Robot Motion: Planning and Control

Robot Motion: Planning and Control

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MIT Press

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Robot Motion: Planning and Control

The present surge of interest in robotics can be expected to continue through the1980s. Major research efforts are springing up throughout industry and in the universities. Senior and graduate level courses are being developed or planned in many places to prepare students to contribute to the development of the field and its industrial applications. Robot Motion will serve this emerging audience as a single source of information on current research in the field.The book brings together nineteen papers of fundamental importance to the development of a science of robotics. These are grouped in five sections: Dynamics; Trajectory Planning; Compliance and Force Control; Feedback Control; and Spatial Planning. Each section is introduced by a substantial analytical survey that lays out the problems that arise in that area of robotics and the approaches and solutions that have been tried, with an evaluation of their strengths and shortcomings. In addition, there is an overall introduction that relates robotics research to general trends in the development of artificial intelligence.Individual papers are the work of H. Hanafusa, H. Asada, N.

Hogan, M. T. Mason, R. Paul, B. Shimano, M. H. Raibert, J. J. Craig, R. H. Taylor, D. E. Whitney, J.

M. Hollerbach, J. Luh, M. Walker, R. J. Popplestone, A. P. Ambler, I. M. Bellos, T. LozanoPerez, E.

Freund, D. F. Golla, S. C. Garg, P. C. Hughes, and K. D. Young.The editors are all research scientists at MIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and in addition, Michael Brady is coeditor with Richard Paul of The International Journal of Robotics Research. Robot Motion is included in the MIT Press Artificial Intelligence Series.

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ISBN-13: 9780262021821
Publisher: MIT Press
Publication date: 03/10/1983
Series: Artificial Intelligence Series
Pages: 603
Product dimensions: (w) x 9.25(h) x (d)
Age Range: 18 Years

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Dynamics
John M. Hollerbach
A recursive Lagrangian formulation of manipulator dynamics and
study of dynamics formulation compleXity
John M. Hollerbach
Online computation scheme for mechanical manipulation
Johnson Y. S. Luh, Michael W. Walker, and Richard
P. C. Paul

Efficient dynamic computer simulation of robotic mechanisms
Michael W. Walker and David E. Orin
Chapter 3 Fedback Control
Feedback control
Timothy L. Johnson
Fast nonlinear control with arbitrary poleplacement for
industrial robots
and manipulators
Eckhard Freund
Linear statefeedback control of manipulators
David F. Golla, Subash C. Garg, and Peter C. Hughes
Resolved acceleration control of mechanical manipulators
Johnson Y. S. Luh, Michael W. Walker, and Richard
P. C. Paul

Controller design for a manipulator using theory of variable
KarKeung D. Young
Chapter 4 Trajectory Planning
Trajectory planning
Michael Brady
Manipulator Cartesian path control
Richard P. C. Paul
Planning and eXecution of straightline manipulator trajectories
Russell H. Taylor
The mathematics of coordinated control of prothetic arms and
Daniel E. Whitney
Chapter 5 Compliance
Matthew T. Mason
Stable prehension by a robot hand with elastic fingers
Hideo Hanafusa and Haruhiko Asada
A robot hand with elastic fingers and its application to assembly
Hideo Hanafusa and Haruhiko Asada
Mechanical impedence control inassistive devices and manipulators
Neville Hogan
Compliance and force control for computer controlled manipulators
Matthew T. Mason
Compliance and control
Richard P. C. Paul and Bruce Shimano
Hybrid position/force control of manipulators
Marc H. Raibert and John J. Craig
Quasistatic assembly of compliantly supported parts
Daniel E. Whitney
Chapter 6 Task Planning
Task planning
Tomás LozanoPérez
Automatic planning of manipulator transfer movements
Tomás LozanoPérez
An interpreter for a language for describing assemblies
Robin J. Popplestone, A. Patricia Ambler, and Ilona
M. Bellos


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