ROAR!: A Mother's Quest From Rock-Bottom To World Champion

ROAR!: A Mother's Quest From Rock-Bottom To World Champion

by Leanne Campbell


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ROAR!: A Mother's Quest From Rock-Bottom To World Champion by Leanne Campbell

Drug-taking, domestic violence, divorce and depression - danger and drama reside in this no holds barred story about a wife and mother who came through it all to become world water ski racing champion at 40 years old.
Not knowing how to deal with early world level sporting success and concurrent failure, fed Leanne's beliefs that she "wasn't good enough to be great at anything". She subsequently went on to a partying, decadent lifestyle, crazy boyfriends, years living in Asia, and a slow downward spiral of believing her days of achieving anything good were over, that she was washed up at the ripe old age of 34.
Whilst she pushed on with pursuits, old and out-dated negative beliefs quietly crippled her self-confidence. Hitting rock-bottom found her alone with a baby, and forced her to realise it was her opportunity to step-up and regain her power, and through all of that learnt to love again which is the greatest gift of all.
Leanne's story delves into years of highs, lows and shenanigans that conveniently kept her in denial. It documents her ambitious quest to improve herself, and culminates in the space of one year, when she achieved what she never would have thought possible several years earlier. She turned 40, married her childhood sweetheart, and as a mother and step-mother to four children, she was crowned world champion.
Her intriguing tales lead to insights behind overcoming life challenges to achieve extraordinary outcomes, and she believes that taking ownership of one's self is a never-ending pursuit that can set you on the path to a rich and fulfilling life.
Leanne's story is for anyone who wants all that they can get from and give to life. It will inspire those who are stuck in negative mindsets as she was, who don't live up to their full potential, who carry bitterness over failings for their whole lives, or think it's too late to achieve big dreams.
For women who want to achieve more, for women everywhere who give to others so consistently they often forget how to give to themselves, and if they do, don't know how to do so without guilt. For women who have perhaps lost some of their identity in becoming mothers, or just feel that they're not good enough, can feel a sense of relief at not being alone in their thoughts, and a sense of inspiration at realising that they can overcome it. Women are so incredibly resilient and Leanne's message is not to say woman can have it all - but they can at least some of the time!
For sports-minded people who will feel tingles up their spine reading about hair-raising experiences in a crazy extreme sport, where skier's crash and burn, boats spin out in front of skiers faces, and there's been at least a dozen related deaths in a dozen years.
It is gritty and gutsy and tells it like it is. From the depths of little self-belief, to the pinnacle of her sport, it will entertain readers with a story of a mother with a chequered past, who became an elite athlete after a ten year retirement, who went at the pursuit like a Trojan, and who water ski races at 160 km/h to get her kicks.
Leanne is not your typical world champion. Her story will resonate as her comeback to top level sport was not without common life challenges and very real issues. This not about a high profile, highly paid, prima donna athlete who has everything at their beck and call, it's about a very normal, down to earth woman, who decided to step right up. She can't stand excuses and was sick of making her own.
The massive goal Leanne set had her come alive with the most incredible drive and passion that she forgot she had inside. Her strong mind and will to win is unquestionable, and is compared only to elite athletes at the highest level.
This is an honest and compelling story. It's refreshingly raw and real and that truth really speaks to the reader with authenticity.

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ISBN-13: 9780994208507
Publisher: Leanne Campbell
Publication date: 12/19/2014
Pages: 348
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.72(d)

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