Roarke's Wisdom: The Defense of Blythecairne: Book One of the Hagenspan Chronicles

Roarke's Wisdom: The Defense of Blythecairne: Book One of the Hagenspan Chronicles

by Robert W. Tompkins


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Hagenspan was a mythic land that once existed in our own world--nearest estimates place it somewhere in the north Atlantic, perhaps during the Middle Ages. Apparently one of the last bastions for creatures from the Old World, its shores were haunted by memories of dwarfs and fairies, kobolds and trolls, giants and dragons.
The tales of Hagenspan recount the days when humankind had nearly, but not quite, forgotten those other folk, who were diminishing as it had been decreed.

The Hagenspan Chronicles are a bittersweet recounting of the world that once was; sometimes whimsical, sometimes heroic, sometimes heart-rending.

The Defense of Blythecairne is the first book in the Roarke's Wisdom series, telling the tale of an aging knight who is known as the Dragon-Killer, and how he kept and defended the castle he had won from the dragon.

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ISBN-13: 9781533078704
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/31/2016
Pages: 274
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About the Author

Robert W. Tompkins is the author of the fantasy epic Roarke's Wisdom and Kenyan's Lamp, a romantic fairy tale.

He is currently plodding along on Owan's Regret,
which picks up the story where Roarke's Wisdom leaves off.

To combat his listlessness with the novels,
he occasionally blurts out a short story or a work of Christian non-fiction, most notably the recently-published Disease and Faith.

Born in upstate New York in 1959, he has lived there most of his life. He is married to Susan, a patient and forgiving woman indeed. Between them, they have seven sons and a daughter, all of whom have gone on to start families of their own. Grandchildren are in the process of being mustered, numbering ten at this writing.

For five years he served as a lay pastor for a tiny rural congregation. He once took a photograph of a hummingbird.

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