Rockhounding Wisconsin: A Guide to the State's Best Sites

Rockhounding Wisconsin: A Guide to the State's Best Sites

by Robert Beard


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Explore the mineral-rich region of Wisconsin with veteran rockhound Robert Beard’s Rockhounding Wisconsin and unearth the state’s best rockhounding sites, ranging from popular and commercial sites to numerous lesser-known areas. Featuring an overview of the state’s geologic history as well as a site-by-site guide to the best rockhounding locations, Rockhounding Wisconsin is the ideal resource for rockhounds of all ages and experience levels.

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ISBN-13: 9781493028542
Publisher: Falcon Guides
Publication date: 06/01/2018
Series: Rockhounding Series
Pages: 296
Sales rank: 554,483
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Robert Beard is a geologist and has collected rocks for over 30 years. In his early days of rock collecting, fellow geologists said that he would get over the excitement from finding an interesting rock, but that never happened. He majored in geology at California State University, Chico and his first rock collecting trips focused on the northern Sierra Nevada and southern California desert. He received his B.A. in geology, with a minor in mathematics from CSUC in 1983. He then attended the University of New Mexico as a graduate student in geology, and spent considerable time looking for rocks in New Mexico's mountains and deserts. He worked briefly for a mining company as part of an exploration team during his first summer in New Mexico, and got to see many different types of mineral deposits and geologic terrains, and developed a keen understanding minerals and how to find them. He received his M.S. degree in geology from UNM in 1987, at a time when the mining and oil industries were flat on their backs, but the environmental cleanup industry was just getting started. In 1988 he moved to the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area to pursue a career as an environmental geologist. Since then he has remained alert for opportunities to see geology and collect rocks, minerals, and fossils, as he was taught that the best geologist is the one that has the most rocks. He has collected rocks throughout most regions of the United States and parts of the Caribbean, and the past few years he was focused on finding new collecting sites in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He is a Contributing Editor to Rock & Gem magazine, and has written from Rock & Gem since 1993. He also speaks Spanish, which has been a very useful skill for geology, especially when working in Spanish-speaking environments. He currently lives in Harrisburg, PA with his wife, Rosalina, and his two children, Daniel and Roberta.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vii

Introduction 1

Rockhounding Basics 4

Geology of Wisconsin 12

Natural Resources 17

How to Use This Guide 23

Map Legend 26

Eastern Ridges and Lowlands

1 Carol Beach Rocks 28

2 Southport Park Beach Concrete 31

3 Racine Quarry Silurian Fossils 33

4 Wind Point Beach Silurian Fossils 37

5 Estabrook Park Devonian Fossils 39

6 Grafton Quarry Silurian Fossils 43

7 Oakfield Ledge Quarry Crystal Vugs 46

8 Wequiock Falls Ordovician Fossils 50

9 Sturgeon Bay Silurian Coral Fossils 53

10 Sturgeon Bay Quarry Park Silurian Fossils 56

11 Kangaroo Lake Wayside Park Silurian Fossils 59

Western Upland

12 Janesville Ordovician Fossils 62

13 Albany Glauconitic Sandstone 65

14 Monticello Sandstone 67

15 New Glarus Fossils 69

16 Mount Horeb Fossils 71

17 Mineral Point White Sandstone 74

18 Linden Lead Mine Calcite and Sphalerite 77

19 Linden Pyrite and Chalcopyrite 80

20 Mifflin Ordovician Fossils 82

21 Shullsburg Chert 84

22 New Diggings Calcite 89

23 Hazel Green Pyrite and Sphalerite 92

24 Platteville Fossils 95

25 Dickeyville Ordovician White Sandstone 99

26 Dickeyville Ordovician Fossils 102

27 Fennimore Ordovician Fossils 104

28 Millville Ordovician Fossils 107

29 Plum Creek Chert 109

30 Walker Hollow Road Chert 112

31 Boscobel Dolostone-Sandstone Quarry 114

32 Reads Creek Chert 116

33 Ableman's Gorge Quartz Crystals 119

34 Arcadia Sandstone Concretions 123

35 Hanley Road Vuggy Dolostone 127

36 Little Falls Dam Cambrian Fossils 130

Central Plain

37 Redgranite Granite Quarry 134

38 Necedah Bluff Cambrian Sandstone and Quartz Crystals 138

39 Mauston Cambrian Sandstone Pseudo Fossils 141

40 Elroy Banded Cambrian Sandstones 144

41 Tunnel City Sandstone 147

42 Saddle Mound Trace Fossils and Sandstone 149

43 Black River Falls Iron Mine 152

44 Black River Falls Precambrian Granite 155

45 Wildcat Mound Giraffe Rock 157

46 Big Falls Hornblende Gneiss 161

Northern Highland

47 Quiver Falls Precambrian Metabasalt 166

48 Pemebonwon River Precambrian Metabasalt 169

49 Long Slide Falls Precambrian Greenschist 171

50 Pembine Tonalite 174

51 Niagara Railroad Cut Precambrian Granite 176

52 Bradley Iron Mine Hematite and Iron Formation 179

53 Pine River Power Plant Slate 181

54 LaSalle Falls Black Tourmaline 185

55 Pine River Red Tourmaline 188

56 Florence Iron Mine 192

57 Mountain Precambrian Feldspar 196

58 Quartz Hill Precambrian Quartz Crystals 200

59 Irma Hill Cambrian Sandstone 203

60 Little Chicago Precambrian Metabasalt 207

61 Stettin Precambrian Moonstone 210

62 Stettin Precambrian Feldspar 214

63 Wausau Precambrian Gneisses and Granites 216

64 Rib Mountain Precambrian Quartzite 219

65 Rib Mountain Rotten Granite 222

66 Marathon Big Rib River Park Granite 224

67 Jim Falls Gneiss and Granite 226

68 Powell Precambrian Kyanite 230

69 Montreal Mine Hematite and Magnetite 233

70 Plummer Mine Magnetite and Hematite 237

71 Saxon Falls Zeolites in Precambrian Basalt 240

72 Mellen Rainbow Slaty Turbidites 243

73 Ballou Creek Iron Formation 247

74 Berkshire Iron Mine Hematite and Ruins 250

75 Mellen Spotted Cow Rock 253

76 Mellen Iron Formation 255

77 Kornstead Road Precambrian Gabbro Quarries 257

78 Mineral Lake Tower Iron Formation 260

79 Grandview Marble Quarry 263

80 Highway 27 Precambrian Basalt 266

81 South Range Precambrian Basalt 269

Lake Superior Lowland

82 Amnicon River Beach 274

83 Saxon Harbor Beach 277

84 Little Girls Point Beach 281

References Cited 283

Site Index 287

About the Author 288

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