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Royal Flush: Live On-Air (WAAF Boston)

Royal Flush: Live On-Air (WAAF Boston)


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  1. Inside the Voting Booth  - Kevin Barbare
  2. Mother Mother  - Tracy Bonham
  3. Marv Albert Song  -  Opie & Anthony
  4. Telemarketer #2  -  Opie & Anthony
  5. Live Through This  -  Mighty Joe Plum
  6. Everything to Everyone  -  Everclear
  7. Stadium Guy @@John Osterlind
  8. Sean Connery's Greatest Hits  - Kevin Barbare
  9. Let's Talk @@Rocko
  10. Big Fine Thing  -  Darlahood
  11. The Fall  -  Nixons
  12. My Name Is Bill  -  Opie & Anthony
  13. The Distance  -  Cake
  14. Kelsey Grammer  - Kevin Barbare
  15. We Got It @@John Osterlind
  16. Superman's Dead  -  Our Lady Peace
  17. Kill You  -  Kicking Harold
  18. Life's Gonna Suck  - Denis Leary
  19. Evil Barney Bus Driver  -  Opie & Anthony
  20. Clinton Room Service  - Kevin Barbare
  21. The One  - Tracy Bonham
  22. Big Chair  -  Reacharound
  23. Star Trek Rhapsody  - Kevin Barbare
  24. Credit Card Crack  -  Opie & Anthony
  25. Bound for the Floor  -  Local H
  26. Sick of #2@! Winter  - Kevin Barbare

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Cake   Track Performer
Denis Leary   Track Performer
Nixons   Track Performer
Local H   Track Performer
Everclear   Track Performer
Our Lady Peace   Track Performer
Kicking Harold   Track Performer
Tracy Bonham   Track Performer
Reacharound   Track Performer
Darlahood   Track Performer
Mighty Joe Plum   Track Performer
Opie & Anthony   Track Performer
Kevin Barbare   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Dave Douglas   Executive Producer
Ed Grenga   Producer
Annalee Valencia   Art Direction
Stephen A Russo   Executive Producer

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