Romeo Redeemed

Romeo Redeemed

by Stacey Jay

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All will be revealed for fans who have breathlessly awaited the sizzling sequel to Juliet Immortal. This time Romeo takes center stage and gets one chance, and one chance only, to redeem himself.

Cursed to live out eternity in his rotted corpse, Romeo, known for his ruthless, cutthroat ways, is given the chance to redeem himself by traveling back in time to save the life of Ariel Dragland. Unbeknownst to her, Ariel is important to both the evil Mercenaries and the love-promoting Ambassadors and holds the fate of the world in her hands. Romeo must win her heart and make her believe in love, turning her away from her darker potential before his work is discovered by the Mercenaries. While his seduction begins as yet another lie, it soon becomes his only truth. Romeo vows to protect Ariel from harm, and do whatever it takes to win her heart and soul. But when Ariel is led to believe his love is a deception, she becomes vulnerable to Mercenary manipulation, and her own inner darkness may ultimately rip them apart.

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ISBN-13: 9780375898945
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Publication date: 10/09/2012
Series: Juliet Immortal
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 924,275
Lexile: 750L (what's this?)
File size: 2 MB
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

About the Author

STACEY JAY lives in California with her husband and their two boys.

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Verona, Italy, 1304


We reach the lonely hilltop just as the sun sets over Verona. Golden light bleeds to a crimson stain that spreads across the city, dipping into every secret place, marking every shadow. Just as her blood seeped from her chest . . . spread out to coat the stones of the tomb. Cold, mute stones. They will keep my terrible secret.

Juliet is dead, and her blood is on my hands.

I hide them beneath my cloak, but I can feel her death clinging to my skin. Warm, sticky, and slick, making it hard to hold the knife Friar Lawrence insisted I carry. This mess is all I have left of the girl I loved. The girl I destroyed. My heart writhes inside me, but I don't make a sound. I don't deserve to mourn her. I deserve this misery and more. I deserve to suffer for all eternity.

And so I follow the friar across the windswept hill, to the place where the poor and ungodly bury their dead. I follow, though I am certain now that the man I trusted with my love's life is a liar and a fiend.

Perhaps even worse. Perhaps I've struck a bargain with Lucifer himself.

"Move the stones. There is a body here that will suit your purpose." The friar grunts as he sinks into the damp grass by the grave. It's a peasant's grave, marked only by a pile of rocks that the dead man's family mounded atop his corpse to keep the animals away. "In the beginning, it's easier if the body is fresh."

I set the knife by his feet and begin shifting the stones, keeping my eyes on my stained hands as I work. Blood. Juliet's blood, drying to a dull brown that cracks and flakes as my fingers flex and release. The wind rushes across the hill, blowing a piece of her away, and the horror hits me anew.

How could I have done this? How could I have been such a fool?

The friar swore my betrayal would be a blessing. He promised Juliet would dance with the angels. She would see the gates of heaven open, and know my sacrifice had delivered her to that land of eternal spring. She would weep to go, but love me all the more for paying her passage.

I thought I was making a noble choice. Juliet and I were penniless, friendless. Death was waiting for us. If not on the road to Mantua, then in the paupers' slum in that unfamiliar city. We were born noble and knew nothing of how to make our own way. I've never filled my own bath, let alone earned a living. I have no skills, no guild, not even a goat or a plot of land to work. Death was a certainty. We would have starved to death, or been murdered in our sleep. The friar agreed that the greatest kindness I could show my wife was to end her suffering before it began, and leave her here to be buried with her family.

But I should have doubted, feared.

I didn't, not until I held her as she drew her last breaths. There was no bliss in her eyes, only agony, the sting of betrayal, and an ominous spark as hatred caught fire and began to burn within her.

Juliet died hating me, and only God himself knows where she is now. Since I was a small boy, I have been taught that suicide is a sin, and that those who take their own lives are damned. I should have listened to the teachings of the Church, not one mad friar who spoke openly of black magic and the end of times. How could I have taken such a risk with my love's soul? How could I have deceived her into thinking I was dead, into believing that driving a knife through her own heart was her only hope of joining me in the world beyond?

A part of me prays it will make a difference that Juliet was tricked into taking her own life. The rest of me knows praying is pointless. I am beyond the reach of anything holy, my lot firmly thrown in with the Mercenaries of the Apocalypse, the dark magicians sworn to bring chaos to the world.

I have made the blood sacrifice and taken the life of the one I cherished most. Now only the vows remain.

"Hurry," the friar says. "The prince's guard will pass through here after nightfall. We must be finished before then."

I reach for another stone. I am ready. I will become the immortal abomination he's tricked me into becoming, and perhaps, in some small way, I will be able to make reparations for what I've done. It is what Juliet would want. She would want me to fight the darkness Friar Lawrence has awoken within me, and bring some small honor back to my life.

Or my death. I'm next to die. I will take the vows, make the mortal marks, and send my soul into another's dead body. It is the Mercenary way--to inhabit the dead--and one more thing the friar failed to mention until Juliet was gone and there was no turning back.

No turning back . . .

One, two, three, four . . . the pile of stones grows at the side of the grave as I uncover my destiny with shaking hands. The first layer is gone now, and the smell is horrific. The sickening sweetness of decay mingles with pungent burial oil and the stink of a long-unwashed man, driving me to the brink of sickness even before I lift the large, flat rock covering the head.

I gasp and pull my hands away.

The face is black with rot. Bloated, monstrous, and infested with insects. A beetle scuttles from what's left of the man's nose, and I stumble backward, bile burning a trail from my core to my lips.

The friar chuckles. "Come now, Romeo. It isn't as bad as all that. Once you've taken the vows, you'll have the power to return that body to its former glory." He leans over to peer into the man's face, nods. "Yes. That's the one. I vow the boy was handsome in life."

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Romeo Redeemed 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
kimba88 More than 1 year ago
The tale picks up after immediately after book one ends. Romeo now cursed is walking around in a rotting corpse and for the first time in almost eight hundred years, he feels. He feels pain, hunger, cold, and loneliness. Despite this, he feels his curse is deserved. He was able to save Juliet and undo his wrong and for this he would do it again. He is approached by Nurse and offered a chance to join the Ambassadors; a chance to redeem his soul. There is a condition; He must prove himself worthy and will have to complete a mission. If successful he may save the world and join the Ambassadors. He readily agrees to her terms. He must travel back in time and save Ariel Dragland. To save her he must make her fall in love with him and turn her towards the light. Unbeknownst to Ariel she is an important key to both the Mercenaries and the Ambassadors. If he fails, he will return to his rotting corpse. When Romeo is transported back he finds himself once again in Dylan’s body. He is in the car with Ariel, seconds before she grabs the wheel. Now he has to convince her, that he isn’t an arse and make her fall in love. He has three days to win her heart. The tale that unfolds was delicious. It was filled with twists and turns that had my heart racing. I really like Romeo in all of his flawed, smexy glory. Yep, he was a bad boy, perhaps shallow but we get to see the continuation of the transformation that began in book one and it was lovely. Ariel blossoms in this version and I liked her. She doesn’t accept crap from anyone and begins to stand up for herself. She sees sadness in Romeo and feels he needs her. She suffers from nightmares and voices, and releases them through her art. Ariel is constantly tested throughout this tale by her friends, enemies and her own doubts. At times she wavered in her beliefs but overall I was impressed with her character. The romance was sweet, beautiful and believable. I loved the depth and wonder they experienced. Jay made me feel it, I wanted them to conquer all and get their HEA. Juliet, Rosaline and Ben make appearance, and weave back into the tale. The roles of the Ambassadors and Mercenaries become clearer. I loathed the Friar and the sickly sweet Nurse. Filled with messages of forgiveness, redemption and the power of love, Jay does a fantastic job of engaged the reader. I loved the paranormal woo-woo she weaved into this tale and dare I say it, I actually liked Romeo Redeemed better than book one..Eep..It’s true! Maybe because we understood more of the back-story and the characters were more fleshed-out. Whatever the reason, fans of the first will love this one. The tale is told from three POV’s and I felt it added to the suspense and depth of characters. The storyline has a great pace, but at times it felt a wee bit messy. None of it was enough to distract me from the overall tale and at times I blamed my own eagerness. We get an action packed, and suspenseful ending. Jay did a great job of tying up all the plots and I was well satisfied. I want to thank Random House for providing an arc in exchange for my unbiased review.
Soumi_Roy More than 1 year ago
“Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name.”  Epic loves story that points out flaws in one of the most star-crossed couples in history; Romeo Redeemed twisted the original one and filled it with love. Romeo Redeemed picks up where Juliet Immortal left off. Setting in an alternative reality, this time Romeo takes the center stage, a lost lover who must save his soul from sins. We have already met Ariel in last book, whose body Juliet took over to accomplish her mission as light if ambassador. In this book we are introduced to the real Ariel, a girl damaged and broken inside, a girl who needs to be protected from darkness. Romeo was given the duty to make her believe in love and this is his only chance to restore himself and pay back for all he have done in past. I found this installment to be just as enthralling as the first one. It is creative, well written, and has characters that I could easily identify with.  Romeo “My bounty is as boundless as the sea,  My love as deep; the more I give to thee,  The more I have, for both are infinite.”  There's a great amount of character development in this book, especially Romeo. His character has progressed perfectly with each story movement. Some of his actions were downright swoon worthy and heart wrenching in equal measure. We find out the true self of Romeo and glimpses of his past, what he did and why he did. Romeo was a character with both light and dark shades, haunted by past, tormented by present; I was drawn to him in a way I was never with any other. We saw him regret for the mistakes he made and how badly he wants to make everything right even if it means to sacrifice his own identity. Ariel “My only love sprung from my only hate! Too early seen unknown, and known too late! Prodigious birth of love it is to me That I must love a loathed enemy."  Ariel, a girl who was struggling with grief and injured heart from the terrible difficulties she has experienced, I was fully compassionate with her. Ghosted by vivid nightmares, Ariel was an ordinary girl with some extraordinary talent that made her target of mercenaries. Ariel was fragile in beginning, full of rage and easy to hurt although she changed over time and ultimately we saw her becoming a stronger person. Epic Romance “Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs;  Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers' eyes;  Being vexed, a sea nourished with loving tears.  What is it else? A madness most discreet,  A choking gall, and a preserving sweet."  Love and hate are two sides of a coin so are Romeo and Ariel, one is incomplete without other. The story highlights love that love is not and never will just a word. Love is a passion that meant to be felt and cherished. Love is not a mistake, it a strength that will keep you walking even on thorns until you meet the person you are destined to be with.  The romance hold me spellbound, I witnessed two souls to find their way to each other. While Ariel completely lost her faith on love and any goodness, Romeo stands by her, made her believe in love and himself fall for this innocent girl. He protected he in every way he could, loved her the way he never loved JulietUnlike Juliet Immortal, I enjoyed split first person narratives between Romeo and Ariel, allowing readers to get a feel for both sides of the story. Romeo Redeem was also break into several scenes from 1304, Verona where we saw Juliet into the tomb suffocating and struggling, which seems odd at first but it all made sense we reached for the end. Romance was heart rendering, hotter than Juliet Immortal, content of magic was high in the end and I enjoyed it but what I did expect was a little more action.  Romeo Redeemed is highly recommended for the fans of Juliet Immortal, if you didn’t like Juliet Immortal you may give this book a chance.  .
chapterxchapter More than 1 year ago
Where in Juliet Immortal we see a story that unfolds told in Juliette’s voice, in Romeo Redeemed we watch this unforgettable tale unfold told in Romeo’s.  Full of heart, emotion, and a never-ending action filled ride of true love and forgiveness. Romeo Redeemed picks up exactly where Juliet Immortal ends.  Romeo is in his shell of a body rotting away with no hope of a life or redemption.  That is, until Juliet’s own nurse shows up before Romeo and offers him a chance of a lifetime.  A chance to live again…and become one of the Ambassadors, fighting for the light, rather than a life as a Mercenary, fighting for the dark. But there’s a catch…Romeo must make Ariel fall in love with him.  The same Ariel that Juliet’s soul had entered and that Romeo shot dead, to save her.  And the body he possesses is none other than Dylan, the very boy that cause Ariel so much heartache, causing her to grab the wheel and results in both of their deaths.  But the reality in which this Ariel lives is not quite the same as the former reality.  Some of the bits from the other reality have seeped its way into this one, and some pieces are missing…Pieces that are a part of literary history, as we know it. With a deadline of 3 days, will Romeo find the time to actually have Ariel love him with all her heart and soul, and will Romeo in turn, become a changed man from what he was before, and find a love that he thought, he would never find, or ever be allowed to have. Ok, first off….I freakin’ heart Romeo.  In Romeo Redeemed, this sexy bad boy shows his romantic side, and we are treated to different scenes of dancing and romancing.  Romeo Redeemed had me laughing and gasping and awwwwing all in one breath.   I mean, the scene in which he is dancing in his underwear and smacking his butt while making “ughh” sounds cracked me up!  I could picture the whole encounter and loved it! Where in Juliet Immortal we see this evil, heartless Romeo (until…you know…the end where I was awwwing all over the place), in this tale, this Romeo is the one that I used to daydream about when I read Romeo & Juliet.  The romantic, the sweetness, and the love.  OMG the love.   I know in my heart, I wanted Romeo to find the love I felt he so deserved.  I wanted him to find his peace and I wanted him to be able to be redeemed.  But Romeo Redeemed had me on my toes. I was guessing what would happen and would pretty much be wrong.  The many different plot twists and turns that author, Stacey Jay, weaves into this tale were perfect.  They gave the exact amount of suspense and action with exactly the right amount of wooing and swooning.   And don’t even get me started about the end.  Trust me dear readers, this is one tale that you do not want to miss.  It will forever change your thoughts on the Romeo & Juliet story that we all know and love. Although I loved everything about this book, and I really enjoyed the different interactions that the characters had with each other, the character of Ariel annoyed me a little bit.  I mean, yes, I understand that Gemma is her best friend, and friends for life and all that jazz, but come on!  With the way that Gemma treated Ariel in the past, how could she jump to conclusions so quickly about Romeo?  And never mind that!  What about taking the word of Gemma’s mother!  I can’t really get into it too much without giving away anything of significant importance, but ughhh. But the true mark of an excellent author is when readers can become really emotionally involved with the characters in the story, right?  And Stacy Jay is just that!  An excellent author, whose story will be forever imbedded in my heart. I recommend this book to fans of Juliet Immortal and for anyone who wants to watch true love unfold before their very eyes.
valercrazy More than 1 year ago
WOW! WOW! WOW! How do people function normally? I forgot. This book. THIS BOOK! I know that this is now my THIRD Stacey Jay fangirly review but WOW! THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING! WOW. THIS BOOK IS WONDERFUL! It's the sequel to Juliet Immortal and while there are similarities, these two books are completely different which I loved; it takes place in a different reality (slightly confusing) than the first book and Romeo is given a chance to.... redeem himself. Redeem himself he (spoiler). Oh this book, oh my heart, this book was amazing. While Juliet Immortal was like a quick meal, this book was like a steak and ribs dinner, the kind where you have to breathe in order to fully comprehend it all. It's told through two POVs and I honestly couldn't decide which one I liked more; they were both SO necessary and all sorts of wonderful. Stacey Jay did a wonderful job of completing this series and it was bittersweet when it ended, I became attached to these characters and I couldn't be happier with either of these books. I could go on and on about this series but I just think you should read it. IT'LL KEEP YOU ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT BECAUSE IT'S WONDERFUL. That is all. *gives stamp of approval*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
pagese More than 1 year ago
I liked the idea of real life people who may have inspired the Shakespeare tale of Romeo & Juliet. It's honestly one of my favorite stories and one of those that I'm more likely to read a twist on. I liked the first one well enough that I was curious how it would play out. I like that Romeo was given a chance to redeem himself in modern times while Juliet gets to relive her life in her own time. At first I didn't like the assignment that Romeo was given. How is making someone fall in love promoting love? I think it was more the idea of keeping Ariel out of the hand of the Mercenaries. However, Romeo sees the problem with this scenario and vows to do all he can to protect her. However, Ariel's life has been so full of turmoils that she has a hard time trusting Romeo. But, as the cards play out, Romeo learns what love really means. While, I know this was Romeo's book, I kind of wish we got more of Juliet. She's sent back to her time with all the knowledge she's obtained over the centuries. It puts her in a dangerous position were she must fight for her life. Here is were I felt the story lost me a lot. I honestly felt the story tried too hard. The full back story and reasoning behind the Ambassadors and Mercenaries was complicated and sometimes didn't make sense to me. I felt myself skimming these parts just to get back to the storyline. I was glad that I read this story in the end and it tied up all the loose ends. However, its not really a series that I would recommend you jump up and go buy. I've never read anything else by this author, so I have nothing really to compare it to.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I fell in love with this novel. I liked seeing a strong main character who grows and develops throughout the book.The ending was bittersweet because I preferred the era to be different. However, this was an even better follow-up to Juliet Immortal. I liked Romeo Redeemed even better. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is definitely worth the read... It was refreshing to read it from Romeo pov and I also liked how the author explained more the roles the ambassador and the mercenaries played. I also liked the ending. It was a nice twist.
KDianeA63 More than 1 year ago
Loved this book couldnt wait to get the next one
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved loved loved this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome read! This was a great sequel to Juliet Immortal. I loved how Stacey Jay kept you guessing what was happening til the end! Just when I thought I had the plot figured out and who was good and bad she kept me guessing again. The first book was great but this was awesome! Definitely check it out!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
First off let me just say that i loved Juliet Immortal. I must have read that book like five times when i first got it because to me when people take stories like Romeo and Juliet and revamp it. They have a tendency to mess up. And she told this story really well. And i liked how it ended for Juliet. I felt that it was a good stand alone book because they all got what they deserved in the end. So when i heard that the author was going to write Romeo Redeemed. I was like okay I will give it a chance. And i am glad that i did. It was a really good story. It did at times had me guessing as of what is going to happen. But there was a few things that i did not like. One was that the nurse just seemed like another bad guy. I mean I get that each side has there own agenda and do whatever it takes to see it happen, but she seemed no better than the fair. Ain't she the one who suppose to be the one who says don't kill her. So that just kind of bugged me. Another thing was I think that when you go and write a squeal you need to read the first one over again to make sure that thing add up. Because i thought that when the soul specter touches them that the person is out of the Ambassadors reach. That is what is said in Juliet Immortal. So when Juliet's happy ending was taken away i was mad because i thought that she was out of their reach. I think that i would have liked this book more if they would have just let her have the past and him the future with Ariel. Like (spoiler) when he goes and looks them up on-line to try and see why their story is not in the reality, it could have showen that she married Ben and had a real life. And just leave it at that . Other for those two things i think that this was a really good book and love it when characters really evolve and has you guess as of what they are going to do next.
SaraPageSage More than 1 year ago
Having loved Juliet Immortal, I've been looking forward to Romeo Redeemed for months. In JI, Romeo is a Mercenary- he's dark, twisted, murderous... not really someone who you'd think could be "redeemed." Needless to say, I was dying to find out how he could be turned into someone for whom I'd root. Somehow, though, Stacey Jay did it. Romeo starts off as selfish and wicked, but over the course of the novel, he experiences beautiful character development. Despite all that he has done in his past, he becomes a sympathetic, romantic character whom I grew to love. His relationship with Ariel is sensual, intense, and beautiful, even if Ariel's character is not what I expected at all. She's significantly darker than I would have thought-although there is some explanation to this- and a lot of the time I wasn't sure if I even liked her. I definitely connected with Juliet more. However, Ariel is certainly more interesting, just as Romeo Redeemed is overall more suspenseful. The antagonists in this book are absolutely terrifying and the reader doesn't know who to trust anymore than Romeo does. There's plenty of action and drama to get your heart rate going, mixed in among the more romantic scenes that will raise your pulse in a completely different way. The corruption that exists in the Mercenaries and the Ambassadors was touched upon in Juliet Immortal, but really comes to light now. However, the Mercenaries and the Ambassadors' magic is utterly confusing. In fact, that's my only true complaint in this book. The magic is complicated, full of alternate realities and body-switching and time-travel, none of which is ever truly explained. The ending is more than confusing because you can't be sure in which reality this is all taking place. Throughout the book the reader has to wonder whether the ending for Juliet Immortal still even stands. There are vague hints at an explanation, but it's weak. Despite this, Romeo Redeemed is a solid follow up. I look forward to reading whatever Stacey Jay writes next!
kydirtgirl68 More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of his book from NetGalley for an honest review.Romeo is set to live his eternity rotting in his corpse. He receives one chance to redeem himself by going back in time and saving Ariel Dragland. Ariel is an important key to things and both the evil Mercenaries and the good Ambassadors want her. The fate of the world is up to her and it is up to the ruthless Romeo to make her fall in love with him and pick the light over darkness. When she finds out Romeo may have lied to her will she go to the dark side or will she choice to believe in the man she has fell in love with? I have not read Juliet Immortal but I was not to lost in reading this. You get that Romeo was a bad guy in it and did horrible things. You can tell as you read he is slowly changing in this book. He at first was only for himself but the more you read the more he starts wanting to protect Ariel and help her in any way he can. I actually really liked him by the time the book was finished. When I first started reading it I didn't think I would because he was out to save his self no matter the cost. Ariel is a different female lead than others. She has so much going on and no one to talk to about it. She knows there is a darkness in her and she doesn't know where it comes from. She has hardly any friends and is mainly a loner. She has spunk and a drive on top of that. She doesn't let things get her down and you can see she will hold her ground in several scenes. This is a girl you really can respect in ways. Like I had said I had not read the first book which was Juliet's story. I was only confused once over the Ambassadors and Mercenaries but after I started reading I understood what they where and what they stood for. I actually really enjoyed this book and I wasn't sure I would. The characters are well written and you really get to see inside both of their heads. The plot while not new you know good vs evil is told in a different light. You really don't know till the end which way Ariel will go and what will happen to Romeo. Juliet does make an appearance and for a while I couldn't understand her part in this tale until the end and then it made sense. I think if you like Romeo & Juliet you should read this. A whole new twist on star crossed loves and makes you think what if they didn't love each other. You also get the good vs evil battle and even alternate universes in this book.
Icecream18JA More than 1 year ago
Stacey Jay has been one of my favorite authors since I first read Juliet Immortal last year. I was thrilled to read and review Romeo Redeemed. Romeo has suffered for hundreds of years because of mistakes he made as a young man in a terrible situation. When given the chance to fight against the Mercenaries, Romeo eagerly accepts. Romeo’s assignment is Ariel Dragland; he must make Ariel believe in love. Cocky and confident, Romeo believes Ariel will easily fall for him and he is right. The problem is that he is falling in love with her...and the Ambassador who offered him a chance to right some of the wrongs he committed may not be as good as she appears. Romeo Redeemed is a book that is impossible to put down. I could not stop reading and then reread the book as soon as I finished. Stacey Jay’s writing is poetic and her storyline is brilliant. Teen girls and young women will love Romeo Redeemed. I give this novel five out of five stars.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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