Roman Soldiers Don't Wear Watches: 333 Film Flubs-Memorable Movie Mistakes

Roman Soldiers Don't Wear Watches: 333 Film Flubs-Memorable Movie Mistakes

by Bill Givens, 192Pp




From soldiers wearing wristwatches in Sparticus to Mark Hamill calling Princess Leia "Carrie" in Star Wars, from Sir Richard Attenborough giving the wrong date for the opening of Disneyland in Jurassic Park to the misprint on the tombstone in Forrest Gump, this book collects goofs, gaffes, and glitches from hundreds of your favorite movies.

Laugh with the experts who spotted flubs in major movies like Gone With the Wind, Pretty Woman, Cleopatra, and Batman. Discover the mystery behind the "ghost kid" in Three Men and a Baby. Learn to spot "inside jokes" that famous directors slip into their films. See crew members accidentally appear on screen.

Roman Soldiers Don't Wear Watches incorporates the best of Bill Givens's three previous bestsellers - Film Flubs; Film Flubs: the Sequel; and Son of Film Flubs - and includes an entirely new collection of flubs from recently released films.

  • In Scent of a Woman, watch the level in Al Pacino's whiskey glass go up and down as he and Chris O'donnell argue.
  • A drooling Bruce Willis is on the floor of his cell in Twelve Monkeys; but his chin is completely dry in one shot.
  • When The Invisible Man Strips nude to evade police, check out the visible shoe prints in the snow.

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ISBN-13: 9780806518299
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 06/28/2000
Pages: 211
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