Roswell Revealed: The New Scientific Breakthrough into the Controversial UFO Crash of 1947 (International English / Update 2016 / eBook)

Roswell Revealed: The New Scientific Breakthrough into the Controversial UFO Crash of 1947 (International English / Update 2016 / eBook)

by SUNRISE Information Services

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Did you know that a dark-grey nickel-titanium (NiTi) shape-memory alloy known as nitinol was an integral part of the secret USAF work into understanding the Roswell foil in July 1947? Whatever crashed near Roswell had certainly started the USAF's interest into titanium-based shape-memory alloys, with nitinol being the closest to match the Roswell foil in its dark-grey appearance and behaviour, as well as being the world's most powerful shape-memory alloy, and the toughest and lightest of its type and titanium class. Ideal for aerospace applications. Yet, incredibly, the USAF would not use the alloy again (assuming the Roswell crash was part of a US secret military experiment), except only for the most secret spy planes even though presumably it had the technology and knowledge to mass produce it with ease, given the amount of the foil that was found strewn over the desert floor. But why maintain the secrecy on the type of object the USAF had allegedly tested in July 1947 and the materials used when scientists have known about shape-memory alloys, including nitinol, since 1958? What is so special about this object and the alloy itself that the public are not privileged to learn about after all this time?

This book gives a summary of the history behind the most famous UFO crash, the essential witnesses' quotes describing what was found, a look at the history of shape-memory alloys, and the type of shape-memory alloys that were available prior to and after 1947 with a special emphasis on U.S. military involvement. The book looks at the evidence and presents, on the basis of probability, how likely the witnesses could have seen something exotic (i.e., alien) based on the available technology to manufacture a titanium-based shape-memory alloy in 1947.

Could the USAF have done it?

You be the judge by reading this intriguing book.

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Publication date: 11/12/2016
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About the Author

SUNRISE Information Services (SUNRISE) is an Australian-owned and operated private research centre aimed at finding the most stable, interesting, useful and easy-to-read educational and research knowledge for the global community. To find this knowledge, we perform the following functions: 1. To simplify existing information for easy assimilation and recognition of the core knowledge (i.e., concepts) of greatest stability and usefulness for the 21st century and beyond. 2. To apply well-established principles of accelerated learning to the stable knowledge. 3. To discover original or new knowledge, insights, or ways of doing things that are likely to increase the stability and simplicity of the core knowledge. 4. To give as many links (or references) as possible to existing or supporting knowledge from reputable sources to help show the current and/or new knowledge is viable and likely to be relevant today and into the future. 5. To ensure the core knowledge is all-encompassing to the point of being sufficiently unified to explain all things in the simplest way possible, makes common sense, and can be supported by observations and other forms of evidence. 6. To further the interests of others in getting to the essence of human knowledge as well as helping those who may be educationally disadvantaged in some way and/or need access to education and new ideas. 7. To tackle the controversial subjects head on (i.e., to be open-minded and to make efforts to understand them to a deeper level). 8. To paint a brighter future of where we are heading with this knowledge and the kind of open and balanced society we can all reach for and is considered achievable and realistic for everyone. 9. To continuously improve on the quality of the educational and research information and software tools we develop and present as needed to approach a more stable and unified solution.

Table of Contents

1. An Overview 2. A Brief History 3. The Witnesses Speak 4. The U.S. Government Speaks 5. An Australian Researcher Speaks 6. Nitinol: The World's Most Powerful Memory Alloy 7. The Official Scientific History of Nitinol. 8. The Official U.S. Military History of Nitinol 9. Are There Alternative Materials? 10. Was the Object Alien- or Man-Made? 11. Conclusion Appendices Bibliography

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