Road Tripping: A Parent's Guide to Planning and Surviving the Annual Car Trip

Road Tripping: A Parent's Guide to Planning and Surviving the Annual Car Trip

by Loralee Leavitt


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ISBN-13: 9781939629043
Publisher: Familius
Publication date: 03/04/2014
Pages: 146
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.60(d)

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A popular freelance writer for both parents and children, Loralee Leavitt has been featured in Family Fun, Parents, Mothering, ParentMap, Highlights, and Cricket. She is also the author of Candy Experiments, a book of spectacular science experiments with candy. An experienced road tripper, Loralee Leavitt loves to listen to audiobooks, take photos, and sing with her children on long family drives.

Rick Walton first thought of writing for children when his high school English teacher, Joyce Nelson, told him that a story he had written for the class would make a good children's book. But it wasn't until after he had dabbled in business, law, teaching, software design, and almost every other career in the book, that he finally realized that writing for kids was one of the few things that he both enjoyed and was good at. Since then Rick has had over ninety books published. His works include picture books, riddle books, activity books, mini-mysteries, a collection of poetry, and educational and game software. His books have been featured on the IRA Children's Choice list, Reading Rainbow, and on CBS This Morning. Rick teaches university courses on picture book writing and on the children's book publishing industry.

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When you’re deciding where to go, make it a family decision.  Parents should have the majority vote, since it’s your schedule, your time behind the wheel, and your money.  But you should involve your children as much as possible, because they’ll enjoy the trip far more if they get to help plan it.  We’ve learned how to plan trips, what to pack, and how to save money as we travel. Even more important, we’ve learned how to keep the journey fun, even when days get long and exhausting. We’ve also weathered countless road trip catastrophes.  We’ve endured screaming children, vomit, dirty diapers, dead car batteries, flat tires on Oregon mountains, Utah blizzards, and forest fire detours in Colorado.  We know how hard it is to pack a car and hit the road.  But every time one of our families prepares for a trip, we endure the headaches, the late nights, and the exploding list of labors because we know what’s coming: family time we can really enjoy together.

Table of Contents


Where Are We Going?

Let’s Start Planning

Preparing to Leave

Packing Right

Packing the Toys

Food and Snacks

Last-Minute Tasks before Leaving the House


Stopping for Breaks


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