by Joseph M. Nassise
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Riverwatch by Joseph M. Nassise

A forgotten chamber secreted beneath a river.

An ancient evil that lies slumbering under the earth.

A guardian determined to fulfill his duty to his last, dying breath.

As something dark and deadly takes to the skies over Harrington Falls, Jake Caruso and his friends, Sam Travers and Katelynn Riley, find themselves drawn into a primeval conflict set in motion centuries before. As fresh blood is spilled and the death toll mounts, these three friends will find themselves faced with a terror beyond imagination, one that will require every vestige of their strength, faith, and determination to confront.

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ISBN-13: 9781931402194
Publisher: Barclay Books, LLC
Publication date: 05/07/2001
Pages: 374
Product dimensions: 5.55(w) x 8.47(h) x 0.95(d)

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Riverwatch 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Riverwatch has many of the best elements of the kind of horror I enjoy: Epic , fantastical evil; a small town in New England setting; above average heroes up to their neck in something they can't comprehend; and most of all, and impending atmosphere of doom. Sure you can say this is cliched, but when as well writtenas Nassise's first novel (?) here, you'll run through the chapters with a smile on your face. As the current president of the Horror Writers of America I can only assume Nassise has more work forthcoming and I'm looking forward to it!
harstan More than 1 year ago
Long before man was a sentient species, two intelligent races walked the Earth. The Elders, looking much like present day Homo sapiens, were a wise and benevolent group who saw the potential in man¿s ancestors and taught them what they knew. The Nightshades, a reptilian race that could fly, thought of the humans as cattle that made for a tasty meal. They ignored their kind rivals and the time came when the Elders and the Nightshades went to war.

They fought each other to the point of extinction until the last Elder defeated Moloch, the last Nightshade. Moloch was in a state of suspended animation until a construction worker in a small Vermont town inadvertently awakened him. He managed to free himself and go on a killing spree in Harrington Falls. To stop this dark and evil creature will take all the courage and the strength of the three people in the town who knows what they are really dealing with.

Horror fans have a special treat in store for themselves if they choose to read RIVERWATCH, a genuinely frightening novel that features a creature out of our darkest nightmares. Joseph M. Nassise is a gifted storyteller who knows how to capture and keep his audience¿s attention. Readers should put Mr. Nassise on their must read list.

Harriet Klausner

Guest More than 1 year ago
'Riverwatch is a stunning debut novel, intricately plotted and beautifully written. Nassise knows that a good 'monster' novel needs to be fast paced and terrifying ... and he delivers action and frights galore! Watch out for Joe Nassise ... he's already made his mark.'
Guest More than 1 year ago
Before history was recorded there were two main species that ruled the Earth. One were called The Elders and looked identical to humans today. The other were called The Nightshades and were evil winged creatures. The Elders thought the humans had the potential to become intelligent and began teaching them. The Nightshades considered humans to be nothing more than cattle. A war broke out resulting in the extinction of both races. However, one Nightshade had been sealed off from the world. It was buried in an underground tomb and topped with a flowing river. The world was safe. Until...

In the present date, while renovating the Blake estate, a river was drained and a cement sealed passage was found. An ancient evil was released, Moloch. Moloch was hungry and had a thirst from revenge!

***** This book caught me from the first sentence and held on until the end! Be warned of graphic death scenes! I highly recommend this one for Stephen King and Dean Koontz fans! Awesome and chilling! *****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Guest More than 1 year ago
RIVERWATCH is a horror-fan's delight! I couldn't put this one down until I was finished. Nassise breathes life into his characters--and into the genre itself. Nassise's voice is a mixture of Douglas Clegg and Frank Perretti, but uniquely his own. Don't miss it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
An ancient evil has been buried and sealed in a chamber beneath the Blake mansion that was never meant to be discovered. But renovations to the mansion brings an unsuspecting town to their knees when the ancient evil is mistakenly released into the night sky. Three unsuspecting townspeople are drawn into the age old conflict and together they must muster their strength and wits to defeat what has been awoken.

Splendidly crafted, Joseph M Nassise weaves intricate characters into a well thought-out story. Nassise's story telling capabilities far exceed that of your average writer. Never losing me and always keeping me guessing as to the direction of the story, I was immediately sucked into the plot and found myself running from the villain along with the lead characters. You'll be scared like I was... trust me.

Guest More than 1 year ago
I have never been a big fan of the horror genre - but Nassise may have got me hooked! Riverwatch not only kept my interest level high - it kept me awake at night and my mind racing when I didn't have time to read wondering what Nassise had in store for his characters in the chapters I had yet to get to!

Nassise did an excellent job developing his characters, I felt very connected to Jake, Sam and Katelynn - it was as if they were living down the street from me - Nassise's magic with the written word really brought the characters to life - they were real.

Overall this is an excellent read, scary with some very interesting humor thrown in when you least expect it! I would have been O.K. if Nassise had chosen not to include Chapter 22 - I didn't feel it added a great deal to the story line and would not have missed that chapter had he left it out.

I look forward to reading the next book Nassise writes be it horror or otherwise - maybe I'm not actually hooked on horror, but rather, just hooked on a great, new, up-and-coming author!

Guest More than 1 year ago
The late Richard Laymon once said, ¿Every writer¿s secret sauce has a different flavor.¿ For this reader, Nassise¿s sauce is a delicious combination. Blending rich literary integrity, spicy thrills and poetic descriptions, Nassise¿s writing is something to be savored.

¿Riverwatch¿ delivers the chills and thrills most horror novels don¿t. His description of something as simple as silence drew me into the world his pen created. But that¿s not all that Nassise has to offer. The plot is a cerebral teaser. To say that this book is just about an evil gargoyle reanimated, or, the struggle of the ancient races of our ancestors, would be a discredit. I highly recommend ¿Riverwatch¿ to anyone, including those who claim that they don¿t read horror. Not only did it raise the hair on my neck, it raised questions in my mind. And that is, to me, the hallmark of a good book.