Rock Star 101: A Rock Star's Guide to Survival and Success in the Music Business

Rock Star 101: A Rock Star's Guide to Survival and Success in the Music Business

by Marc Ferrari

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A successful rock guitarist shares with musicians at every level firsthand knowledge of how to endure and triumph in the music industry. Rock-and-roll dreams become realities with this guide. Packed with advice and entertaining stories from life on stage and on the road, Rock Star 101 tells musicians on the rise how to:

• Understand the business and legal elements of the music industry: negotiations, contracts, publishing, merchandising, endorsements, money management, & more

• Protect a band from legal and financial conflicts

• Negotiate a "key man clause" and other crucial contract elements

• Find sideline work in music-related fields

• Set up convincing showcases or auditions with recording labels

• Develop a long-term perspective for one’s musical success

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781621532026
Publisher: Allworth
Publication date: 05/02/2006
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 176
File size: 3 MB

What People are Saying About This

Billy Sheehan

It's tough enough trying to get a record deal without having the knowledge of how things really work on a major-label level.Marc Ferrari has written the first book of its kind, which guides the readerthrough the process from start to finish, exposing the many pitfalls and perils that can hurt an unprepared musician's career. You'd be making amistake by not reading this book.

Kenny Kerner

At last-a book that tells it like it is written by someone who has lived the Rock Star life. Former Keel guitarist Marc Ferrari, who has gone from playing in a garage to headlining Madison Square Garden, gives us one of the most informative and educational books ever on achieving success and surviving in the music business. From the innocent beginnings of putting together band partnership papers and choosing an attorney to the high powered negotiations of demo deals and bidding wars, Ferrari's style and accuracy hits the mark. Rock Star 101 is a book that belongs in your library. A must read for just about everyone!

Curtis Urbina

Rockstar 101 gets straight to the point! Ferrari's story is an accurate depiction of the music business and a must read for every musician.

Brian Rawlings

Finally, there's a book to point aspiring artists who need solid experienced direction. Rock Star 101 offers a great compass for those 'future rock stars' that don't have a mentor to guide them through the music business maze.

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