The Rome Affair

The Rome Affair

by Laura Caldwell

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It was an regret.

Rachel Blakely's charmed life is significantly tarnished after her husband Nick's infidelity, but she wants to give her marriage a second chance. Then a business trip to sun-drenched Rome with her best girlfriend Kit leads to a night of passion with a stranger — a one-night stand meant to signify the end of a painful chapter in her life.

Rachel returns home determined to put the past behind her, and at first life seems golden again. Nick is more loving than ever, and following his promotion to senior partner in a prestigious plastic surgery practice, the couple is welcomed into Chicago's high society, where beautiful people live beautiful lives.

But there is a dark that sends Rachel's life spiraling into a nightmare.

It's clear everyone is guilty of something. But whose secrets will lead to murder?

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ISBN-13: 9781460305867
Publisher: MIRA Books
Publication date: 10/15/2012
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 896,194
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About the Author

Laura Caldwell, who lives in Chicago with her husband, left a successful career as a trial attorney to become a novelist. She is the author of Burning the Map, which was selected by Barnes& as one of "The Best of 2002" and A Clean Slate, which received a starred review from Booklist, as well as The Year of Living Famously, The Night I Got Lucky and a novel of suspense, Look Closely. She is a contributing editor at Lake Magazine and an adjunct professor of law at Loyola University Chicago School of Law.

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The Rome Affair

By Laura Caldwell


Copyright © 2006 Laura Caldwell
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0778323099

Iunderstand now that innocence is relative. I know that the night before I left for Rome, I felt jaded. After all we'd been through, I thought I'd aged somehow and lost my sparkle. I only wish I'd grasped then that the fall from innocence was a very long one.

"Why do you want to go to Italy with Kit?" Nick sat on the bed and watched through the bathroom doorway as I went about my nighttime ministrations -- cleanser, toner, moisturizer, eye cream. Why I used all this crap, I wasn't sure.

"I have a pitch at that architectural firm, and you can't go because of work," I answered. I leaned toward the mirror and dabbed cream around my left eye.

"You've hardly seen Kit in years," Nick said.

"You don't have to see a friend to be a friend."

Although Kit had been a bridesmaid in our wedding four years ago, she'd moved to California shortly after to try her hand at acting. We didn't talk every week, or even every month, but we never lost the bond best girlfriends have. After a few years of escalating credit-card debt and many failed auditions, Kit was back in Chicago, and I was more grateful than ever to have her near. At thirty-five, most of my friends were moms -- what I thought I'd be, too -- and they were no longer available for nights at wine bars, let alone trips to Rome.

"Why are you so worked up aboutthis?" I asked Nick.

"I'm not, Rachel. I'm just curious."

But my husband, Dr. Nick Blakely, was worked up. I could tell from the way he ran his fingers through his curly, close-clipped hair and rubbed at the spot between his eyes. He was also acting overly casual. His tie was loosened after a long day seeing patients, and he leaned back with one hand on the creamy ivory sheets of our bed, but there was a stiffness to the way he held himself.

"You have to be careful in Italy," he continued.

"Especially with the guys."

"Is that right?" This came out sounding a bit like a taunt, and I let it hang in the air.

How strange that after all the therapy, after all the crying and the repiecing of our relationship, it was Nick who worried about me, as if retribution lay in wait around a corner somewhere.

"Nick, I've traveled to Rome before. I lived in Italy."

"You were twelve when you lived there with your family, and it was for six months. And since then you've always traveled with me. Now it's just you and Kit. I mean, I'm glad you're going with someone, but you still have to be careful," Nick said. "There are all sorts of guys who love to prey on American women."

"I am quite sure I can handle the Italian men," I said.

I took a second's pleasure in the stricken look that flitted across his face, but even now, I hated to see him hurt.

"Nick," I said, moving to the bed and sitting on his lap. "You don't have to worry about me."

On Saturday, Nick dropped Kit and me at O'Hare airport. The arrival gates were mobbed with cars and cabs, all with doors and trunks ajar. The May air was balmy, with sudden gusts of wind that sent stray papers floating into the air. "Golden Girl," Nick murmured, hugging me fiercely.

That nickname of mine had started with Kit. "Golden Child," she used to call me when we were growing up. It was mostly based on my last name -- Goldin -- but it was also because I was an only child of relatively affluent parents, and I had, quite simply, enjoyed a very nice time of it. I knew that was true, even when I was young.

When I met Nick at an art-gallery party in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood, he immediately began calling me Golden Girl. Again there was my name, and Nick said he saw a gold light in my pale green eyes, too.

When we got married, despite changing my name to Blakely, I felt so lucky and so special I thought I would be the Golden Wife. I thought I'd have the Golden Life.

So far, it hadn't turned out exactly like that.

I hugged Nick back, thinking that it was usually he who went away on business trips, leaving me at home, saying little prayers that the paper he had to present would go smoothly, that he was sleeping okay and not drinking too much or eating too poorly. But I was ready for some girls' time with Kit. Now it was his turn.

Nick finally let me go but held one of my hands in his. He looked at Kit. "Have a nice time," he said formally.

Nearly everyone talked to Kit that way since she'd returned from L.A. No one knew what to do with her, I suppose. She hadn't quite found a career, she didn't have a boyfriend or husband. She'd been a struggling actress in L.A., a hard-luck existence most of us in Chicago had little in common with. And yet Kit also had a sparkly kind of mystery about her. Even now, she wore rose-colored mirrored sunglasses and a taupe chiffon scarf around her neck, her rusty red hair tousled artfully. If she took off the glasses, you could see that her blue eyes were almost purple, depending on what she was wearing, and those eyes had a sly, knowing way about them. She looked like an intriguing woman, a Hollywood starlet on the lam. As one of her closest friends, though, I knew she was hurting from her failures out West.

"Thanks, Nick." She smiled at him.

I breathed a sigh of gratitude for that grin. Those who knew about our marital problems were furious at Nick. They either refused to talk to him, or they made snide remarks when they did. I knew he was getting sick of being the whipping boy, and I didn't like it, either. Although I could taunt him and stalk away all I wanted, I didn't want anyone else treating him badly.

"Meet you at the ticket counter?" I said to Kit. She readjusted the scarf around her neck. "Sure thing."

I turned to him when she'd left. "What are you going to do while I'm gone?"

"Work. Miss you like crazy."

I smiled. "Get some sleep, huh?"

Nick and I spent our evenings together again, but after I'd gone to bed, he would work late into the night on a new paper, hoping it would bring him a partnership. He'd gone into plastic surgery not for the glamour surgeries and the money they brought, but for the real treatments that could help people. But now that he was at the best plastic surgery office in the city, he had to perform those glam surgeries, and he had to publish to get promoted to partner.

"I doubt I'll get much sleep," Nick said. "I've got to take a couple of board members to dinner, too."

"When do they decide?"

He rolled his eyes. "A month or so."

Despite his feigned nonchalance, Nick was anxious about making it on The Chicago General Auxiliary Board -- what everyone in the city called The board. It was a group of handpicked young and influential people who threw parties, ostensibly to raise funds for Chicago General Hospital, where Nick was on staff, but really to identify themselves as the creme de la creme of Chicago society. Nick wanted to get on the board not only to improve his chances of becoming partner, but also because he'd always been a member of the in-crowd growing up in Philadelphia. His father was a longstanding politician, and although the Blakelys had never been wealthy, they were exceptionally well connected and admired. They were invited to every soiree and function in town. When Nick took off for med school, and eventually his residency in Chicago, he said he was leaving Philly so that he wouldn't ride his family's coattails. But the limelight was a place where Nick was accustomed to being. He missed it. And although I could be just as happy in our basement painting my black-and-white photos as I could be at a grand charity ball, I supported Nick. I'd known our social life would be a busy one.

Nick kissed me on the forehead. "Good luck with your sales pitch, hon."

I closed my eyes, leaned into him and inhaled the warm scent he always carried, as if he'd just come in from the sun. "Thanks. And really, Nick, make sure you sleep enough."

"You know I only sleep with you."

We both froze for a second. It was the kind of remark that was supposed to be light, but was now only a reference to what used to be true.

"Seriously," Nick said, rushing in to fill the silence, to fix it. "I meant I'll be up all night because I won't know what to do without you."

I took a step back and looked away. To my right, a dad struggled to extract a stroller from the trunk of his car. That was the kind of problem I thought Nick and I would be having at this point -- how to fit the stroller in the car, where to put the crib, what color to paint the nursery.


Excerpted from The Rome Affair by Laura Caldwell Copyright © 2006 by Laura Caldwell. Excerpted by permission.
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Rome Affair 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Chicago, architect Rachel Blakely struggles with the fact that her plastic surgeon spouse Nick admitted that he cheated on her when he was in California giving a talk. Nick is doing everything he can to regain the trust of his ¿Golden Girl¿. Randall Design sends employee Rachel to Rome on business. Since Nick cannot get away from his work and besides she does not want him with her, she takes her long time best friend Kit Kernaghan with her. In Rome, Rachel meets artist Roberto who shows her a portrait he swears he made over ten years of his fantasy woman. That person is Rachel. When she learns that Nick failed to go to work, she assumes he cheated on her and turns to Roberto for comfort they share a night of lovemaking. --- Not long afterward, Kit begins blackmailing Rachel threatening to tell Nick that his wife cheated on him. Kit¿s reason for this is that he has no money to pay for her mom¿s cancer treatment. Rachel is willing to provide for Kit¿s mom, but is outraged over the extortion attempts. However, she pays anyway to keep the ROME AFFAIR quiet, but soon someone else decides on a more lethal remittance. --- This interesting suspense thriller acts at first somewhat more like a marriage in trouble tale starring a desperate male seeking a second chance until the first blackmail spin that twists into something more sinister and climaxes with a shocking final gyration that will stun the audience. No one will see it coming though clues are everywhere as Laura Caldwell lulls her audience with delightful sleight of the hand plot tricks that make sense with every turn. The lead threesome seems real though one must wonder why Rachel failed to recognize the avaricious desires of Kit still fans will enjoy this superb dark tale. --- Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Rome Affair starts off slow to the point that I almost stopped reading it! Towards the middle of the book, the story picks up and makes you want to keep reading to find out what will happen next! The plot has twists and turns that are not expected, which made it interesting.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I liked the story but I didn't like how it was written. The book only showed Rachel's feelings. it felt like the story was one sided. I thought this author limited herself when writing it. I like books that show what other characters are feeling and this book lacked that certain quality.