The Roots of Obama's Rage

The Roots of Obama's Rage

by Dinesh D'Souza


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ISBN-13: 9781596982765
Publisher: Regnery Publishing
Publication date: 10/04/2011
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 258
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Dinesh D’Souza is the president of The King’s College in New York City. He is a former White House domestic policy analyst and research scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. His bestselling books include Illiberal Education, The End of Racism, and What’s So Great About America. Websites:,

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The Roots of Obama's Rage 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 290 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I did not understand why Obama acts like he doesn't like America, makes promises to those in need then turns his back on them This book explains why he has done so many things that baffles many of us and why he continues to forge forward with very unpopular agendas. I did not vote for Obama as I am from Illinois and know the corruption that comes out of Chicago. But this is beyond Chicago. Obama's behavior can be explained by his beliefs rooted by his past. This is not difficult to figure out.
Dagney-Taggert More than 1 year ago
I am reading this book and find it insightful and thought provoking. What is most interesting for this particular book is no matter what reviews I read, the book either receives 5 stars or 1 star, yet nothing in-between, while Bob Woodward's book receives a normal range of reviews. In addition, to my knowledge, this book is so original that nothing else like it on this particular individual is available at this time, I believe that is why the fierce Obama defenders are so enraged. They do not approach this with a reader's open mind, their reviews are frighteningly reminiscent of Soviet style of repression of dissenting opinion. What is amazing about this president is how LITTLE we actually know of him. Dinesh D'Souza's careful research, including the photograph of Obama's impoverished half-brother for whom Dinesh states he initiated fund-raising to alleviate his poverty, for me is new material. Why did the media not vet this candidate? Why do we know so little of his political philosophy? Where does he wish to lead this country and why? I can only encourage those who WISH to THINK to read this book. Those who prefer to accept what I can only truly call "The Party Line" should not bother. I would also like to convey a sense of urgency, prior to the mid-terms, to read this book, then watch the President himself and his comments regarding the upcoming elections, and those private individuals he calls by name and maligns. If D'Souza is correct, and I do believe he is, this will help the reader "decode" what is actually going on, and why this president chooses to degrade and demonize the American way of life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Now I understand, better, Obama. Now I understand why he hates America and how he used it to get where he is at. The Dems were wrong to cover it up. Obama was wrong to cover it up..but now I understand the "rage" agenda. I have to vote this man's "rage" out of office. No one gets anything done with grudges. It was a great audiobook and well versed in facts. I appreciated the insight.
Zenbear8 More than 1 year ago
Dinesh exposes Obama. Enough Said. Rather than labeling him as a right wing extremist, read the book and your eyes will be opened...
Iulievich More than 1 year ago
As a young student, I read Frantz Fanon, heard Kwame Nkrumah and Jawaharlal Nehru. I read about the Mau Mau. I studied Soviet involvement in the anticolonial movement from Lenin to Brezhnev - including their side-adventures in Africa via such institutions as Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow. During the 2008 campaign, I read both of Obama's books. I came to pretty much the same conclusion that D'Souza has. If one pays attention to Obama's own words, it is hard to reach a different conclusion. To do so one would have to know nothing about the political climate of the 1950's and 1960's that shaped his father, Barack Obama Sr. One would have to discount Obama's own claims that he finally found his identity as a Luo tribesman in Kenya. One would have to likewise dismiss his obvious and often-repeated preoccupation with the heroic father who deserted him. "Dreams From My Father" is a treasure-trove of keys to Obama's psyche. If nothing else, the return of the Churchill bust - a senseless slap in the face of an often-essential ally - lit up the landscape like a giant flare to anyone who knew anything about Obama's Kenya connection and about Churchill. The bust was a gift from the British people after 9/11 intended to evoke on behalf of the United States Churchill's spirit of undying resistance to Germany in World War II, but to Obama the bust represented merely the old bull of the British Empire that dominated Kenya during Obama Sr.'s lifetime. As a mindset, I suppose it is understandable, but would Americans knowingly put somebody whose head was in such a place into the Oval Office, let alone someone who could reasonably be demonstrated to have the reduction of American power and influence as a prime goal of his existence? D'Souza has done an excellent service by laying out the case so clearly and compellingly. His own position as a son of British India, gives him not only a unique insight but also considerable "street creds" on the issue. The only pertinent information that D'Souza has neglected is the extent to which President Obama has been and continues to be personally involved in the internal politics of Kenya. Obama actively supported - before, during, and after the 2008 presidential campaign -- his cousin. the Islamizing Raila Odinga, in his successful quest to be prime minister of Kenya. Subsequently he enlisted the Department of State to support Odinga's proposed sharia-friendly constitution for Kenya. He even sent Vice-president Joe Biden personally to Kenya to support the new Odinga constitution. It is a breath-taking admission of divided allegiances! It is not an invalid exercise to wonder whether Obama's ultimate loyalties lie with his mother's homeland or with his father's Kenya?
penmaker More than 1 year ago
As I began my journey through the pages of The Roots of Obama's Rage I was intrigued with the format of the book. Being inundated with facts I just assumed it would be one to bore one silly. How ever that was an incorrect assumption. I found a book so well written that one's interest was held in anticipation of the next chapter. As the information rolled out of this book, I came to better understanding of our President and His world views. Which explained His actions that have made many wonder why He did some of the things He has done? The presentation of facts was backed up with excellent research. I would recommend this material be read by all avid readers, and those who study the political arena.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a very easy read by a very bright guy. It is hard to doubt his analysis of Obama when he gives Obama's own words for his beliefs and actions. Very scary stuff for the president of the United States!
cheysgma More than 1 year ago
WOW! A book badly needed in these trying times
MSB50 More than 1 year ago
Highly Recommended - The Author has Obama Nailed! The author has really done a great job of research and documentation for this book. I believe he has completely diagnosed and explained what makes Obama think and behave in the way he does. Upon reading this book you will come to understand that America has made an awful mistake in electing Obama to Presidential office and he is unfit to be our president. Specifically, the man is angry, racist, and hates America. We must not allow this person to be re-elected!
noonespecialJL More than 1 year ago
You can take or leave the author's views because he not only gives you his conclusions but his unemotional rationale for why he has come to a conclusion. He makes is particularly interesting because of the similarity of his growing up to the President's. Which is quite different from a typical continental born American. Very easy read. I did it in one setting because I could not put it down.
Patriot31 More than 1 year ago
I was amazed, the writer filled-in many blank spaces for me. What D'Souze records coincided with other sources willing to write about Obama, the difference is the specific references the writer records in these few pages. One review suggests D'Souze makes reference to Obama's Race every few sentences, is pure policital balogna. Obama is an African both by haplo type and by the brainwashing he received from his white mother Stanley Ann and her white parents. Obviously, he is not an African-American and has never claimed to be; he is, however, a multi-racial African Socialist in every sense of the term. Obasma is a definate danger to America and must be removed from the office of POTUS ASAP. I highly recommend reading this book before November 3, 2010. God Bless America!
Love2ReadLM More than 1 year ago
This book is a MUST for all who are intrigued about Obama. Mr. D'Souza has done his homework. I was very cconfused about this president's motive but now everything Obama has done to date is clear. I thank you for putting all of it in a neat and understandable package. Dont know why no one lese has done this research. We are in deep trouble!
StPeteBuzz More than 1 year ago
In the primary season I walked through the blowing cold snowy morning to vote for a centralist, bipartisan candidate. Shortly after that I begin to realize his language was very specific and misleading. So I began to try to figure out who he really was. I haven't felt any of the TV or Radio speakers really understood him. They had perceptions that were partially true, but their models fell short. Dinesh D'Souza present a case that really presents a much better case. I think you will be able to much better understand Barack Obama after reading this book. I think you will develop a fair perception. I spent nearly 3 decades in third world countries working often as a team of only 1 or 2 Americans. His perceptions seem to be very accurate at describing a very real view. I certainly would weigh very heavily this view of a man who tries very hard to conceal his true agendas. By the way I read Dreams from My Father and Audacity of Hope. After reading this they have a much clearer meaning.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a brilliant book. Well researched and insightful. Must reading for anyone who desires insight into Obama's motivation. He is one messed up dude. His mother was a whack job flower child who raised young Barry with a reverence for his absent father, who was and an alcoholic anticolonial socialist, with emphasis on anticolonial. We are now suffering from their bad parenting. Sad.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is the most revealing exposure as to why he wants to destroy our country, our America. He wants to bring us down in order to pull up the rest of the world who can't or won't bother to try on their own, even with our help. This should be required reading for all those about to reach voting age. My daughter is reading it as I write. She thought Obama was cool; she lost that feeling about six months ago. Now, she will really know why, for sure. I pray Obama's congressional puppets will get a rude awakening shortly. TP'er
Tony_Pipia More than 1 year ago
D'Souza describes three faces of Obama. I label these three faces as follows: "Lactified Trickster Pimp I," (LTP1,) "Lactified Trickster Pimp II," (LTP2,) and "Lactified Trickster Pimp III," (LTP3.) LTP1 uses "camouflage" (pp. 20, 179,) such as the way he pimps the loyalty of the descendents of American slaves, (pp. 7-8, 145) the lies he told at the 2004 DNC, (p. 19-20) a fake story from "Dreams From My Father," (pp. 9-10) and placing Lincoln's bust in place of Winston Churchill's. (Newsweek.) The Lincoln bust is also camouflage because it secretly symbolizes Kimathi and the KLFA (a.k.a. Mau Mau,) an emancipation movement. (pp. 113-116.) LTP2 is a bearded Marxist who constantly blames and demonizes GWB, overthrows banks and investment houses, rams through totalitarian control of healthcare, and seeks to decimate the American energy industry through judicial activism and EPA diktat - all against the popular will of the people, (pp. 19-20.) LTP3 is hiding in plain sight: The anti-Colonial in "Dreams From My Father," veiled beneath the Lincoln bust camouflage. D'Souza has critics and adequately responds to them. For example, see the forward to the second edition of "The End of Racism." Except, this time, he summarized the thesis for this book in a Forbes article, "How Obama Thinks," a month before its release, thus, drawing the fire of critics in advance. Now, perhaps, he will answer some of the critics in the first edition. Beside being one of my favorite authors and researchers, D'Souza is an amazing scholar with acute analytical skills and incisive interpretive vision. Hence, I give him Five Stars in advance. At the risk of preempting his responses to criticism thus far, here are some of my responses, even before the book is released. Critics say: D'Souza is complaining that Obama is funding Brazilian oil exploration while the oil stays in Brazil. But the funding was unanimously endorsed by the bank's five board members, none of whom were Obama appointees. My response: It is TARP money and Obama could stop or regulate it if he were really concerned about environmental impact. Critics say: If Obama is motivated to protect poor countries from being ruined by excessive American consumption, why is his economic agenda an attempt to boost consumption? My response: When critics level this complaint, they conveniently leave out the fact that debt is destroying our economy and compromising national security. They also forget to mention the schemes of Cloward and Pivens. Critics say: Obama propped up financial institutions and increased government oversight to make credit available for American businesses to grow their way out of the recession. My response: This is a risible complaint. Much of the TARP money was ultimately used overseas. While the intransient moratorium on drilling in the gulf is decimating American industry and pushing big oil abroad, (Mexico, Cuba and Chile,) Obama gives money to these countries to drill for their own consumption. Tax increases on small business stifle growth and push business abroad. While unemployment is 16.7% in the private sector, (including underemployment and hidden unemployment,) public union power and employment is on the rise, suffers no unemployment and pays members almost twice as much (in tax dollars) in earning and benefits than parallel private employment. C
lebrecht More than 1 year ago
My review of "The roots of Obama's rage" By Dinesh D'Souza. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and finished it on my kindle in one day. The author is extremely knowledgeable about Obama, he is thoughtful and fair in his analysis. He writes well with a lot of listed references for backup. Some points he has made were outstanding, as well as enlightening, while a few I may differ on. Most of his criticisms about Obama as a President are views I agree with. Where I do not agree is when he psychoanalysis the psyche of the man. He is an author not a psychologist and some of his reasoning on why Obama is as he is I cannot agree with. To assume Obama's total ambition is to fulfill his Fathers dream is not plausible. As D'Souza himself writes the Father deserted Obama and his Mother before he was born and Obama only visited his Father once when he was older. There was little if NO relationship between them. D'Sousza also writes that Obama is NOT a socialist and only wants to change America from invading countries to colonize them. He claims Obama's Father was against colonization. D'Souza see's this as a huge danger for us the USA. Personally this is where I do not agree. I do not see him as a danger in any way. In America we have checks and balances to protect us, however I cannot see him being elected for another term. This was a book worth reading by all Republicans and Democrats alike. D'Souza is a Conservative Republican with a great mind. Anne Lebrecht
TampaTribune More than 1 year ago
Hey pwillini84 - You give one star on a book you might not like when it comes out. What was it you liked best and the least in this book that has not yet been published? I give it 5 stars because I might like it, even though I haven't received it yet. Another good read by the same author is What's Great About America. I'm with you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a very well written book that uses Obama's own words. I admit that I have not been impressed at all with our president's performance and have often been confused at choices he has made and things he has said. This made a lot of sense to me. Many of Obama's own words are used in this work which makes it a little hard to overlook. To those who blow it off as drivel and say that it is written for conservative, unintelligent people who will believe anything...I suggest you take a look in the mirror. While you may not agree with everything in the book, those who blow it off entirely simply cannot accept there might be another side to things and are afraid to see they might be wrong about something and thus show their own foolishness.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mr. D'Souza has written a remarkable peice in The Roots of Obama's Rage. Dinesh takes us through the life of young "Barry" Obama and his journey to discover the roots of his own life. Taking us to Kenya, the land of his father, and enlightening us on the Anti-Colonial mindset of BHO FROM his father. Do you know who Barack Hussein Obama is? I didn't either....before this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an outstanding work. I was drawn in from the first page. If you are curious about our president and what motivates him, this book is for you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Purchased this and put it in cue to read. When the movie came out I went to see it first and then immediately read this in 3-4 days. Very interesting book as it gives the reader more to chew on than the movie. I liked it more than the movie because of the detail and the facts the author brings out in his research and conjecture make it a little easier to see where Obama is taking this country. I have read extensively in the last year the current political genre from conservative authors (well over 15 books). If anyone wants the quick version, take in the movie. For those who want more, read this.
Graceson Brotzman More than 1 year ago
dinesh d'sousa loves the united states of america and he deeply cares about the direction that our country is heading. and whom is trying to lead. d'sousa knowes about the colonial system much more than obama becaause he lived in the tail ennd of the british rule in india. d'souza was raises a roman catholic and became a citizen of the united states and he takes both to heart. d'souza buts a lot of heart. and research in this book. i would recommend this book every american to understand what we have in the white house and the socialist agenda that he has th usa on. excellent read, graceson j. brotzman
paf More than 1 year ago
Assumptions/conclusions are well documented...easy to see how Obama comes to many of his ideological positions. Guess it's still me your friends and I can tell who you are. Too bad not enough people paid attention in 2008.
caroren on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Amazon: The Roots of Obama¿s Rage reveals Obama for who he really is: a man driven by the anti-colonial ideology of his father and the first American president to actually seek to reduce America's strength, influence, and standard of living. Controversial and compelling, The Roots of Obama¿s Rage is poised to be the one book that truly defines Obama and his presidency. A fantastic book that explains Obama's behavior and decisions.