Road Map to Tomorrow: It's Easier to Get There If You Know Where You're Going

Road Map to Tomorrow: It's Easier to Get There If You Know Where You're Going

by John Morgan Mullen


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"Change how a person thinks, and you will change how they feel. Change how they feel, and you will change how they perform. Change how they perform and you will change the results. Change the results and you will change their lives." This quote from R.W. Ross perfectly exemplifies my vision and dreams for Road Map to Tomorrow.

Road Map to Tomorrow was inspired by the responsibility of my generation to transfer the knowledge of the past while laying the foundation for the technology of the future. The generational shift together with our exploding technology and gentrification of our world and everything in it. You will either be prepared or you won’t. You will either adapt or you will professionally die.

This book creatively provides a technology road map that takes you into the future with contributions from over 100 scientific experts providing you with insights into the future. Their studies and opinions touch on everything from computers to robots, medical science to nanotechnology, transportation to education, employment to politics, and entrepreneurial opportunities to love.

Our new world is exciting! It presents an abundance of opportunities the likes of which we have never seen. Change can cause both devastation and opportunity and those that prepare, learn to react, and position themselves professionally will be light years ahead on their journey to success. This book is your personal Road Map to Tomorrow.

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Publication date: 03/12/2019
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