Rohan Nation: Reinventing America after the 2020 Collapse

Rohan Nation: Reinventing America after the 2020 Collapse

by Drew Miller
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Rohan Nation: Reinventing America after the 2020 Collapse by Drew Miller

ROHAN NATION tells the compelling story of how survivors of biological warfare and electro-magnetic pulse fight to defend and reinvent America. The disasters that lead to the collapse of America in 2020 and billions of deaths worldwide are based on sound research and analysis, the predictable results of on-going mistakes. ACE, the teenage daughter of a family that prepared for the worst, and Justin, the young refugee she captures who becomes her cavalry scout apprentice, struggle to survive in a post-collapse economy where horses are key to survival.
Despite the dismal future forecast, Rohan Nation: Reinventing America after the 2020 Collapse provides an uplifting story of love and hope as ACE and Justin pursue their youthful romance while defending their community and rebuilding a responsible society. You will share in their odyssey into life's fundamental questions, moral and political issues, receiving powerful, moving insights into how we can live better now. This extraordinary story of survivors reinventing America will hopefully change the way people think and feel about not just politics, but how to lead their lives. While set as an action adventure, Rohan Nation is also a Libertarian political philosophy, an Atlas Shrugged call for a new "responsibility political philosophy" to break our nation's addiction to socialist entitlements and return to Constitutional, strictly limited government, focused on security. It is America's rebirth, realistically forecast in a future-thriller-action-romance novel.

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ISBN-13: 9780984370948
Publisher: Responsibility Press
Publication date: 11/10/2011
Pages: 490
Sales rank: 668,306
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.09(d)

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Rohan Nation: Reinventing America after the 2020 Collapse 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
crothenberg More than 1 year ago
This book defies literary categories! It's a political novel, action thriller, future combat, philosophy, romance book. The story is so real and credible (often depressingly so) that you are drawn into the struggle and caught up in the events. Then you watch the news and recognize clues to the disasters Dr. Miller foretells. I wish our politicians would read this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome book! Well written, exciting, totally believable story. I have prepared my survial kit and plans; and hope to join the Rohan in Colorado when the time comes. Other people have written to warn about these issues, but Rohan Nation makes them come alive. Wish I had a horse!
Dave_Mills More than 1 year ago
This book delivers: a real Tom Clancy style thriller, fascinating, and totally realistic. Many of the disasters that play out in the book are clearly underway now, the threats are real. Reading about the impact they have and how survivors cope with the aftermath is entertaining as a novel, and valuable in getting good ideas on being prepared. Lots of strong Libertarian views here some may disagree with, but I was convinced we are really in trouble and need to be doing a lot of things differently. I highly recommend the book, both for exciting reading and learning things that might save your life.
Steve_Ross More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book - The author seems to be right on with the state of our current government and how far we've strayed from the path set by our founding fathers. They should make a movie out this!
JohnStein More than 1 year ago
Exciting and scary book. It's like "the Road", only you understand why we get into the mess, and this book has a lot more action and adventure. I'm aware of many of the threats Dr. Miller lays out in his book, but have never seen anyone think through the consequences and how this disaster is likely to play out. Many good ideas on what individuals can do to prepare, but unfortunately I'm convinced our government will continue the mistakes and lead us down the path to total collapse. The romance and personal stories are encouraging, but the case laid out here is pretty overwhelming-we are likely to get the sh*% kicked out of us, and it's going to be very bad.
JerryCAnderson More than 1 year ago
I normally don't read fiction but this was a must read. As a young Air Force officer over 35 years ago I was taking the normal professional military courses and heard about EMP, Electrical Magnetic Pulses that is caused by the explosion of a nuclear bomb. What it does is cause ALL computer chips to become fried which will disable ALL computers and ANY vehicles that have a computer chip in them. Well that includes about all the vehicles in America. That means then that we are now BACK to a horse age. It will also destroy the entire electrical infrastructure in America. There goes most of our heat. What Rohan Nation, Rohan means Horse, so the book is about America become a Horse Nation. The book presents a nation or could be the Muslims extremists exploding a couple of nuclear devices high in the sky that are being carried aboard a commercial airliner. This is not too farfetched as the Muslim Extremist would jump up and down with joy if it took America back to the Horse Age. Of course, it would not only destroy America's economy but the Worlds. Billions of people in the World would die, including Muslims but as you see every day that the Muslim extremists are murdering other Muslims, including men, women, children and babies in Iraq and Afghanistan. It tells of the struggle of a small group of Patriotic Americans and how they are able to achieve the beginning of a new America. It definitely is a MUST read book as the World is not only in a serious financial condition but with the current Democratic lead government no nation respects us anymore. Even the small Country of South Korea told Obama to go fly a kite on the proposed trade agreement between the two Countries. Europe is not attempting to recover from its socialist agenda or spending beyond its capability to pay back. The recovery chapter to this attempt is yet to be decided if it is successful. This scenario that this book covers is not beyond a small possibility of happening.
Dr_Martin_Smith More than 1 year ago
Fantastic book-similar to, but much better than Atlas Shrugged. This is not just a book about the disastrous decline of our nation and bioterrorism-it is a libertarian political philosophy manifesto about what went wrong with our nation and how to put it right. If you support the "Tea Party" movement and want to get our government limited to national security and out of private matters-you'll truly love Rohan Nation. Covers key political issues in an action adventure novel format, with an uplifting romance story aspect as well. Recommend it highly.
Carol_Gross More than 1 year ago
While an exciting action adventure book, this is also a very well written philosophy book with a surprisingly uplifting message despite a topic of such gloom and doom. There is not a lot of romance novel in it (and nothing graphic), but it does also pull off a great teen romance story. I enjoyed it thoroughly. What is depressing is not the future collapse that Dr. Miller convincingly forecasts, but the fact that our government must know better but does nothing to prepare for this. As the book explains, our politicians care about buying votes with social programs, not obeying Constitutional limits and focusing on the one vital federal government role of national security. Best book I've read in years. Carol
Mark_Cross More than 1 year ago
Started out skeptical, but was totally convinced after reading that Dr. Miller is right, our government wrong, and we are indeed headed for disaster. You can read about the bioterrorism threat all the time, but our government is doing nothing to prepare its citizens to survive. Rohan Nation shows you what you need to do; from getting a horse to finding a survival home where you can defend yourself. Maybe we can get a Libertarian government and refocus government on national security, not socialism, but probably not in time. Read this book and get your family prepared. Despite the frightening story it really is an entertaining and even uplifting book. It's worth surviving, life will go on, perhaps better than ever.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fantastic action adventure book. Also a warning of serious threats we face, like DNA manipulation to make new deadly viruses and the worsening EMP danger. Dr. Miller makes a convincing case that we are headed for a collapse, but in the form of a very exciting novel telling you how some people by luck or preparation, survive. Lots of great how to advice in here that make it almost a survival guide. But it's like reading a Tom Clancy war novel.
RynnieVS More than 1 year ago
More than a political or philisophically abstract novel, Rohan Nation deals with the infinite ideal of personal liberty. Essentially, it compares liberty with license and contrasts the two ideas by using the actions of heroic characters against the backdrop of deplorable characters. While it does get unnecessarily long winded at times, the essential message is worth the 400+ pages. Miller has done a service in producing this novel by weaving humanity into consequence and bringing issues most would rather ignore boldly to light.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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