Rogue Thief [Brendell Series Book 2]

Rogue Thief [Brendell Series Book 2]

by Patrick Welch

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The Internet's favorite thief is back, and his world will never be the same! The sequel to the award-winning Brendell; Apprentice Thief finds Brendell in conflict with his own Guild as he battles to save himself from their treachery. But in order to win, he will have to face not only the Thief's Guild, but all the Guilds which control his world. Is he seeking a prize even a thief with his unmatched skills cannot steal? After his adventures in the award-winning Brendell; Apprentice Thief, Brendell returns to his home to discover that his own Guild has stolen from him. Angered and abandoned, Brendell sets out to extract his revenge. But he soon learns that not only the Thief's Guild but the all-powerful Assassin's Guild also have raised their swords against him. Brendell is forced to align himself with a besieged land for mutual protection and survival. But after using all his skills as a journeyman thief to help them, he returns only to find himself betrayed ...and a prisoner of his sworn enemies. Only the Guilds can save him, the Guilds against which he has declared his own personal war. If he fails, he will die. If he succeeds, he will change his entire world. And the Guilds do not want their world changed.

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ISBN-13: 9781554042180
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing
Publication date: 01/27/2005
Series: Patrick Welch's Brendell Series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 515 KB

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Hannis Bay

I held my breath and willed myself still as a tree when I heard the clicking sound come from somewhere. It was faint but clear as glass, and for the thousandth time I reconsidered why I was here. But there was no going back, not now. I pressed myself against the wooden wall, trying to disappear into it as I heard the sound again. Then I heard a scratching noise followed by a muted squeak and I slowly relaxed. It had to be a mouse.

Not what my nerves needed this evening, not when I was breaking into the Thief's Guild offices in Hannis Bay. Difficult enough climbing up to a third floor balcony and through a window, then creeping down the stairs while trusting the residents would remain asleep and unconcerned. Worrying about traps magical and mundane. Even a loose floorboard could be enough to ruin me. Slinking through an unfamiliar building at night with no light. Finally reaching the downstairs office. And now this.

Could it be a magical mouse, enhanced for sentry duty? I wondered inanely, then chuckled. Don't be a fool Brendell. I strongly doubted the Guild would protect itself with magic, not when there were many more effective methods available. A contingent from the Assassin's Guild would suffice ... and be more dependable. But I was counting on the Guild's own reputation and confidence in its power; after all, who would dare steal from the Thief's Guild?

They were going to find out. And it was all their fault for what they had done to my family and me.

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