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Rooted in the Stars, Planted on the Earth: One Woman's Path to Embodied Mysticism

Rooted in the Stars, Planted on the Earth: One Woman's Path to Embodied Mysticism

by Annette M. Hulefeld


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We come from a Source that is rooted in the stars—but we’re planted on the Earth, with all of its loneliness and grief. So, how can we find our way back to that original wellspring? With her teachings that weave together the psychological and spiritual dimensions of life, Annette Hulefeld is a spiritual mentor for the modern age. As her own story reveals, many of us feel a pervasive sense of worthlessness because of separation from our own Divine nature; the split of our human nature from Soul. In a lively, engaging narrative, Hulefeld shows us how a girl who grew up Catholic in a family challenged with poverty, abuse, and mental illness found a mysticism that brings body and Soul together again. Rooted in the Stars is a timely and personal story that will resonate with everyone carving their own path to a modern spirituality.

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ISBN-13: 9781610660754
Publisher: Writers of the Round Table Press
Publication date: 04/24/2019
Pages: 268
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.61(d)

About the Author

Annette M. Hulefeld has been a psychotherapist and spiritual mentor for over thirty-five years.

Table of Contents

Introduction • 1

PART ONE: Riptides

Chapter 1: No Intention of Being Born • 7

Chapter 2: My Motherless Mother • 16

Chapter 3: Meme Called Me by My Name • 25

Chapter 4: Memories Better Forgotten • 29

Chapter 5: The Flood • 39

Chapter 6: Elephant Sister • 44

Chapter 7: Falling into the Abyss • 55

Chapter 8: Unraveling and Waking Up • 69

Chapter 9: At Home with the Homeless • 73

Chapter 10: Father Frank • 79

Chapter 11: Mr. Frank • 94

Chapter 12: What’s It All About? • 102

PART TWO: Seeking the Divine Feminine

Chapter 13: Entering the World of Shamanism • 110

Chapter 14: Christianity and Shamanism: Strange Bedfellows • 117

Chapter 15: Our Lady of Guadalupe • 124

Chapter 16: Egypt: Giving Voice to the Divine • 134

Chapter 17: Medicine Man • 144

Chapter 18: When Is This Going to End? • 150

Chapter 19: Medicine Woman • 156

Chapter 20: The Call of the Mother • 170

PART THREE: Windsong: An Embodied Mystic

Chapter 21: Lead Me, Guide Me • 182

Chapter 22: Dark Mama, Earth Mother • 187

Chapter 23: Midwife for the Mother • 201

Chapter 24: Journey to Crete • 205

Chapter 25: Laughter as Healer • 214

Chapter 26: Farewell, Ma—Rest in Peace • 219

Chapter 27: Stroke • 230

Epilogue • 239

Afterword • 247

Acknowledgments • 251

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