Ronald Reagan's America: Volume 2

Ronald Reagan's America: Volume 2



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ISBN-13: 9780313301186
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/30/1997
Series: Contributions in Political Science Series , #37
Pages: 472
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.45(h) x (d)
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About the Author

ERIC J. SCHMERTZ is Edward F. Carlough Distinguished Professor of Law at the Hofstra University Law School.

NATALIE DATLOF is Director of Liaison and Creative Development, Hofstra University Cultural Center.

ALEXEJ UGRINSKY is Director of Documentation, Finance and Planning, Hofstra University Cultural Center.

Table of Contents

Preface by Eric J. Schmertz

Personal Perspectives


The Reagan Years: A Reporter's Notebook by Mike Wallace

The Presidency and Ronald Reagan by Ralph C. Bledsoe

The Ronald Reagan I Know: Policy, Politics, and Presidential Leadership by Edwin Meese III

National Perspectives

Conservative Agenda

Reagan's Long-Term Legacy by Martin Anderson

Ronald Reagan's Public Philosophy: Strands of Jefferson and Hamilton by Andrew E. Busch

If They Did So Well, Why Do They Feel So Bad? The Right after the Reagan Years by Jerome L. Himmelstein

Ronald Reagan and the Reformation of American Conservatism by Paul Peterson


Banking on the Brink: The Legacy of the Reagan Administration's Deregulation of Banking and Finance by Timothy A. Canova

Deregulation Gone Awry: The Savings-and-Loan Debacle by Lawrence J. White

Antitrust: A Study in Deregulation by Theodore P. Kovaleff

Civil Rights

The Reagan Civil Rights Legacy by Norman C. Amaker

The Environment

Hazardous Waste Policy, the Reagan Revolution, and the "Democratic Deficit" in America by Robert F. Durant

Domestic Policy

"A Nation under God": Ronald Reagan and the Crusade for School Prayer by Bruce J. Dierenfield

Agenda Setting in the Reagan Administration: The Political Evolution of Medicare Catastrophic Coverage by Carolyn R. Thompson

Family Policy during the Reagan Years: The Private Side of the Conservative Agency by Steve K. Wisensale

Reagan and American Labor

Labor Policies of the Reagan Administration by Herbert R. Northrup

The Reagan Judiciary

Reagan's Judges: A Latent Revolution? by W. Gary Fowler, Donald W. Jackson, and James W. Riddlesperger, Jr.

The Rise of the Arrogant Presidency: Separation of Powers in the Reagan Presidency by Nancy Kassop

The "Reagan Revolution" and the Federal Judiciary by David M. O'Brien

Reagan and the Congress

A Positive Negative: Veto Strategy and Success by the Reagan Administration by Samuel B. Hoff

Executive Privilege in the Reagan Administration: Diluting a Constitutional Doctrine by Mark J. Rozell

Contempt for Congress: The Reagan Administration, Congress, and the War Powers Resolution by Duane Tananbaum

The Reagan White House

The Men around Reagan by Dom Bonafede

Ronald Reagan's Contrasting Chiefs of Staff by James P. Pfiffner

The Reagan Administrative Style

Ronald Reagan's Administrative Presidency: Costs, Contradictions, and the Future of Administrative Action by Ronald P. Seyb

President Reagan's Administrative Formula by John W. Sloan

"There He Goes Again": The Consistent Style of President, Governor, and Candidate Reagan by Leonard P. Stark

Reagan's Foreign Policy: Personal or Institutional Triumph? by Kenneth W. Thompson

The Elections of 1980 and 1984

Ronald Reagan: Campaign Rhetoric and Administrative Performance by Michael G. Krukones

The Vice Presidency

The Bush Vice Presidency: Getting Right with the Right by Herbert S. Parmet

The First Lady

The Ultimate Political Partner: Nancy Reagan's Contribution to the Reagan Presidency by James S. Rosebush

Reagan and FDR

Reagan's FDR: (Re)constructing the New Deal Memory by Philip Abbott

Rendezvous with Destiny: The Influence of Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the Life and Presidency of Ronald Reagan by Michael P. Riccards


The Cabinet Assesses the Presidency

The Reagan Experience with the Cabinet Government by Shirley Anne Warshaw

Economists Assess the Presidency

The Great Communicator: Reagan and the Media

Ronald Reagan and Machiavelli: Appearance vs. Reality by Leslie Feldman

"Why Shouldn't We Believe That? We Are Americans": Rhetorical Myths and Fantasies in the Reagan Inaugurals by John Kares Smith


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