Rock 'n Blues Harmonica: Stories, Lessons and Record Index

Rock 'n Blues Harmonica: Stories, Lessons and Record Index

by Jon Gindick
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Rock'n Blues Harmonica 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
TechReader More than 1 year ago
I am a beginner harmonica player and a couple of weeks ago, I bought this book. Well, I have been struggling on my own and with a couple other books and still could not achieve the rhythmic patterned nature of playing the blues scale and other simple riffs. Now, after reading through this book a little and listening to the CD, I am finally really getting it. I must say, however, when first listening to Jon's CD, I thought this is just corny because he really approaches things from a very basic point of view, but then I started really listening to what I was following and that's when if all started to make sense for me. Excellent choice.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mr. Gindick is by far the best teacher of the harp that I've been exposed to. There's some good ones out there, too. His sections on music theory really made sense, and his presentation of the blues progression made more sense than anything else I've read. I figure I'm an intermdiate harmonica player, but I've learned more from this book than all the rest I've purchased. The CD didn't follow exactly the book, but it complemented it very well. It's a fun CD. I wouldn't buy a book of this sort without a CD. It wasn't a perfect book for me, so I rated it a 4 star. If you are an advanced or professional harp player, this book will cover a lot of old material.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Frustrated harmonica players take notice ¿ your savior has returned. After selling over 1.5 million copies of his various how-to harmonica books (Country & Blues Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless, Harmonica American and The Natural Blues & Country Western Harmonica just to name a few) Jon Gindick is back with his revised Rock n¿ Blues Harmonica book. The first thing you¿ll notice is the revised edition is huge. With 226 pages the 8 ½ x 11-inch book dwarfs the first edition while sporting a new cover, bigger print, and a binding that allows you to lay the book down while practicing without fear of it closing. Not to mention the 74-minute jamming CD, which features tons of examples played over a looping blues chord. With this edition Jon also goes into greater depth on several topics making the revised copy a must, even if you own the original. ¿The instruction covers almost every topic in harmonica playing, and yet continues to focus on the skills a beginner needs,¿ said Jon. Jon began playing 30 years ago while working at a packing plant. The Beatles had overtaken America, including Jon. He played along with pop music on the radio searching for the sounds of the harmonica. His first taste came from Rod Stewart who played the riff on My Boy Lollypop, followed by John Lennon¿s playing. This later lead to the blues, with influences Little Walter, Sony Boy Williamson and Big Walter Horton. Soon after he started playing frustration set in. ¿I didn¿t understand cross harp for the longest time. Getting it, and the sound, was a revelation,¿ remembers Jon. It was with that cross harp revelation that he wanted to write books. In 1977 Jon sent his book off to the publisher. Months passed and he still hadn¿t heard anything; a phone call revealed that they had lost the book. It was then he entered self-publishing and Cross Harp Press was born. He printed 2,000 copies of The Natural Blues & Country Western Harmonica, and sold them to local music stores and through Rolling Stone. Several books followed and so did the praise. ¿If the measure of a book¿s greatness is its ability to change a readers life, then your instruction books on the harmonica are great books,¿ said Gene Berk who bought Jon¿s first book. Jon is able to take learning the harmonica and turn it into a process. He knows learning is not an easy thing, contrary to popular opinion and acts as a ¿big brother¿ through the book and CD. He starts off by slowly teaching some simple riffs and giving the readers a sense of accomplishment before moving onto harder subjects. His books are very simplistic in teaching but detailed in knowledge. Rock n¿ Blues Harmonica is no different as Jon expands on several subjects including bending, harmonica positions, tongue blocking, breathing, and slant harp. ¿I am something of a collector of how-to harmonica books and tapes and I wanted you to know that your stuff is the best,¿ said Joe Vitale in a letter to Jon. Along with Rock n¿ Blues Jon has also released a CD entitled Banished Moon. It runs 49 minutes through 10 tracks in which Jon plays a majority of the instruments and supplies the vocals for each song. The CD is harmonica heavy and showcases his ability to play different styles and positions. Jon¿s writing, vocal, and playing skills are superb with songs like All I Ever Needed, Maxine and Mystery of Your Love. Jon supplies the key and positions for each song for anyone interested in playing along.