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Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom

by Jorge Malave-dejesus


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Many have grown up in a stable home. Many have grown up in their lovely cities. Many have both parents in their lives to fall back on when things turn for the worst.
Unfortunately, Manuel Ricardo didn't have these advantages in his life. He was fatherless but most of all he was motherless. A pill that size would be very difficult for anyone to swallow. The city of Camden N.J wants to swallow him whole, what is he to do?
No mother, no father just foster home after foster home one after another. Manuel is a magnet when it came to the woman who he came in contact with. He could use this to his advantage or it had the same power to destroy him. If he didn't find someone to quench his thirst for the lack of attention, he would never be complacent. The feeling of not being accepted, with only major influences from the streets along with the peer pressure to run a money making block. With a decision to take on the responsibilities of a crew. He manages to dodge all of the horrible influences that faced him on a daily basis. He was finally taken into a temporary comfortable home with his foster sister and foster mom. He lands a small gig where he finally finds acceptance for who he is and is congratulated in what he offers the business. When all seems to be just going great just like anything else in life, it is halted immediately taking an unimaginable turn for the worst .
A night out with his foster sister, that should of just consisted of heading to the local mart to buy a few items. It ended with his foster sister bailing her foster brother out of a violent scuffle. That only ended with his foster sister committing a horrible act just to protect her only foster brother.
To love is to endure all that comes with those emotions. Even at the cost of one's own life let alone ones freedom if not careful. Manuel took the fall for his foster sisters heroic deeds which lands him in an institution fighting for his freedom.
He no longer is that same person who didn't want any parts of the blood, drugs and murders but instead he is forced to become this animal that he tried so hard to not become.
Either one became a product of your environment by choice or by force.
With his foster sister free and not being able to accept what has occurred. She only ends up living a double life just to tie up a lot of loose ends before her bothers trial date.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781078700887
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 11/23/2018
Pages: 660
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.33(d)

About the Author

I’m a Hispanic male of Puerto Rican descent. I’m 31 years young, I’m a Taurus so just be blunt with me. I have 4 boys and 1 princess. Yea I know hands pretty full but Daddy got this.
Ok I was born in Reading P.A but I grew up in Camden N.J. My life like many had its up and down but no matter how great or how bad we tend to make the best of it. In 2002 my family choose to get up and move to Baltimore M.D which was an interesting stop. I made not so great decisions being introduced to the street life that I can say I fell addicted too immediately. I almost got murdered out there. That situation cause me to live with my grandfather in Reading P.A. I ended up where I started which was odd to me but ok. In 2006 I graduated my senior year but along the way I was still making poor decisions landing my in the local county jail which gradually ended with me visiting to State Correctional Inst. On numerous occasions. Let’s not forget to mention how the badly I was addicted to the street life which only caused me to almost be murdered again.
You would think you average bear would have slowed down after the first time almost being killed but not me. It was bad in my mind. It was until I did almost 6 years on and off straight in a state correctional facility that I finally saw that my life would be lost forever, if I didn’t make the decision to live for my children instead of living for myself and my selfishness.
Today I have managed to build a small empire which is still in the process of growing as the days pass us by. I have written a novel and a memoir that I want the world to read and I’m working on the sequel for the novel. I have big dreams and attainable goals that I know I will accomplish with hard work.
My apologies for not getting to into detail with my bio due to the fact that’s what I want the memoire for.

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