River of Gold

River of Gold

by Bruce BecVar
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River of Gold

Bruce BecVar has put out another album that follows in his traditional tranquil style. There is nothing on this album that is earthshakingly new, but it is all expertly presented and very entertaining. His guitar-playing style is eloquent, smooth, and very moving. This is why followers of his music anxiously await each new presentation. This album is a continuation of music created in good taste with a refined excellence for the connoisseur of great music. BecVar puts down some smooth guitar chords to lay the foundation for Richard Hardy's flute phrases on the light rock piece "Rainbow in a Blue Sky." BecVar's piano accents playfully color the piece with vibrant tonal qualities. BecVar exceeds all expectations on his acoustic lead guitar work for "Test of Time." Michael Ruff adds some excellent jazz-styled piano riffs, lending to the overall tranquil effect. The vocals humming rather than singing give a jazz scat appeal to the piece, much in an Al Jarreau vein. The album closes with a light airy composition, "Fly Away Free," which seals the tranquil effect that the music is able to give. Bruce BecVar says a powerful farewell with fanciful guitar phrases that have a lasting effect. Being able to "Fly Away Free," one can visualize mankind taking flight into undiscovered realms of a new age. Bruce BecVar's music is certainly in the new age genre, but it is his eloquent ability to incorporate other genres into his compositions that sets him apart from others in the new age genre. His ability to use jazz guitar phrasings within a realm considered unconventional displays a confident and masterful musician. Bruce BecVar is not a guitarist who only the trained musician can appreciate, though they will -- he is a guitarist who can be appreciated by all for his playing because it is good music period.

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Release Date: 10/01/2002
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CynthiaSueLarson More than 1 year ago
I am repeatedly surprised and amazed by RIVER OF GOLD. It outshines most new age music, with its multi-dimensional depth. Where some New Age music suffers from being overly introspective, RIVER OF GOLD bares its heart and soul and connects with the listener in new ways upon every hearing. This is the mark of musical genius! RIVER OF GOLD's musical phrasings are mellow, yet always moving forward (like a river). The music sparkles and shines on the surface, yet contains much deeper reserves of feeling which flow with dynamic grace in the duets between Bruce Becvar and Aurora Juliana Ariel. The hint of what inspired Bruce Becvar to create this magical album is contained in the liner notes that describe the meaning of the river of gold: "The river of gold is the radiant stream of life that flows forth from spirit. It holds the divine blueprint for our lives and is the source of the abundant life that is our divine heritage." Seldom does an album continue to delight the listener time after time, seemingly gaining depth and greater power to heal with every listening, like RIVER OF GOLD does for me. This music can heal and uplift your spirits -- and if you are already feeling really great, it'll help you feel even better. Music just doesn't get much better than this!