The Rocky Mountain Revolution

The Rocky Mountain Revolution

by Stewart H. Holbrook


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Harry Orchard, professional killer, rolled up a record in the days when the mine owners and the labor unions waged what was virtually civil war. That Orchard outlived the Western Federation of Miners and that he held one of the top records for length of terms a life prisoner--all this is unimportant compared to the story of his role as hatchet man for the top guys who managed to escape their punishment. Orchard seemed to have been born without a conscience, with no sense of right or wrong. He was a bigamist, an arsonist, a professional upgrader of low grade ore, a burglar, a murderer, and--most to his own liking--a dynamiter, who used enormous charges in order to be sure of his victims. A career made to order for the crime comics and the pulps, his has been bypassed because the intensity of the "Rocky Mountain Revolution" seems remote and unreal. In his final years, he was converted, but Holbrook gives relatively little space to this phase of his checkered career. The Rocky Mountain Revolution is pure Americana focused on an unsavory segment of labor's story, which helped make the reputations of better known characters such as William E. Borah, Clarence Darrow, and Big Bill Haywood.

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About the Author

Beloved Northwest author Stewart H. Holbrook, a Vermont native and former logger, came to Portland, Oregon in 1923. His works of popular history covered a variety of topics, including logging, famous figures of the Old West, and interesting events and people of the Pacific Northwest. A columnist for the Oregonian, Holbrook had articles published in newspapers and magazines all over the country, and he published many books. Holbrook described these writings as "lowbrow or nonstuffed shirt history." The much-celebrated author was known to consort with a wide variety of people, from the literary elite to loggers and labor organizations.

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Dean of Prisoners vii

Part 1 1

1 The Whole life of Albert Horsley 3

Part 2 11

2 Fear Was in the Canyon 13

3 The Second Battle of Bunker Hill 22

4 The Great Diaspora 33

5 A Jolly Miner on the Lam 40

6 Cripple Creek: Background 43

7 Orchard, the High-Grader 56

Part 3 65

8 The Tearing of Things Loose 67

9 On the Care of Goons 76

10 Independence Depot 83

11 "…Maketh Thunder & Ruin" 92

12 Bill Haywood Considered 100

13 A Package for Mr. Bradley 109

14 Poor Merritt Walley 121

15 The Wobblies Are Born 136

16 Murder is a Lonely Job 144

17 The Big One 153

18 A Man Almost Unnerved 163

Part 4 173

19 Confession 175

20 Orchard, the Witness 181

21 Mr. Darrow & Mr. Borah 192

22 The Enigma of Harvey Brown 200

Part 5 213

23 A Ward of the State 215

24 He Reads the Papers 220

25 The Shadows Grow Longer 224

26 A Goth Survives Them All 232

Acknowledgments 239

Bibliography 241

Index 245

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