Royal Playboy

Royal Playboy

by Nana Malone

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Vengeance is best served piping hot.
Prodigal Son. Black Sheep. Playboy Prince.
I've been called lots of things. Merciful is not one of them.
It doesn't matter what you call me, as long as I get what I want...
What I crave.

And it's not the crown.

She is the Princess I didn't see coming. The one I didn't plan for.
Until her, women came easy.
Until her, I wasn't sure I had a heart. Now that I know, I'll give up anything to have her...
Well...almost anything.

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BN ID: 2940160900209
Publisher: Sankofa Girl
Publication date: 01/07/2020
Series: Playboy Royal Duet
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 12,965
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Royal Playboy 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
Mags_louise 8 days ago
4.5⭐ Royal Playboy is an intriguing story. As straight away, you are hit with a fairly shocking event in the prologue, that rather unusually happens in the present day and then you are taken back four years to where it all started; and it's reasonable to say it's a gripping and intense tale. That sees a royal playboy out for revenge by any means necessary. Which meant there was plenty of danger around and Xander's enemies were not only ruthless but very patient. And with two great lead characters who shouldn't have worked as a couple, but really did. Especially when you find out they have far more in common than you could ever imagine. This truly was an enthralling, interesting, and enjoyable read; and I for one can't wait to find out what happens next. Would definitely recommend
Lisa-Lou 10 days ago
Royal Playboy by Nana Malone is the first book in her latest duet, Playboy Royal. This is the story of Xander Chase whom we met in his brother Alexi’s duet, London Royal. Keeping with same style, the story opens with a dramatic moment in present time and takes us back to see how Xander and his wife met and fell in love. Told in dual POV between Xander and Imani, this story is just the beginning of their tale. With both of them so guarded it’s difficult for them to share their secrets and drop their walls but as the reader you learn that the demons that haunt each of them are eerily similar. Sexy and funny with so much burning sexual chemistry and tension between these two I thoroughly enjoyed this and am eagerly awaiting the conclusion to Xander and Imani’s story. Enjoy!
ToshyBell2010 12 days ago
Loving this Playboy! Nana has once again left us wanting more... Book 1 of the duet leaves us wanting the conclusion...LIKE NOW! Xander is a playboy! He also has more to him! You never know what path your life will take you on. Xander has lived life to the fullest but past soon catches up with the present. Imani is on her own path. She is trying to learn to live beyond the baggage of her past. She manages to excel in her life but not without struggle. When Imani & Xander are together, they help one another... They provide each other with strength and positivity. Their stories unfolds, but before you get to their full happiness... YES, you guessed it, Nana leaves us with a Cliffhanger... She once again leaves you wanting more... Bring it on!
Lisa-Lou 15 days ago
Royal Playboy by Nana Malone is the first book in her latest duet, Playboy Royal. This is the story of Xander Chase whom we met in his brother Alexi’s duet, London Royal. Keeping with same style, the story opens with a dramatic moment in present time and takes us back to see how Xander and his wife met and fell in love. Told in dual POV between Xander and Imani, this story is just the beginning of their tale. With both of them so guarded it’s difficult for them to share their secrets and drop their walls but as the reader you learn that the demons that haunt each of them are eerily similar. Sexy and funny with so much burning sexual chemistry and tension between these two I thoroughly enjoyed this and am eagerly awaiting the conclusion to Xander and Imani’s story. Enjoy!
SFSharon 17 days ago
Arrrggggh! I knew this was the first book in the Playboy Royal duet, and yet I'm always surprised by the edge of a cliff Nana Malone leaves us hanging for the next book! We were first introduced to our Hero, Xander, in the London Royal duet featuring his brother Lex and his lady love, Abbie. As a matter of fact, Xander is a world renown photographer and professor. He met Abbie and crushed on her when she was his student, but in the end she chose Lex. Royal Playboy is told in a dual perspective so we learn how Xander is doing knowing that Abbie will never be his. He meets his actual heroine in an unusual way and doesn't think he'll ever find her again when she disappears. Fate weaves her magic and brings the two together in a chance meeting. Of course each of them holds a secret which makes them wary of a relationship, but their chemistry together is breaking down barriers faster than they can react. I know Ms. Malone will eventually give us a HEA for these two, but we already know there are huge obstacles outside of their control before they can get there. Can't wait for the conclusion!
Sandy-thereadingcafe 18 days ago
3.75 stars--ROYAL PLAYBOY is the first instalment in Nana Malone’s contemporary, adult PLAYBOY PRINCE erotic, romance duet focusing on British photographer Xander Chase, and American actress Imani Brooks. Xander and Imani were first introduced in the London Royal series focusing on Xander’s brother Lex. NOTE: ROYAL PLAYBOY is the re-release of the author’s 2015 LONDON CALLING (Chase Brothers #2) with added, modified and expanded content. Told from dual first person perspectives (Imani and Xander) following two timelines, ROYAL PLAYBOY follows the fake girlfriend/boyfriend relationship between photographer Xander Chase, and American actress Imani Brooks. Imani is desperate for money having received a call from her sister saying their alcoholic father had not been paying the bills. Researching for an upcoming role, Imani finds herself interviewing a high priced escort that will eventually pull our heroine into the darker side of life where she meets a man who only wants to talk. To Imani’s surprise said man is none other than renowned photographer Xander Chase, the photographer hired to shoot her latest promo pictures for an upcoming show. But all is not well in Xander Chase’s world, and our hero soon discovers he needs a ‘significant other’ in order to impress some potential clients, clients he needs for his journey of revenge. What ensues is the fake girlfriend/fiancé relationship between Imani and Xander that turns into something more, and the potential fall-out a Xander struggles with issues from the past, as Imani’s past is out to destroy her short-lived happiness in the arms of Xander Chase. The relationship between Xander and Imani begins as a business exchange but Imani struggles with her attraction to Xander Chase. Their one night together results in emotions that neither one expected, emotions that will soon develop into something more. The $ex scenes are intimate and erotic but I struggle with the use of a certain four-letter word in my romance story line-erotic or otherwise. The colorful secondary and supporting characters include Xander’s brother Alexi, and his girlfriend Abbie -first introduced in the newly renamed LONDON ROYAL series ; Imani’s father, and her sister Ebony; businessman and Xander’s nemesis Alistair McMahon: escort Miriam; director Charles Adams; and Imani’s ex boyfriend Ryan Ellison. ROYAL PLAYBOY is a quick read; a story of betrayal and revenge; secrets and lies; attraction, relationships and love. The premise is captivating and engaging; the romance is heart breaking and provocative; the characters are broken, desperate, and energetic. Royal Playboy ends on a cliff hanger-you have been warned
cyclay4R 18 days ago
If you love suspense, alpha men, drama and a wonderful storyline you will love this book. Xander is no one to play with and when he falls for Imani it is for real. You get to see another side of Xander when it comes to Imani. The drama that they have to endure is something else. The chemistry between these two is wonderful and I enjoyed the flow of the story and look forward to the next book.
Izzybear 18 days ago
I greatly enjoyed Xander and Imani’s story. The beginning had me going what the heck. It was emotional to say the least. The more I read I was pulled deeper into their story and was before long completely engrossed in it. It’s definitely one that was hard to put down. I kept telling myself just one more chapter and I’ll stop but I ended up reading it in one sitting. Their tale is well written with great twists. I loved the tension and banter between the two. Xander’s adoration for Imani is so beautiful. I honestly can’t wait for the next half of their story. I’m impatient to find out what happens.
cgarr 19 days ago
I thought I knew what to expect from Xander's story. I was so wrong. It was so much better! His first meeting with Imani was both funny and hot! Xander has many layers and I can't wait to peel back more. Imani is the perfect pairing. She is strong but has some vulnerabilities. I love how Xander is with Imani. As always, the first part of the duet leaves us hanging and begging for the second! I can hardly wait for the rest of the story! I received an advance copy and am voluntarily leaving a review.
tsexygreeneyes1 19 days ago
Royal Playboy Book 1 by Nana Malone. This is Xander and Imani story. Let's just say the book started off with a bang. My heart is still racing. Nana really knows how to draw you into a story. Even though I have read the other book it now has some more ump. I'm loving the new twist and turns. The additional in depth look into the characters. To watch Xander fall in love was something to see. The strength of Imani was encouraging for girls dealing with the same thing. I'm loving the new book I can't wait to see what happens next.
JigsawGirl 19 days ago
SO NOT FAIR!!! I was looking for more words and there it was.....CLIFFHANGER!! Zander is troubled, damaged, oh so sexy, and more of a decent man than he believes. Imani is the piece of the puzzle that helps make him whole. For Imani, I think she is just starting to realize Xander is her safe haven. And to top it off, they are both terrified of putting their trust in another person. There are a number of people that I can see wanting to do damage to Imani and Zander. That is part of the mystery, suspense, and intrigue that kept me flipping pages. Then we have the gradual ratcheting up of sexual tension between Xander and Imani. Like one of those old time pressure cooker's waiting to explode. This book grabbed my attention from the first page and held in until the last. I really avoid cliffhangers at all costs with the exception of one other author and Nana Malone. This writer makes my WANT to follow whatever path she chooses to take me down to get to her conclusion. I can hardly wait for the next book to come out. So far, Zander and Imani are my favorite couple. I voluntarily read and reviewed the Advance Reader Copy of this book received from the author.
charlligirl 19 days ago
Wow, talk about holding a grudge. But considering the circumstances, I can't hold it against Xander. But I love how Imani provides stability for him. Even though he hasn't told her everything, she's there for him and doesn't hold anything against him. So many secrets are being kept by both of them, will they ever reveal them to each other? With an explosive beginning and a mysterious ending, book two can't come soon enough. What will happen? I'm looking forward to the reveals to come in book 2 and the conversations to be had between Xander and Imani.
Sheena Martinez 19 days ago
First things first, wtf?! I was so thrown off by how much I liked this and let's be honest, I wasn't expecting much and thought this was going to an over the top cheesefest sooo… bravo Nana Malone! Kudos to you! This was a lot better than I had expected. The hot chemistry, oozing sexual tension and well done opposites attract component won me over and I’m mind blown to find out this was so well written for a book with less than two hundred pages. It sure flew by and before I knew it the cliffhanger ruined me. LIKE. HOW. DARE. YOU. END. WITH. A. CLIFFHANGER?! How dare you?! Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the highly anticipated next installment of this duology.
RoseyLovesBooks 19 days ago
Drama student Imani Brooks meets up with Miriam the escort as research for her role as a prostitute in a play. When Imani suddenly needs money fast, she decides to go method with Miriam's client who just wants to talk. But when Imani meets the beautiful Alexander Chase, he wants to do more than talk and so does she. But when reality sets in, Imani wants to forget that she'd temporarily lost her mind and pulls a runner. What happens when Imani runs into Xander soon afterwards? Note: this story ends on a cliffhanger. Royal Playboy is an intense, suspenseful and steamy story that will have you hooked. I can't wait to read Playboy's Heart, book 2 of the Playboy Royal series.
MMRNY 19 days ago
Holy Moly was this book good!! Wow!! I wish I could give it more than 5 stars even though it is only Part 1 in this Duet. Let me just set the record straight right now...Alexander "Xander" Chase is my favorite Chase brother. His arrogance, sacrasm and standoffish attitude are all covers for the heartbreak that he tries so desperately to hide. This book is filled with mystery, intrigue, hot, laughter, and steamy romance, and chemistry between the hero and heroine that will set the pages on fire. This book will also break your heart. The underlying story of the hero and the heroine truly is emotionally gripping. Royal Playboy focuses on Xander, Lexi's older brother and cousin to Sebastian, King of the Winston Isles, and Imani Brooks, an America student studying at the RADA. Xander has the reputation of being a ladies man. He is gorgeous, rich, super talented, a professor who all students want in his class, since he is the best, and who happens to be an extremely sought after professional photographer. Imani is an aspiring actress who has the lead role in big play being putting on by the RADA, and that role is that of an escort. And yup...her acting role as an escort is very important to the story and Xander and Imani's beginnings!! And from the moment these two meet the sparks fly and the passion ensues, along with more offers that neither Xander nor Imani can refuses, causing their two worlds to continually collide and orbit each other. I absolutely love these two. Royal Playboy starts off right where London Soul (Lexi and Abbie's story), but is so much more. The Prologue to this book had my heart pounding and me screaming NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Although this is a standalone, I highly recommend reading The London Royal Duet before starting this one. It will give you a more full reading experience, and who doesn't want to be wrapped up in this wonderful world with this wonderful characters that Nana Malone has skillfully crafted with her brilliant storytelling skills? Royal Playboy grabs its reader right from Page Go and does not let you go...especially not with the cliffhanger that Nana Malone leaves her readers with. AGGGH!!! We are hanging by the end of our strings waiting for Playboy Heart.What a ride the start to Xander and Imani's relationship!! I cannot wait for the conclusion to their story in Playboy Heart.
BookloverUT 19 days ago
I liked this story but I felt that I was missing some key detail that wasn't explained. The love story was good and intense, with some sex scenes that were not too graphic. Then, it ended with a cliffhanger which definitely annoyed me. I believe that even books in a series should be complete stories. I received an advanced reader's copy from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
moonfox1234 19 days ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is book one of two in a duet, so be prepared for the cliffhanger at the end. Xander and Imani’s romance is intense, dramatic, emotional, suspenseful, steamy and filled with twists. I really liked these characters and I thought that they made a complex couple. Xander and Imani will tug at your heartstrings as their secrets and wounds are uncovered layer by layer as the story unfolds. My heart simply ached for Xander and I feel so invested in this couple getting the HEA that they so richly deserve, that my nerves feel a bit raw right now. I can't wait for the next book to see how things play out.
cherigCG 19 days ago
For years he'd wanted one thing--it was time to go after it. Payback some would call it. There were other names to call it if they knew. He wouldn't tell. Couldn't tell anyone but his brother who already knew and was helping. He'd never expected to run into her. She wasn't part of the plan until she became part of it. Neither knew their past. Neither knew how much they had in common and neither planned to tell the other or anyone else. Just as she felt again but refused to let him know. Until he became the answer to the problem she didn't think she'd solve. How could she make him feel again? What was it about her? When he tried to find her things changed and he didn't just want her he needed her. Two people with pain and hurt in their past. Can they be the answer to a future filled with love and feelings? The author has shown us real situations in a love story. The kind of story we rarely find with characters we share their pain and wish for a happy future. Steam is always part of a Nana Malone love story and this is no exception. Then... Right. The end is the cliffy for the second part of the story. Please hurry.
CeeZ 19 days ago
OMG, I seriously cannot wait for Playboy’s Heart to come out. I’ve enjoyed all of Nana Malone’s books but there’s something about this one. It is definitely my favorite. Can’t put my finger on it-maybe it’s hunky Xander ;). February 25th can’t come soon enough!
kgagnon 19 days ago
Wow, what a thrilling start to the Playboy Royal Duet. I was so excited to read more about Xander after meeting him in the London Royal Duet. Then the Prologue was so riveting and took my breath away, and I couldn't stop reading! Xander and Imani meet in the most unconventional way. They have sparks right from the start which never happens for either of them. When they meet again, unexpectedly, Xander asks if Imani would pretend to be his fiance for a short time. He has a secret project that he needs her help with and maybe he just likes her company too. He loves that she is smart, funny and quick on her feet, and she makes him feel like no other woman has. She feels safe with Xander and he made her want things she thought were long gone after her heart was shattered last time. But they are playing a dangerous game that could get them both killed. I love the witty banter, and the intriguing storyline, with so many secrets that need to be revealed. The ending left me stunned and remembering the prologue, I can't wait for the next book in this duet!
Fleur_W 19 days ago
This was a fantastic read about Xander & Imani who we meet in the London Royal duet, both are complex characters and the way we go between past and present in order to see how they came together and whats happening now is smoothly done and you fall in love with the characters even more for it. Beware this ends in a cliffy that will have you curse and wanting the next book now as you are so hooked so start the countdown until the next book is out!!
Lashea677 19 days ago
I don't know how she does it, but Malone has once again got my attention. Royal Playboy contains the perfect book boyfriend. Xander is a walking dream, dragging emotions through his own worst nightmare. He's all heart until his ruthless side comes out to play. Then all bets are off. Imani is his greatest achievement, but beware of heartache, because it's never far behind. There's always a twist waiting to be discovered between the pages of a Nana Malone novel. Unpredictable is only a page turn away.