The Road to Pleasant Farm, Texas: An Adam McGee Novel

The Road to Pleasant Farm, Texas: An Adam McGee Novel

by Christopher L. McGee


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ISBN-13: 9781452056210
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/26/2010
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.41(d)

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The Road to Pleasant Farm, Texas

An Adam McGee Novel
By Christopher L. McGee


Copyright © 2010 Christopher L. McGee
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-5621-0

Chapter One

Sybil had a lot on her mind that summer. Before she and her sister Tracy announced their plans to open a beauty salon, she was a happy woman. She had always kept her hair done nicely, and was usually a very fine dresser. But now she always seemed angry and depressed. She let her hair go and didn't seem to put any energy or thought into her wardrobe.

Life got hard from time to time for everyone, and you could always depend on people like Sybil and Tracy for a good laugh. It seemed now that she and her sister had a reason to rejoice, they instead became moody and bitter. Sybil was worst of all. Something dark had taken hold of her, and whatever that something was she couldn't bring herself to shake it off.

Lately, I hadn't seen too much of either one of them. Sybil and her sister stopped going to any of the local hangouts. It was as if they had just given up on the club scene all together. If you happened to catch Sybil on the street and asked her how things were going her response would be distant and cold.

"What type of stupid ass question is that?" Sybil would say. "Can't you see the look on my face? My sister and me finally figured out what the hell we want to do with our lives, and we ain't got two dimes to rub together."

I didn't want to see her. I knew from past experience that when Sybil Moore got into a jam, it was always the people closest to her that paid for it. Sometimes, they would pay more than they could afford. I, for one, was through given her my money. I mean she was my girl and all, but money was hard to come by, back then.

A man trying to come up couldn't survive with some woman around always with her hand out. I had decided that any financial problems that she and her family were facing, would not become any problems of mine. I had no intention of giving her money, or even seeing her until she found a solution to her own problems.

I guess that's why I was surprised late one Wednesday night, when I was awakened by the sound of sharp tapping at my bedroom window. Once I realized that there was someone at my window and that it wasn't just a figment of my imagination, I shook my way out of a light sleep to see what was going on. I made it to my feet, trying to think of who could possibly be knocking at my window so late at night.

"Yeah," I shouted as I rolled myself out of bed.

When I finally made it over to my bedroom window, I realized that I didn't have my pistol. It was then that I heard Sybil's voice.

"Am, wake up! Can't you hear me knockin' at your door! Let me in man!"

"Sybil," I shouted.

"Yeah, it's me open the door!" she replied.

Once I realized how late it was, I cursed myself a fool for ever getting out of bed. It was all I could do not to wake the neighbors. I grabbed an old house coat and went to the front door. I opened the door with a few choice words, and I saw that Sybil had changed. The person standing in my doorway wasn't the troubled soul I had been hearing about. I could hardly believe it. She had completely turned her self around.

The first thing I noticed was that Sybil had gotten her hair done. Her hairstyle was like the jazz singer, Anita Baker. It was cut very short around the side and back of her head, with big curls at the top. She wore a dark blue mini-dress with over the shoulder straps. The dress was loose fitting and was barely long enough to cover her hips. On her feet, was a pair of sassy black open toed heels and in her ears were diamond studs. Her neck, wrists and ankles were all a glow with fine gold chains.

Sybil was only 21 years old. She was a fair skinned woman of medium build with both a full face and figure. She had light brown eyes, freckles across the bridge of her nose and Sybil had full beautiful lips. When she smiled, you could see the distinguishing gap between her two front teeth, a gap that was in a strange way sensual. Sybil had a relatively small upper body, with slight breasts. Her lower body was plump and healthy, with sharp curves and pointed hips.

"Sybil. What are you doin' here? Why didn't' you call me before comin' over to my house? You know I don't like that!" This I tried to say in a rough tone, but she was looking so good in that little dress that I could barely remember why I didn't want her there.

I wanted to be stern and send her on her way, but the desire I felt for her at that moment had a hold on me. I was having a hard time staying angry with her. Sybil knew me. She knew that if she came to my house dressed that way I would have a difficult time asking her to leave.

Sybil quickly stepped into the door and threw her arms around me and whispered in my ear, "I know it's late, baby. I'm sorry for not callin' first, but I really needed to talk to you."

We stood their in the doorway wrapped tightly in each other's arms. The fabric of that little dress was so sheer that I could feel her breasts pressing firmly against my chest. She nestled her face into my neck. I could smell the sweet scent of her hair, and the perfume on her skin. She felt so good that I could feel myself giving into her the way I had in the past. Standing there holding each other close, it wasn't long before she could feel my desire for her pressing firmly against her hips.

It was then that Sybil pushed on by me and into my living room. I quickly shut the door behind her, and then made the necessary adjustments to my house coat. When I turned around to face Sybil, she had her back to me. She was staring off into one of the back rooms. I will never forget how she looked standing there with her back to me. Seeing her from behind, gave me a thrill of pleasure I dream about to this day. Sybil was one of those women who looked as good going as she did coming.

"Okay Sybil. What's this all about?"

She ignored the question and asked, "Aren't you goin' to offer me somethin' to drink?"

I led her into my kitchen, and I offered her a seat at a small dinner table I kept up against the wall. While she sat, I poured us both a glass of Jim Beam(TM).

"Am, I have finally figured out what we gone do. Ah- could I get a little soda in this please?" she asked as she pushed her glass towards me.

"The only soda I have here is grape and grapefruit," I said as I made it to my feet to grant her request.

"That'll be fine baby," she replied.

As I poured some grapefruit soda into both of our glasses I asked impatiently, "What is this big thing you've gotten all figured out?"

She said, "Now you know all my people are from west Texas. We are all from the Midland-Odessa area. My mama, her sister, and all of our folks are just as country as can be."

I had finished the drink I had made for myself and had popped the top on a bottle of beer. I freshened Sybil's glass and waited. I knew from past experience that Sybil was a bit long winded and needed time to tell me what was on her mind. If she wanted to tell you about a song she liked, she would start off by naming the different songs it reminded her of, and then the names of the music groups that sang them.

"Sybil! Don't mistake my feelings for you to be more than what they really are. Now, I'm tired and I got to go to work in the mornin'. Tell me what you want, now!"

Sybil was still talking as if she hadn't heard a thing I had said. Sybil continued, "I was out there at Kiest Park with some girl friends of mine. We were just hangin' out. You know how we do it. And all of a sudden it came to me. The solution to all my problems was just sittin' there as plain as day."

"Do you have some weed?" She asked as she sat back in her chair and made herself more at home.

"Yeah," I replied. "Winkie came by here and dropped off a bag. I was savin' it for this weekend. You know, a time when I wouldn't be goin' to work the next day."

I said all that to Sybil hoping that she would take the hint and finish saying what it was she wanted. It didn't work. She hadn't heard a word I said. I had might as well been talking to the air.

Sybil asked, "Can you roll me a little one? I like a little with my whiskey."

I replied, "Winkie only dropped off a little grass. I haven't got a chance to pick up no papers. All I got is some cigar rolls."

At the mention of the cigar roll, Sybil turned up her nose and curled her lips with distaste as she took a small sip of her drink. I don't know why she did all of that. We had used cigar roll before, and she had never complained.

Sybil continued, "I guess you know I have been a little down in the mouth about our plans to open a salon, and me and my sister not havin' much money.

"Yeah baby I know. I heard about it."

Sybil said, "Well, I have finally found a way to pay for everything."

The smile on her face and the confidence in her voice brought about a joy that seemed to fill the whole room. It made me feel good to see her feeling better, but I tried not to let it show. Still holding on to a shred of patience, I slowly nodded my head in agreement.

"Come on baby, say it already."

"Big Meat," Sybil replied.

In that instant our eyes met. On Sybil's face was a look I don't think I had ever seen before. It was both a look of fear and a look that I could only have described as curiosity. The look on her face was like that of a child staring into a dark room in a familiar house, but still too afraid to enter.

I had heard the name Big Meat before. I could recall Sybil's sister Tracy mentioning it in the past. All I could remember at the time was that he was supposed to be big in the streets of Midland. It was said that he was the type of gangster that if you saw him coming, you best cross the street to avoid him. He was supposed to have been a real tough guy.

"Big Meat, isn't he supposed to be some big time pimp or street dealer?"

She ignored the question. While staring down into her glass Sybil asked, "You like my sister, don't you Am? Hmm, I know you've always liked my cousin Erica too."

Her question caught me off guard. I didn't like it. I wasn't sure why, I just knew that I didn't like it one little bit.

"Of course," I said. "You know, I'm good with both your cousin and Tracy. You know me, and all your peoples are tight."

"Yeah that's true," she said. "But you like the two of them for more than just a friend, don't you? I mean, you are very attracted to both my cousin and my sister. Some might say you are more than just friendly with them."

A little annoyed I asked, "What do you want to hear Sybil? I care for your cousin. I care for your sister. Now, what is this all about?"

I was hoping she would get off of the subject of Erica and Tracy, but she wouldn't let it drop.

Sybil continued, "I remember when you and I were dating. I remember how you use to look at my cousin, and how she would hug and kiss on you. All the time, the two of you just huggin' and kissin'! You used to really like that."

I laughed out loud, recalling the time we all spent together. I was so busy laughing that I almost didn't notice the change in Sybil. She was laughing too, but her eyes weren't smiling.

Once I seen that change in Sybil, I made it a point to keep my eyes in hers. I had always been a strong man and in damn good shape, but Sybil was no weakling. I took another swig from my bottle of beer, all the while wondering what I might have to do to keep her off of me. Sybil continued to stare at me while taking small sips from her glass of whiskey. The room grew so quiet that I could hear people in the street walking and laughing.

Sybil said, "So you gonna roll that joint or what?"

The cigar roll and tobacco I kept in an antique box on the living room table. I always kept my grass in my kitchen cabinet. I kept it in an old empty parsley jar on a special tray for cooking herbs and other seasonings.

"I know my cousin is a good lookin' woman," Sybil continued. "And I know men have been hypnotized by Tracy's big ol' booty since we were little. I mean, I know that it's hard for a man to turn down some pussy."

We both laughed at the thought of that. I could see Sybil soften a little. She smiled and threw back her head, but I still kept my eyes on her.

"The women in my family love dick," she laughed. "That ain't no secret! Ain't none of us no virgins, neither. And when a woman meet a nice lookin' man who got his shit together, got property and money in the bank, she got to be doin' damn good not to try and hook up with him. I mean, that's just reality."

Sybil had sat back in the chair and crossed her legs. In her face something seemed to shift. It was as if she had finally come to a conclusion in her mind about something that had been troubling her.

Back when Sybil and I were dating, she and her family had fallen on tough times. Three out of four of them had lost whatever work they had and needed a place to stay. Against my better judgment, I allowed them to stay with me for a couple of months. It was me, Sybil and Tracy, her aunt Jackie, and her cousin Erica. In a very short period of time, I found myself in over my head. Living in the same house with four beautiful Black women proved to be too much for me.

Everyday, Sybil's cousin Erica found it convenient to walk around the house in the nude, all the while supposedly looking for something decent to wear. Sybil and her aunt Jackie didn't seem to feel comfortable wearing anything other than their bra and panties. And if that didn't make it hard enough, Sybil's sister Tracy had a habit of taking long showers with the bathroom door standing wide open, and the shower curtain half drawn.

I held out as long as I could, but the temptation to love was just too great. Before I knew it, I found myself spending quality time with the both Tracy and Erica when Sybil was away. The only woman in that whole house I had never been with was Sybil's aunt, Jackie. And I think that was only because I insisted on the four of them packing their things and moving out before I did.

She must have found out about the three of us. But, she had to know that it wasn't my intention to hurt her. Sybil had to know how troubled I felt about the whole thing. One of the reasons I eventually made them leave was all of the pain and guilt I was feeling. It was never my intention to let it go so far. When I looked up into Sybil's eyes, I could tell she was seeing straight through me. Something told me that she knew every thought going through my head.

Sybil said, "In life things happen all the time that we wish we could take back. I know I have done my share of dirt to other people. So, I don't let myself stay mad about little stuff. I mean, not at the people I love.

Sybil was in a special place. She had a distant gaze in her eyes as she spoke, "Shit! Life is too hard for folks like us. I mean, a woman can't afford to let no grudge separate her from the only people who love her."

After she said that, I began to relax a bit. Someone might think that a man fearing a woman is silly, but I ain't no fool. I learned along time ago that you should never under estimate a person's ability to hurt you, especially a woman.

I mean, all through history people have lost their lives at the hand of another. And not all of those people died at the hands of other men. When it comes to a woman's feelings and emotions, I give them their respect. Like they say, "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned!"

Besides, Sybil and the women in her family were something else when trouble went down. One time, when we were all staying together, a guy walked up into my lawn while we were sitting out on the porch. Charles Jones was his name. He had mistaken me for somebody who had done some damage to his car.

He stepped right up into my yard talking crazy and acting a fool. I mean, he was really spoiling for a fight. Before I even knew what was goin' on, Jackie had pulled out her butchering knife and both Tracy and Sybil were on their feet.

Charles was a big man, but they didn't care. In the time it would take one to blink, the three of them were on him like monkeys on a cup cake. Sybil had tackled him at the waist, knocking him to the ground. Tracy had jumped up on to his shoulders and was clawing at his face and chest.

Charles was a strong man and it looked as if he was about to turn the table on the girls. That was when Jackie stuck that knife into Charles' neck. I mean, I could see the knife cutting him, and a trickle of blood coming down his neck. Shoot! I thought they were going to kill him.


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