The Role of the Regions in EU Governance

The Role of the Regions in EU Governance


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ISBN-13: 9783642423888
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 10/02/2014
Edition description: 2011
Pages: 346
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Regions in the EU: F. Eggermont: In The Name of Democracy: The External Representation of the Regions in the Council.- A. Thies: The Locus Standi of the Regions before EU Courts.- P.Van Nuffel: The Protection of Member States’ Regions through the Subsidiarity Principle.- C. Bovis: The Role and Function of Structural and Cohesion Funds and the Interaction of the EU Regional Policy with the Internal Market Policies.- S. Ricci: The Committee of the Regions and the Challenge of European Governance.- National Patterns: C. Panara: Germany – A Cooperative Solution to the Challenge of the European Integration.- S. Villamena: Italy – State and Regions vis-à-vis European Integration: The ‘Long (and Slow) March’ of the Italian Regional State.- A. Chicharro Lázaro: Spain – The Spanish Autonomous Communities in the EU: The Evolution from the Competitive Regionalism to a Cooperative System.- H. Eberhard: Austria – The Role of the Länder in a ‘Centralized Federal State’.- J. Colom: France – Centre, Regions and Outermost Regions: The Case for a New French and European Governance.- A. De Becker: Belgium – The State and the Sub-State Entities Are Equal, but Is the State sometimes still More Equal than the Others?- M. Varney: UK – Devolution and European Representation in the United Kingdom.- C. Panara, A. De Becker: Conclusion – The Role of the Regions in the European Union: The ‘Regional Blindness’ of both the EU and the Member States.

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