Road Charging in the 90s: An Overview and Guide To the Literature

Road Charging in the 90s: An Overview and Guide To the Literature

by Beryl Blair, Frank Worsdord




The increase in traffic congestion in the last 40 years -- in the UK and overseas -- has been phenomenal. Faced with this problem, governments need to find a way to restrict road use to essential traffic and to raise money to finance new road building. One option adopted by many countries, with varying degrees of success, is the use of toll roads or more complex methods of road charging.

This book provides an overview of charging policies and legislation, looking at all the options available and assessing the likely effects on both domestic and commercial traffic. Following an overview of the subject, this guide is divided into two sections:

• the legislation and policy behind road charging -- with chapters focusing on the UK and Europe, and on London as a special case, and

• recent practice -- with chapters on road charging models and technologies, and on case studies from the UK, Europe, Australia, the Far East, US, and Canada.

Each chapter provides both a brief review of the subject and a list of key references for further reading. The guide also contains detailed indexes.

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ISBN-13: 9780712308144
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 10/28/1994
Series: Keynote Series
Pages: 112
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