Rollin' Stone

Rollin' Stone

by Tim Harvey

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At a time when so many record shops are closing in favour of on-line shopping, streaming and downloads, this book charts a time when Rock and Roll was first arriving in the UK and the very first shops specialising in 'popular music' were opening. The story is told through the eyes of the down-trodden, devious, Ron Ward and likeable record shop owner Joe Fothergill. Ron lives in the working-class Nottingham suburb of Sneinton. In the early 1950s, whilst still a schoolboy, he stumbles on rock&roll music and becomes besotted. Owning any records is beyond his means, but Ron wants them. His aspirations are raised further when, as a teenager, he becomes involved with a sophisticated older woman who opens his eyes to another world. In a parallel storyline, Joe, the likeable son of a wealthy brewer, finds himself living a dream selling records to a public infatuated with popular music. Joe is a few years older than Ron, and we follow him as he is presented with the opportunity to sell rock&roll/blues records—first in a department store and later in his own record shop. The second half of the book jumps forward to 1977 as punk rock is dominating the British music scene. Joe has continued to do well for himself, and we discover more about his private life and the rise of record shop culture. Meanwhile, Ron, now working at a large country house, has spent time in prison and has become a desperate man who is willing to take criminal actions to achieve his goal of a life of luxury. As the title of the book (a reference to a Muddy Waters’ song) implies, there are elements of “road trip” (Yorkshire, Cumbria, Scotland) to Ron’s somewhat nomadic pursuit of a better/easier life. The paths of Joe and Ron occasionally cross in benign ways, but it seems that they may yet be destined to meet in more dramatic circumstances.

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ISBN-13: 9781491891742
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/14/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 326
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About the Author

I have a great passion for music (and Malt Whisky). Terry Wogan [well known cheesy UK media personality] once mistook me for a millionaire. I was born in the Midlands in 1961. After working in London for some 20 years, my family home is now in a cottage in rural Nottinghamshire. For nearly 20 years I worked for the BBC and for most of that time also helped with the outside broadcast of the Glastonbury festival. I frequently use music to sound-track my life. As a spotty youth I would avidly read ‘Sounds’ magazine. The arrival of Punk (Richard Hell, The Clash, Johnny Thunders) opened my eyes to the wide variety of musical possibilities - so much so that it would be nearly impossible to list even my top 10 musicians. I spend much of my free time at live music gigs. I also have a vast vinyl and CD music collection (all catalogued!) and a pathetically encyclopaedic knowledge of wide genres of music, bands, albums, record labels etc; I’m nowhere near as dull as that makes me sound! I’m imaginative, friendly, house trained and have a good sense of humour (no really I do).

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