Room 553: A Psychological Thriller

Room 553: A Psychological Thriller

by Britney King

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"This tale of seduction, obsession, and murder will resonate with fans of Patricia Highsmith. The pace is fast, the prose is smooth, and the plot genuinely twisty."

"She felt no remorse for drawing blood. In the context of their relationship, it had its place." 

For Max and Laurel, nothing is off limits when they meet in room 553. Their illicit affair is exhilarating, passionate—and dangerous. 

Driven as much by compulsion as pleasure, Max can't stop. His mistress is Jesus on the streets, and Satan in the sack. But when things take a sharp and sudden turn for the worse, he finds himself ensnared in a trap of his own making. 

Under heavy scrutiny by the police and the media, Max is hailed as a cold and evasive womanizer. He made mistakes, to be sure. But does that make him a killer?

Unnerving and addictive, Room 553 is a vivid and sensual psychological thriller that weaves a story of cruelty, reckless desire, and blind, bloody justice. 

Praise for Room 553 

"King successfully constructs a teetering house of cards precariously stacked with lies, which threatens to topple at any moment. Suspense lovers will devour this deliciously duplicitous read, which is chock-full of twists, turns, lust, greed, and dishonesty."

"King writes with a cool detachment and unflinching emotional honesty that takes your breath away."

"Riveting. King excels at taking the reader to the darkest places in the human psyche." 

"Sharp. Stunning. A suspenseful, downright scary page-turner."

"King does it again. Another perfect dark pleasure delivered seamlessly." 

"Fierce, and deeply felt." 

"Haunting and compulsive, artsy and edgy. Cancel your plans, because you'll finish this addictive novel in one sitting."

"Room 553 pulls you in and doesn't let go. It's the perfect gripping thriller." 

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BN ID: 2940156420612
Publisher: Britney King
Publication date: 06/20/2019
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 121,624
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About the Author

Britney King writes psychological, domestic, and romantic thrillers set in suburbia. She is currently writing three series and several standalone novels. 

The Bedrock series (psychological/domestic/romantic thriller) features an unlikely heroine who should have known better. Turns out, she didn't. Thus she finds herself tangled in a messy, dangerous, forbidden love story and face-to-face with a madman hell-bent on revenge. The series has been compared to Fatal Attraction, Single White Female, and Basic Instinct.

The Water Trilogy (psychological/domestic/romantic thriller) follows the shady love story of an unconventional married couple-- he's an assassin--she kills for fun. It has been compared to a crazier version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Also, the hit series Dexter. 

Around The Bend, is a heart-pounding standalone (romantic suspense/domestic/psychological thriller), which traces the journey of a well-to-do suburban housewife, and her life as it unravels, thanks to the secrets she keeps. If she were the only one with things she wanted to keep hidden, then maybe it wouldn't have turned out so bad. But she wasn't.

The With You series (romantic suspense/contemporary romance) is a coming of age, friends to lovers, second chance (plus a few) love story about unlikely friends who travel the world; trying to find themselves, together and apart. It has been compared to Love, Rosie.

Britney lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, children, two dogs, one ridiculous cat, and a partridge in a pear tree.

She enjoys hearing from readers and would love it if you would connect with her at or the plethora of social media accounts she posses. 

To receive an email whenever the author releases a new title, sign up for the VIP newsletter at copy and paste into your browser).

Her characters may be hard to pin down, but she's not. She loves talking to readers, so feel free to email her at—she does her best to respond to everyone. 

Happy reading.

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Customer Reviews

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Room 553: A Psychological Thriller 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Renwarsreads 4 months ago
I won this ebook title in an Instagram giveaway and I'm really glad that I did. It goes back and forth between the two main characters accounts of things that happen building up to the big crime. I really loved that what you are reading and thinking is happening, may not really be happening at all. you just have to keep reading and see. Great read for anyone who enjoys a good psychological thriller!
Jazzie 5 months ago
A suspense thriller that manipulates the mind Note: This review contains NO spoilers Room 553 is the first novel I have read from Britney King. It probably won't be the last either. This is supposed to be a psychological thriller. Well... Guess what!!!???!!! IT IS! I was sucked in at the start, then ended with a "Whoa!!!" With its well developed, complex characters and elaborate world building, Britney King weaved an deeply intricate story filled with crazy twists and turns that kept me guessing until it punches you in the gut with a surprising twist. Room 553 is told in two POVs, Max and Laurel. Britney King expertly weaves a story of manipulation and deceit as I turned every page reading about her characters' lives and secrets. I was totally mesmerized with story as it did a mind loop on me. Wow! I haven't read many psychological thrillers lately, but Room 553 was an intriguing and addicting read that piqued my interest with its twists and turns. However, the pace slow to start (but then again, that's just me), but it did not deter me from continuing reading to the end. And, that is definitely something to get pass. Moreover, Britney King's brilliant writing drew me in that kept me reading, despite the slow start. So, yah, I would recommend not giving up on reading Room 553. It will definitely throw you for a twisted mind loop... All the way to the end. Reviewer: Jasmine
Momma_Becky 5 months ago
Let me just start with the Foreword of Room 553. If I hadn't been planning to read this one, that Foreword would've sucked me right in. It certainly hits the nail on head. Yes, this is a story full of characters I'd never want to meet. I didn't find one single character that I liked. Well. maybe one old man in a nursing home, but he wouldn't know it anyway, so I don't think that counts. Nevertheless, likable or not, I still couldn't stop turning the pages of this shocking, twisted tale of more than one kind of betrayal and relationships that should never have been. The book starts calmly enough with the discovery of a body. No, my word choice isn't an error there, that beginning is probably the least twisted part of this crazy tale. From that discovery, we go on a disturbing little trip inside the minds of both Max and Laurel, and I'll admit that I waffled back and forth on which was the most unhinged. Now, even if I had wanted to guess either side of this whodunit - victim or killer - the momentum of the story didn't give me a chance. It races alone, propelling the reader forward whether they want to go or not. Then King sneaks the big reveal in there, and I couldn't read fast enough. I won't say more on that because reading Room 553 without spoilers is a must. The book is wonderfully written, impossible to put down, and exactly what I look for in a psychological thriller.
SharonDenise 5 months ago
An astonishingly brilliant new novel! First, you're introduced to two protagonists, each equally flawed and with a complicated life. A reader unfamiliar with this author could be lulled into thinking this was a straightforward tale of seduction, infidelity and complicated family drama. But remember, this is a Britney King novel and not one single thing is ever simple, average or as it seems. This extraordinary author intricately crafts, once again, a story that twists, turns and flies at an unimaginable speed to its unbelievable conclusion. At each new twist, I thought, wait...what? And, forgetting who created this story, I continually thought THIS is the big plot turn. And, here comes another new revelation. Because this author is THAT good, I instantly understood that the truth was right there in front of me yet completely camouflaged. This is the eighth book written by Britney King that I've devoured. Each time, I think she's written her best book ever...and then I read the next one. Room 553 is an absolute must read!
Honolulubelle 5 months ago
Favorite Quotes: There are a lot of things a woman permits a man to be. Indifferent is not one of them. The read I get on Dr. Jones is that she’s the type who has ten cats and piles of clutter spread among the excess of belongings she refuses to get rid of. My words tasted bitter and foreign, like they were coming from someone else’s mouth, someone I didn’t yet know. My heart leaped so high into my throat that I could have easily opened my mouth and touched it. My Review: There is no doubt; Britney King is an evil genius. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that she limits her substantial talents and devious powers to continue to delight and entertain rather than hiring out for actual crime. The cunning characters in Room 553 were markedly vile yet fatally alluring and intriguing, but as brilliantly devised as they were, it was her unique and clever writing style that ultimately wins the purple championship ribbon. Her well-crafted storylines were magnetic and unflinchingly compelling and quickly lured me into a consuming vortex that had me simultaneously smirking and cringing. I greatly admire her mad skills and covet all her clever arrangements of words. I fear I am irrevocably addicted and have unwittingly consumed her Kool-aid.
Joyffree 5 months ago
Speechless! You know what they say about assumptions? This was the perfect example of why you should never assume anything. Max is so laid back. He is recounting to Dr. Jones, too a degree, the events that led up to his arrest. It is a bit eerie how disconnected he seems. Laurel comes across more clinical yet a tad "touched" (?) as she recounts the same events via a journal. Both their spouses are real pieces of work. I truly do not want to risk any clues that will give away the answers or reveal any plot lines. I will say - This is a definite must read! I couldn't turn the pages fast enough Each new breadcrumb, every little reveal ~ either derailed my previous beliefs or reinforced my inability to wrap my thoughts around all the twisted possibilities. This is an intensely twisted must read!
SairaM 5 months ago
I don’t think I will ever tire of reading a psychological thriller by Britney King. I always enjoy the way she starts her books, especially this one with its Forward. Overall I enjoyed this story. These characters and the story line were intense. I am excited to see what Mrs. King comes up with next When I was reading this book I was thinking how would King throw a twist in this story, what areas of this story do I need to take more notes, thinking that maybe I could decipher how this story would end before I got to that part. Yes I was able to figure out 1 piece of the puzzle, but I literally was not able to see the full picture till it was all laid before me. Well Mrs. King, well done.
nana_Treasa 5 months ago
BRILLIANT Page turning head turner. This brilliantly written read keeps you on your toes hyper alert at one heck of a guessing game that when you least expect it it totally goes array shocking and twisting every thought you had out of your mind. I especially love the authors writing and her crazy twists that makes me wonder how the heck she comes up with some of this stuff and then to develop into words for this amazing thriller. A wickedly written thriller I would gladly recommend.
AmberK1120 5 months ago
I’ve officially decided that Britney’s books are exactly what I need to satiate my twisted mindf*uck/psychological thriller needs. She’s so non-mainstream, and it’s perfect. It’s hard to explain to some people why this type of read is so delightful, but it is. It’s exactly the type of crazy that I love to read from the safety of my own home. I don’t even want to touch on the plot of this book, because I don’t want to give a single detail or twist away. The synopsis is filled with as much info as you need to dive into the story. Anything more would take away from the reading experience. But there are a couple things I want to mention. First, the narration alternates between Max and Laurel, one telling their story from the present, and one from the past. It builds the suspense in such an enticing way, I can’t even. And second, the unraveling of this story and the characters and their roles felt like peeling away the layers of an onion. Every new page revealed more details and twists and I loved it. LOVED it. I honestly don’t want to say anything else. I blew through this book in a matter of hours, and it was one of the best reading experiences I’ve had in a while. It’s the type of psychological thrill ride I love for as a reader. This one is a highly recommend from me.