Rohinton Mistry's Fiction: A Postmodern Approach

Rohinton Mistry's Fiction: A Postmodern Approach

by Sonika Sethi


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When the Parsees embarked upon a journey, fearing execution, from the mighty and ancient empire of Persia little did they realize that the journey would lead them to the shores of a little known town of Sanjan in Surat in 717 A.D. What they also failed to anticipate was that one day this potent race would be standing on the verge of extinction. The journey has been a long one marred with issues concerning culture, religion, social set up and questions pertaining to identity, history, belongingness, etc. A lot was left behind, a lot was lost enroute and whatever is left needs to be preserved and conserved with utmost concern. Does the microcosm to which the Parsee characters of Rohinton Mistry’s Fiction belong, capable enough to represent entire Parsee population and their concerns? Is the approach adopted by the writer holistic or constricted? Will the community regain its pristine glory or will it be consigned to the annals of history? Some of these enigmatic problems the reader should expect to come across

as he/she gets on board the expedition to unravel the orphic world of Rohinton Mistry’s Fiction.

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ISBN-13: 9781642494631
Publisher: Notion Press Media Pvt. Ltd
Publication date: 03/01/2018
Pages: 116
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