Rough Waters: Our North Pacific Small Fishermen's Battle : A Fishing Family's Perspective

Rough Waters: Our North Pacific Small Fishermen's Battle : A Fishing Family's Perspective

by Nancy Danielson Mendenhall


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ISBN-13: 9780692502785
Publisher: Far Eastern Press
Publication date: 11/06/2015
Pages: 504
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.01(d)

About the Author

Nancy Danielson Mendenhall has worked ten years in commercial fishing and for the last thirty years subsistence salmon fishing with family off the coast of western Alaska.

Coming from many generations of small boat commercial fishermen in Norway, Mendenhall wrote Rough Waters as a reflection of the new realities facing those in salmon, crab, halibut, and herring fishing.

She has also worked as a teacher and administrator for the University of Alaska, and her previous publications include two social histories and miscellaneous poetry.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements vii

Introduction xi

Part I The Salmon Feast 1

Chapter 1 Targeting Small Fishermen 5

Chapter 2 An Inupiaq Subsistence Camp: 1950s-1960s 15

Chapter 3 A Salmon Trailer's Start 24

Chapter 4 Canning Alaska 32

Chapter 5 Ekuk: A Cannery Village 42

Chapter 6 Fishing Families: Kotzebue Sound, Norton Sound, Kachemak Bay 49

Chapter 7 Northwest Trolling: Everyman's Grounds 62

Chapter 8 More of Fishing with Families 71

Chapter 9 Limiting the Fleets 81

Chapter 10 Good Times and Grim for the Northwest 92

Chapter 11 Rights to Salmon: Indian Treaties 105

Chapter 12 More Rights to Salmon: Canadians v. US Fleets 117

Chapter 13 Saving Salmon; Sinking Fleets 130

Chapter 14 River Blindness: From the Yukon to the Sacramento 146

Chapter 15 The Beacon Bright 159

Chapter 16 And More Rights to Salmon: Sport Fishing 175

Chapter 17 Subsistence These Days 183

Chapter 18 Fish Feed Lots 191

Part I Photos 201

Part II Our Federal Small-Boat Fleets and Their Lost Commons 215

Chapter 19 A Far North Fishery: Nome King Crabbing 219

Chapter 20 The Golden Egg: Herring Roe 230

Chapter 21 Sea Changes: The Magnuson Act 239

Chapter 22 The Regional Fisheries Councils Retool Their Fleets… 252

Chapter 23 New England Fishing Lessons 263

Chapter 24 Models for Fisheries: Iceland, New Zealand, Canada… 272

Chapter 25 American Fisheries Act and the Community Development Quota 284

Chapter 26 Launching Small Fisheries: Norton Sound 298

Chapter 27 From Skiffs to Small Boats 307

Chapter 28 Privatizing Halibut: The North Pacific Council's Showpiece 314

Chapter 29 Small Crabber Outrage 331

Chapter 30 Groundfishermen's Turn: Gulf of Alaska Rockfish and Cod 348

Chapter 31 CDQ Forecast: Clear, Patches of Fog 362

Chapter 32 Bycatch Tangles 371

Chapter 33 New England's Bitter Stew 379

Chapter 34 The Pacific Council Climbs Aboard 395

Chapter 35 Fish Management and its Discontents 404

Chapter 36 Rough Waters: Fishermen and Choices 421

Part II Our Federal Small-Boat Fleets Photos 431

Acronyms Used 443

Appendices 445

A A Bare Chronology of Fishery Management Events (incomplete, mainly west coast) 445

B MSA 2006, A Summary of Revised National Standards 450

Sources Used 451

Interviews 465

Photo Credits 467

Index 469

About the Author 485

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