Road and Off-Road Vehicle System Dynamics Handbook

Road and Off-Road Vehicle System Dynamics Handbook


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ISBN-13: 9781138075290
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 01/27/2018
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 1708
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

History of Road and Off-Road Vehicle System Dynamics

Masao Nagai

Part I Modeling, Analysis, and Optimization in Vehicle

System Dynamics

Vehicle Models and Equations of Motion

Werner Schiehlen

Simulation Algorithms and Software Tools

Martin Arnold

Nonlinear Solid Mechanics with Finite Elements

Anna Pandolfi

Nonlinear Vehicle Dynamics

Hans True

Controls and Identification

Stefan Jakubek and Martin Kozek

Actuators and Sensors

Yoshihiro Suda

Optimization of Ground Vehicle Systems

Massimiliano Gobbi and Panos Y Papalambros

Fatigue and Structural Durability of Automotive Components

Thomas Bruder, Holger Hanselka, Rüdiger Heim, Heinz Kaufmann,

Michael Kieninger, Jürgen Nuffer, and Cetin M Sonsino

Reliability Assessment of Mechatronic Devices in Vehicles

Bernd Bertsche, Jochen Gäng, Holger Hanselka, Soong-Oh Han,

Jürgen Nuffer, and Kai Wolf

Part II Vehicle Concepts and Aerodynamics

Conceptual Design of Road Vehicles Related to Dynamics

Giampiero RM Mastinu

Off-Road Vehicles (Wheeled and Tracked)

Günter H Hohl

Motorcycles and Three-Wheeled Vehicles

Robin S Sharp

Race Cars: Frame, Suspension, Aerodynamics

Andrea Toso

Race Cars: Braking System

Carlo Maria Domenico Cantoni and Giorgio Previati

Aerodynamics and Vehicle Dynamics

Andreas Wagner

Part III Pneumatic Tires and Contact Wheel-Road/Off-Road

Tire as a Vehicle Component

Hans B Pacejka

Pneumatic Tire Models: The Detailed Mechanical Approach

Michael Gipser

Pneumatic Tire: Construction and Testing

Maurizio Boiocchi and Giuseppe Matrascia

Mechanics of Off-Road Vehicle–Terrain Interaction: Terramechanics

Jo Y Wong

Part IV Modeling of Vehicle Subsystems

Suspension Systems

Wolfgang Matschinsky

Active and Semiactive Suspension Systems

Davor Hrovat, H Eric Tseng, Michael Fodor, and Jahan Asgari


Andreas Laschet, Ferit Küçükay

Brake System Dynamics

Carlo Maria Domenico Cantoni, Riccardo Cesarini,

Giampiero RM Mastinu, Giorgio Previati, and Roberto Sicigliano

Steering System

Ichiro Kageyama

Structural and Dynamic Problems in Car Body Design

Giovanni Belingardi and Massimiliano Avalle

Part V Vehicle Dynamics and Active Safety

Basics of Longitudinal and Lateral Vehicle Dynamics

Manfred Ploechl, Peter Lugner, and Johannes Edelmann

Detailed Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis of Vehicle Dynamics

Dieter Ammon

Ride Comfort and Road Holding

Karl Popp

Control of Horizontal Vehicle Motion

Anton van Zanten

Active and Semiactive Suspension Control

Davor Hrovat

Integrated Controls

Masato Abe

Dynamics of Heavy Commercial Vehicles and Buses

John Aurell

Dynamics of Off-Road Vehicles

Jo Y Wong

Motorcycle Handling Dynamics

Robin S Sharp

Part VI Man–Vehicle Interaction

Vehicle Comfort

Karl Siebertz

Subjective and Objective Evaluations of Car Handling and Ride

Gwanghun Gim

Driver Models in Automobile Dynamics Application

Manfred Ploechl and Johannes Edelmann

Part VII Intelligent Vehicle Systems

Automatic Lateral Vehicle Control

Huei Peng

Longitudinal Control

Paul Fancher and Charles MacAdam

Part VIII Road Accident Reconstruction and Passive Safety

Analysis and Reconstruction of Road Accidents

Horst Ecker

Automotive Structural Crashworthiness and Occupant Protection

Jorge Ambrósio


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