Romeo and Julieta and Other Plays: A tragedy, a horror play and a comedy

Romeo and Julieta and Other Plays: A tragedy, a horror play and a comedy

by Mike Morell


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*Romeo and Julieta takes place in a contemporary violent town south of the U.S. border. It is based loosely on the Middle Age Italian saga of two doomed lovers, re-written in the 16th century by William Painter, Arthur Brook and William Shakespeare. Romeo, son of the Police Chief falls for Julieta, daughter of a businessman turned drug smuggler. Julieta's parents want her married to older, ape-like Don Lazaro, Boss of Bosses, but she loves Romeo. Lovers are married by reluctant Padre Lorenzo to save them from suicide. To avoid Lazaro's deadly dragnet, the trio attempt a daring escape across the U.S. border.

*Stalin doesn't die in Moscow in 1953. Police Chief Lavrenti Beria has him drugged and replaced with a murdered surrogate on his state funeral. He is banished to an uninhabited, South Atlantic islet where Hitler, having escaped from Berlin in 1945, had crash-landed. Stalin finds an aggressive Hitler, but later a depressed, suicidal man in this place pummeled by hurricane winds, tremors, and advancing lava. Stalin offers a ray of hope: build a raft to escape to the mainland. Hitler's depression fades and he fakes an attitude change: his judophobia and hate for Slavs eases on the surface. He offers Stalin an alliance to re-conquer and divide the world. Meanwhile, both dictators set up to dispatch each other at the first chance.

*Madass, deposed President of Samarrah, supposedly hung in his Middle-East country survives the gallows: the rope snaps and he, unseen, crawls out of the pit. Roaming around the world looking for the Answer to the Great Question, he lands in the vacation cabin of W, the president of a powerful western nation. Surprised first, W takes a liking for him after learning he means no harm. He decides to save him from capture disguising him as a Mexican farmhand under his employ till he can resume his world journey. Finally, Conchita, the young, shapely maid, Rick, the Vice President, and Ron, the former Defense Secretary join them in this romp ending in the War Games scene, a pillow war, W's version of military preparedness.

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ISBN-13: 9781494383589
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/06/2014
Pages: 178
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.41(d)

About the Author

Author attended Theater Arts at UCLA and earned a master's degree in Arts Administration. To support his family, wife and children, he held odd jobs from car washing to real estate. He writes full time in Arizona. His work includes Show me Your Papers! a romp on immigration; Gothic Horror Works, a collection of crime stories; Food for Thought and Thoughts for life, a philosophy of health and happiness. The stage plays here included. Tale of Two Tragedies, based on Greek Tragedy. A play of the absurd, 50% Off, a romp on advertising, is in progress.

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