romance between mature adults, this isn't it. Both of these characters start out as being of adult age, but their behavior suggests a maturity level that is consistent with modern-day high school students. The magic of the story is in watching these two mature and grow into the spouses the other deserves. The HEA is sweet and satisfying, filled with hope that the two will continue to grow and mature together. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
CathyGeha 10 days ago
Rival Desires by Annabel Joseph Properly Spanked Legacy #1 Hmm...mixed feelings on this one. I knew going into the story there would be spanking and the book did begin with a delicious romp of sorts at Pearl’s with some spanking in that first scene...and a few other things, too. The main character saved a woman he assumed to be an “actress” thus fair game and took her away from the fire to an Inn and there...or the next morning when identities became clear...both of their lives changed significantly when a quick betrothal was arranged. The marriage was entered into with the right attitude by Westcott but his young wife had dreams of something else...and...she made that known throughout most of the book. She seemed a bit whiny to me and full of herself and her dreams unwilling to settle in and be a “proper” wife. Various things happened and eventually they did end up “okay” together. That said, I really had trouble seeing the two of them as a couple or caring for one another. With Westcott’s proclivity to disciplining others and, in my opinion, lack of insight into how to deal with Ophelia except through discipline...I thought him a bit of a cad...or in need of discipline himself. That said...this book had a LOT of potential and I can see it working if the two main characters had been different people with Westcott more aware and mature and gentle and Ophelia less of a ninny. Did I enjoy this book? Hmm… Would I read more in this series? Perhaps not Thank you to NetGalley and Social Butterfly PR for the ARC – This is my honest opinion 2-3 Stars
DarGee 11 days ago
A book that starts with a damsel in distress, rescued by a hero on a horse, and they end their night together in the same bed at an inn? Well, that is darn near a perfect meet cute in any book. Setting such event in the ton, well, you know where this is going! Hidden identities are swept away as societal demands are put in place, and then, well, then we get to the heart of the matter. Wescott isn’t as mean as he seems, he is actually quite a sweetie deep down. Ophelia isn’t as sweet as she seems, but she is confused and wary as her world is ripped away. And they both fumble, and assume, and mistake, the other. Corporal punishment for being saucy to your husband is on the table, and his lap, and the bedpost, and in the carriage. That adds to the whole mess, as it has the opposite effect on them both from what they assumed Friends are misplaced, and others rise to help. Family is adding pressure, and others are trying to relieve it. Lucky for Wescott and Ophelia, Papa remembers the mistakes he made in the past, and helps both of them overcome their hesitancy and set them on the right path. Once nudged in the right direction, what was there between them all along blossoms and blooms!
Pokeybooboo 11 days ago
Rival Desires is the first book of Annabel Joseph's Properly Spanked Legacy series. Apparently it's a sequel of her previous series, and deals with the prior couples' offspring. If you haven't read that series, no problem, as this book stands alone perfectly. It's a historical romance, but an erotic one. Our story begins with the Marquess of Wescott and two of his best friends in a brothel that caters to a particular taste. Yep, all in the room together with the, ah, ladies. Definitely not shy! When a horrible fire breaks out in that section of London, they all flee for their lives, going separate ways. Wescott passes a terrified young woman all alone outside the theatre, and he takes her up on his horse to save her. She gives him a false name; though an opera singer, she is a lady and wants to hide her identity. He too gives a false name. He thinks she is an actress, the kind that usually has a protector. They ride out of town and stop at an inn, exhausted. Wescott procures separate rooms, but he is awakened by her screams from a nightmare. He crawls into bed to comfort her...and things progress. Back home, he discovers he has compromised the daughter of an earl, and they are forced to marry. Now you can tell from the title that there is spanking involved. No problem, except it's usually spanking without the erotic romance. However, the sexy times are nicely done. It's the characters I had an issue with. I didn't like either of the leads! I understand Ophelia was a gently bred lady, but no woman at age 18, even a sheltered one, would not know they were about to have sex! Or would be confused while having said sex. She also spent half the book sobbing. Wescott wasn't much better. Spanking time was basically just punishment. He seemed rather immature to me, and I was shocked to find out he was 27. It wasn't very believable when all of a sudden they were in love. All is not lost, however. I really did enjoy Wescott's parents and siblings, his friends were interesting, and some of the sex was nicely steamy. I will definitely try this author's work again. I received an ARC of this book courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley. I received no compensation for my review, and all thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.