Routledge International Handbook of Sexual Homicide Studies

Routledge International Handbook of Sexual Homicide Studies


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This book provides the first systematic overview of the theoretical, empirical, clinical, and police issues related to sexual murderers and murder. Bringing together leading researchers, theoreticians, and practitioners from across eight different countries, this is a truly international collaboration and an essential reference text for students, researchers, and professionals interested in sexual homicide, as well as an exhaustive source of guidelines for the assessment and treatment of sexual murderers. This book is divided into five parts:

  • Part I, Theories and research, presents a detailed review of theoretical models and empirical studies of sexual homicide.
  • Part II, Sexual sadism, discusses theoretical, empirical, and clinical considerations and reviews the literature on the characteristics of sadistic sexual aggressors.
  • Part III, Clinical issues, discusses the assessment and management of sexual murderers at each phase of the judicial process: at trial, during incarceration, and during follow-up in the community.
  • Part IV, Policing issues, discusses research and practical issues related to police activities surrounding a sexual murder. Topics include investigation, offender and geographical profiling, behavioural linkage, and police interrogation of the murderers.
  • Part V, New directions, presents new directions for the study of sexual homicide and discusses the limits of current knowledge related to sexual murderers and their crimes.

Offering a broad and comprehensive approach, this Handbook is an indispensable source of information on theory, research, clinical assessment, treatment, and police issues related to sexual murderers and murder.

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ISBN-13: 9780415791489
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 04/16/2018
Series: Routledge International Handbooks Series
Pages: 664
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About the Author

Jean Proulx is a Professor in, and the Director of, the School of Criminology and Researcher at the International Centre for Comparative Criminology at the University of Montreal, Canada, and a Researcher and Forensic Psychologist at the Phillippe-Pinel Institute of Montreal.

Eric Beauregard is a Professor in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University, Canada.

Adam J. Carter is a Forensic Psychologist and Head of Offence Specialism for Extremism and Gang Affiliated Offending, Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service, UK.

Andreas Mokros is Chair of Personality Psychology, Assessment, and Consulting in the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany.

Rajan Darjee is a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist and Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science, Swinburne University of Technology and Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health (Forensicare), Australia.

Jonathan James is a Clinical Psychologist and a Doctoral candidate at the School of Criminology, University of Montreal, Canada.

Table of Contents

Foreword (Tony Beech)

Introduction (Jean Proulx)

Section 1: Theories and Research

Coordinator: Jean Proulx

1. Sexual Homicide Studies: An International Perspective (Jean Proulx)

2. Sexual Homicide: A Review of the Main Theoretical Models (Oliver Chan)

3. The Sexual Psychopath (Stephen Porter and Katherine Rose)

4. Sexual Murderers’ Sexual Lifestyle: An Internal Constraint to Modus Operandi? (Stéphanie Langevin, Jonathan James, Jean Proulx and Elen Vuidard)

5. Serial and Nonserial Sexual Murderers: An Exploratory Study of Developmental Antecedents (Jonathan James, Patrick Lussier and Jean Proulx)

6. Psychological and Criminological Factors in Diverse Types of Sexual Murderers (Tamsin Higgs and Ewa Stefanska)

7. Understanding the Sexual Element in Sexual Murder (Ewa Stefanska and Tamsin Higgs)

8. Sexual Murderers of Children: Psychopathological and Modus Operandi Factors (Jean Proulx, Jonathan James, Mélina Siwic and Eric Beauregard)

9. Sexual Homicide of the Elderly: A Review of Patterns (Mark Safarik, John Jarvis and J. Amber Scherer)

10. Stranger Sexual Homicide (Paul V. Greenall)

11. A Cross-National Study of Sexual Murderers in France and Canada (Jonathan James, Jean Proulx and Patrick Lussier)

12. Recent Research on Sexual Homicide in Scotland: Characteristics, Crime Scene Themes and Comparison with Nonhomicidal Sexual Aggressors (Rajan Darjee and Emily Baron)

13. Perpetrators of Sexual Homicide in Germany: Medical, Psychiatric, and Psychological Characteristics (Andreas Hill, Wolfgang Berner and Peer Briken)

14. Sexual Murder in South Africa (Gérard Labuschagne)

Section 2: Sexual Sadism

Coordinator: Andreas Mokros

15. Sexual Sadism and Sexual Homicide: An Overview (Andreas Mokros)

16. The Aetiology of Forensic Sexual Sadism: From Experiential Perturbations to Symptomatology (Carrie A. Robertson, Franklyn J. Graham, Sonja Krstic and Raymond A. Knight)

17. The Developmental Antecedents of Sexually Sadistic Behaviours (Nicholas Longpré, Jean-Pierre Guay and Raymond A. Knight)

18. An Evaluation of Assessments of Sexual Sadism (Joachim Nitschke and William L. Marshall)

19. Sexual Sadism: Pharmacological and Psychotherapeutic Approaches (Wolfgang Berner, Andreas Hill and Peer Briken)

Section 3: Clinical Issues

Coordinator: Adam J. Carter

20. Introduction to Clinical Issues (Adam J. Carter)

21. Sexual Homicide Cases: Giving Evidence in Court (Derek Perkins)

22. The Assessment of Perpetrators of Sexual Homicide for the Purposes of Risk Reduction in Secure Psychiatric Hospital and Prison Settings (Adam J. Carter and Derek Perkins)

23. The Treatment of Sexual Homicide Offenders in Secure Psychiatric Hospitals and Prison Settings for the Purposes of Risk Reduction (Derek Perkins and Adam J. Carter)

24. Managing Perpetrators of Sexual Homicide in the Community (Rajan Darjee and Emily Baron)

25. Neuropsychological and Neurological Assessments of Sexual Homicide Offenders: Their Current and Potential Functions in the Prosecution, Detention, Therapeutic Progression, and Release of Individual Cases (Christian C. Joyal and Hugo Morais)

26. Pharmacological Treatment of Sexual Homicide Offenders (Rajan Darjee and Emily Baron)

Section 4: Policing Issues

Coordinator: Eric Beauregard

27. Police Issues and Sexual Homicide: Taking Stock of the Research (Eric Beauregard)

28. Sex-Related Homicide Investigations (Vernon J. Geberth)

29. Offender Profiling in France (Elen Vuidard, Stéphanie Lemaout, Audrey Renard, Marie-Laure Brunel-Dupin, Thierry Hue and Bruno Couret)

30. Examining the Shortfalls and Future Potential of Criminal Profiling (Richard N. Kocsis)

31. The Scientific Validity of Criminal Profiling: Rhetoric, Realities, and Conflicts (Richard N. Kocsis)

32. Sex Worker Victims: Consistency vs. Inconsistency in Victimization Patterns by Serial Sexual Homicide Offenders (C. Gabrielle Salfati and Marina Sorochinski)

33. Crime Linkage and Sexual Homicide (Kari Davies, Jessica Woodhams and Lee Rainbow)

34. GeoProfiling Serial Sex Murder (D. Kim Rossmo)

35. Investigative Interviewing in Sexual Murderers (Michel St-Yves and Mark Kebbell)

36. How Sexual Murderers Thwart Investigations (Jonathan James and Eric Beauregard)

Section 5: New Directions

Coordinator: Jean Proulx

37. New Directions in Theories of Sexual Homicide and Sexual Sadism (Jean Proulx)

38. New Directions in Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Murderers (Adam J. Carter)

39. New Directions in Policing Sexual Homicide (Eric Beauregard)

Conclusion (Jean Proulx)


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