Roman Mask

Roman Mask

by Thomas M D Brooke

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ISBN-13: 9781783017966
Publisher: Thomas M D Brooke
Publication date: 09/27/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 2,758
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Thomas Brooke lives in London where he works in the exciting, and sometimes crazy, fashion world. He is also a committed writer and he spends as much time as he can in his beloved Northumbrian hills, where up until recently could be seen walking with his black Labrador Fergus, who sadly passed in January 2015. Fergus was a constant companion to the writing of the novel and prevented many writers’ tantrums. As well as writing novels, he also writes a blog on both historical and fantasy genre novels. For more information on Thomas M D Brooke, visit

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Roman Mask 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
Anonymous 9 months ago
The author brings a significant historical event to life through his creatuvity and agile writing. Well worth a read.
Anonymous 25 days ago
I learned a little about Roman life and the military. Enjoyed reading this.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Fast read! Well researched. A dynamite historical novel. Keep it going, Thomas.
Anonymous 4 months ago
I truly exciting and interesting historical novel from cover to cover
Anonymous 6 months ago
Very well done. Really enjoyed the read.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Good read Interesting and believable Thanks
Anonymous 8 months ago
I enjoyed this book very much. I was impressed with the author's knowledge of the workings of the Roman army. I look forward to the next book.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Anonymous 8 months ago
Good characters and strong storytelling... kept me on the edge as the story unfolded.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Roman Mask was entertaining as well as informative. I learned some history and could understand the background, circumstances and culture clashes as if I was living among them. Great story.
Anonymous 9 months ago
I don’t think I’ve read a better book on Roman History ever, fact or fiction! Very much looking forward to getting hold of the sequel!
carlosmock 9 months ago
Roman Mask by Thomas M. D. Burke The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest described as the Varian Disaster (Clades Variana) by Roman historians, took place in the Teutoburg Forest in 9 CE when an alliance of Germanic tribes ambushed and decisively destroyed three Roman legions and their auxiliaries, led by Publius Quinctilius Varus. The alliance was led by Arminius, a Germanic officer of Varus' auxilia. Arminius had acquired Roman citizenship and had received a Roman military education, which enabled him to deceive the Roman commander methodically and anticipate the Roman army's tactical responses. The massacre is narrated from Gaius Cassius Aprilis' first-person point of view. A fictional character who Mr. Burke places in the middle of the plot for being a very close friend of Julius Arminius, the traitor, and under the service of Publius Quinctilius Varus. The book is a fantastic tale of how the events are perceived from the fictional character. I enjoyed the prose, the characters and the descriptions of the era. However, I was disappointed by the use of the first person point of view. Would have loved if Mr. Brooke would have let us inside most of the other principal characters: Marcus Scavia -- a 17 y/o champion who follows Gaius' trips and adventures from Rome to Germania. Fictional character Numeria Scipio -- who was engaged to Gaius, but ended up marrying Ottho after Gaius's scandalous relationship to Augustus Caesar's daughter which forced Gaius to enlist in the army prematurely. Fictional character Julius Arminius -- Born a prince of the Cherusci tribe, Arminius was made a hostage of the Roman Empire as a child. Raised in Rome, he was drafted into the Roman military at an early age, during which he was granted Roman citizenship and became a Roman knight. After serving with distinction in the Great Illyrian Revolt, he was sent to Germania to aid the local governor Publius Quinctilius Varus in completing the Roman conquest of the Germanic tribes. Historical figure. Publius Quinctilius Varus -- a Roman general and politician under the first Roman emperor Augustus. Varus is generally remembered for having lost three Roman legions when ambushed by Germanic tribes led by Arminius in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, whereupon he took his own life. Historical figure. I'm a sucker for good historical fiction, and this book definitively fits the label. I enjoyed it in spite of its limitations.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Historically accurate, gripping, and well developed characters.
Anonymous 10 months ago
An unputdownable story of ancient Rome and Germany that kept me reading long after I should have stopped
Anonymous 10 months ago
Exciting, thrilling, romantic, action, page turner and interesting.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well written
NC-Lady_49 More than 1 year ago
Really enjoyed this book. Very well written. Especially liked the character and his eventual redemption. Never really thought about soldiers in the long-distant past suffering from PTSD, so the take on that was very interesting. And the ending left it wide open for a sequel. I highly recommend this book.
Queenbethanny More than 1 year ago
This book made me feel like I was immersed in Ancient Rome. I couldn't wait to read this book as this part of history fascinates me since I don't know much about it but was eager to learn. Cassius first comes home as a "war hero" but struggles with his true account of what happened in the Germanic territories. He's living a "lie". He is sent back to assist by the Emperor's wife. Here he has a chance to right the wrongs and obtain redemption. The only set back for me was the war scenes began to lose me as there is a lot of them and they are very descriptive. (I won this book through Tome Tender in exchange for my honest review.)
ReadersFavorite4 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers' Favorite Thomas MD Brooke narrates a tale of conquest in Roman Mask. Rome is conquering the world, stretching its strength and rule to the north. However, the Germanic tribes are barbaric and aren’t so easily tamed. Cassius Gauis Aprilis is a hero in Rome, renowned for his victory at the Western Gate Pass. Yet Cassius does not feel heroic at all. He is haunted by the blood lust of that battle - the loss of his valiant comrades invades his thoughts. He disguises his shame with wine and women, vowing never to return to Germany. Never say never. Lady Livia, the wife of Augustus, the imperator of Rome, has other plans for Cassius. She desires to know what is really going on in the Roman ruled Germanic province. She commissions him to return to Germany as a spy, masked as an aide to Governor Varsus. Much to Cassius' chagrin, Marcus Scavea, a young and vibrant soldier, is deployed to accompany and serve him. Cassius must face his fear and return to the land he fights desperately to forget. What awaits him is worse than the nightmare of his past. Friends turn into foes, betrayal and chaos challenge the debilitating fear within him. If Cassius ever wants to return to Rome, his cowardice must submit to courage. Roman Mask by Thomas MD Brooke is a fascinating work of historical fiction. Brooke uses artistic expression to create a fictional historic account of the battle of Teutoburg. The battle that proved that Rome was not invincible and Germany would not simply bow down to Roman rule. Brooke is a fluent and eloquent storyteller. He illustrates the trauma of battle in his main character, Cassius, who displays all the symptoms of modern day PTSD. As a reader, I became emotionally entwined with Cassius; his fear, inner turmoil, his search for courage and love, his heart and soul injury as a result of betrayal were all depicted with extreme sensitivity. All of the characters were brilliantly written; they grow, evolve and intersect with each other masterfully. The setting captured the essence of the ancient landscapes of the time period. The images revealed the collision of Roman civilization and Germanic tribal rule. What intrigued me the most was the theme of the narrative – living a lie is easy when hiding behind an illusionary mask. Both the protagonist, Cassius, and the antagonist, Julius, are written as testimonies to this deceptive idea. In all reality, living a lie is not easy at all. Furthermore, once the masks are removed, the truth is exposed. Cassius sums it up poignantly: “I forgot who I was, and I’d rather be the man I am now than go back to living that lie.”
ReadersFavorite3 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Katelyn Hensel for Readers' Favorite Set during the brutal, decadent days of the Roman Empire, Roman Mask is the story of Cassius. This child of war and power is the epitome of Rome's elite warriors...except that is a lie. While Cassius rides the waves of fame gained in battle, he hides the fact that the thought of war now leaves him cold with sweat and shaking. Thomas MD Brooke has clearly done his research into the times, as I felt transported by the detailed understanding of life under Roman rule...from battles to the decadent feasts, you feel as though you're about to walk through a curtain into a gladiator arena or a battlefield. Cassius writhed in his inner turmoil for the majority of the book, fighting with his knowledge of what truly happened in battle and the hero-worship exhibited by those around him. While the main conflicts and themes revolved around war and self-perception, there were also small and almost unnoticed sub-themes regarding loyalty and friendship, courage and fear that tied everything together in a subtle but deeper way. I also enjoyed how many of the events in the book were based on actual historical events. I felt that fiction and history were tied seamlessly together into a wonderful story. Roman Mask is an excellently written historical fiction novel. The pacing was wonderful, and pushed forward at a rapid speed without losing any of the rich detail that Thomas Brooke utilizes to make his characters, settings, and story compelling. Those who are into Iron-Age and Roman history and fiction will be all about this book!
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite Can a hero become a coward? Can that coward become a hero? In Roman Mask by Thomas M.D. Brooke, Cassius Aprilis is celebrated as a hero after an intense campaign in Germany and enjoys the benefits that come with that honor – parties, women, wine and more. His conscience, though, does not let him forget what he felt for several years after leaving the Roman guard and living on the rough edges of the Empire in Gaul. Rescued from his despair by a fellow soldier, he returns to Rome and lives a life of decadence until a command from Princeps Augustus’ wife Livia sends him back to the country he hoped to forget. With a young soldier who has romantic notions of war, Cassius returns to the wilds of the Roman frontier where he is to assist Governor Varus as a liaison to the Cherusker tribe allies whose king is a childhood friend of Cassius. Military posturing and the desire for expanding the Roman Empire lead to miscalculations and war is inevitable. Can Cassius rise above his shame and serve the Empire or will his fear of the horrors of battle make him ineffective against wild Germanic warriors? A significant historical event is the backdrop for the fictional account of a Roman officer who struggles with personal demons in Roman Mask by Thomas M.D. Brooke. The storyline is beautifully interwoven with actual events that led to the defeat of the Roman legions in Germany at the hands of a charismatic leader and fierce Germanic warriors. The characters are richly developed and the action is vividly described as Cassius confronts his past and assumes his role in a quickly deteriorating situation. Roman Mask delves deeply into the psychology of war, greed, deception and fear, as well as the ingrained nationalistic attitudes of the Germanic peoples and the Roman need for conquest. Exceptionally well written and completely engrossing, this is a book that entertains and educates, leaving you hoping for more from this talented author.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Chris Fischer for Readers' Favorite Wow.! That's all I can really say after reading the epic novel Roman Mask by author Thomas M.D. Brooke. In an absolutely fantastic read, we find ourselves in Ancient Rome, at the very height of the Roman Empire. Augustus Caesar rules the Empire as it stretches throughout the known world. War hero Cassius finds himself in an enviable position; he's popular, a member of one of Rome's most powerful families, and wealthy. But when time in Germany breaks his spirit and his nerves, he finds himself unable to fight, even though he needs to keep up the facade of his warrior status. When sought by the Emperor's wife for a special assignment, Cassius finds his life at risk again, and this time he's not sure he'll be able to survive. I loved this book. There's no other way to say it. Filled with action and adventure, Roman Mask will keep you on the edge of your seat. Focused on a time that doesn't always get a huge amount of attention in the historical fiction genre, author Thomas M.D. Brooke does such a fantastic job in drawing a picture of ancient Rome that when you look up from the novel you'll wonder where your tunic is. This book would definitely appeal to any reader who loves historical fiction, stories with intrigue and drama, stories that feature war craft, or just a plain great read. I am pleased to be able to highly recommend Roman Mask and will look forward to more from this promising author in the future.
Anonymous 10 months ago
The best Roman novel l have ever read and l've read many.If you enjoy CC Humphreys then you should read this.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Visit Rome at the height of its power through the eyes of a hero who hid his shame at the accolades he thought he didn’t deserve. Cassius was living a lie and he knew it, silencing his torment with wild living and alcohol. As the son of a powerful Roman family, he has prestige. As a hero, he had the adulation of the masses. He had fought in Germany, distinguished, but broken, he ran and now was his chance to truly earn the title “warrior hero” when the Emperor’s wife summons him to her side with a command. With no way out, Cassius was to go back into the bloodiest battles Rome of AD 9 would ever see. What he didn’t expect was to have a young and brash young soldier at his side, by far the best swordsman to be seen. This is Cassius’ story, as he grows from a spoiled socialite to a true warrior and commander when the odds are not in his favor and Rome’s mighty legions are brought to their knees on the battlefield against the German warriors defending their homelands. Feel the desperation of a force reeling from their greatest defeat ever. Endure the lack of true leadership by men ill-prepared to wage real war and be amazed at their willingness to fall on their own swords to save face. As Cassius takes on more and more of the strategic planning, he finds he has the intelligence to map out the paths of least resistance and the charisma to command men to follow him, even when it is surely to their own deaths. There is a traitor among them and Rome is being repeatedly stabbed in the heart, the blood of their warriors coating the battlefields as the monstrous Germans hack them to pieces, enjoying the torturous screams of their enemies. Where will Cassius lead his followers? Will he ask more of them than he is willing to give? What happened to the coward who ran scared as in his place stands a great warrior, a leader of men, willing to die for those around him if it would give them even a slight chance to live. I read Roman Mask in one sitting; it was that powerful, that mesmerizing and that well-written. Thomas M.D. Brooke is a master storyteller as he brings the glory and the shame of war to life in a time long ago when Rome thought it was its right to rule the known world. Vicious battles, brave soldiers, bloody battlefields and the brutality of hand to hand combat when one misstep means certain death. Mr. Brooke does not argue the rights of one country over another; he presents a tale of war, of one man’s battle within himself and his chance for personal redemption and honor. There is tentative romance, heroes falling to the blade as the villain survives. This is war at its worst and best. Heroes will rise, as will the strong and the very lucky, deceit will be uncovered and inhumane torture will turn your stomach, but war is to the death, to the victors go the spoils. Through it all, one man distinguishes himself for the sake of his countrymen, but will he be rewarded if he survives or will knowing he has done the best he could under the worst of circumstances be the only acknowledgement he needs? Powerful reading that should be on everyone’s shelf. I received this copy from Thomas M.D. Brooke in exchange for my honest review.