Royal Seduction

Royal Seduction

by Pauline Talbot

Paperback(Revised March, 2018 ed.)

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The story opens in Buffalo, New York (my hometown) where the main character, Nefarra Touraine resides and works at the Buffalo and Erie County Libraries Systems. Her best friend, Jan works as her assistant; the two women are as close as sisters growing up in the same household. Her drunken uncle abandoned Jan as a young child after being orphaned when both of her parents died. Jan and her husband Carl are like family to Nefarra; her parents reside in Europe. Daniel is Nefarra's closest male friend who envisions so much more to their relationship than just mere friends. She is constantly reminding him of that fact only to have it fall on 'deaf ears'. One day while working in the library, Nefarra nearly has an accident, if not for a handsome stranger who rescued her from a nasty fall. There is an instant spark of an attraction between the librarian and this handsome Middle-Eastern stranger but as suddenly as he appears, he disappears. After his rescue, they encounter numerous chance meetings, at a park festival, a restaurant, in Canada and several other places. Gamal claims to be just a foreign student studying for his degree at a local college but something just not quite 'ring true' about this attractive foreigner. Their feelings began to grow for one another, neither of them will admit it until later on when Gamal cannot hold back any longer and tells Nefarra how he feels. Soon after, Nefarra is offered an amazing opportunity to head an educational liaison between Egypt and America by her boss and mentor Mr. Goodman. She glowingly accepts and begins plans to leave for Egypt where she will reside for at least five years. There will be a formal conference for the project and Mr. Goodman along with Nefarra will travel to Alexandria to represent the library and the United Sates. Mr. Goodman and Nefarra take some out to tour a few sites in Egypt before the conference. When they finally arrive to the complex the twosome are amazed at the beauty, and expansive of the multiplex buildings. Nefarra is able to view her offices beforehand, entirely pleased with the décor and spaciousness. The conference begins, with the speaker announcing the man responsible for the project and the building of the amazing educational complex. Everyone is surprised when it is claimed to be none other than Gamal, and he is not just a student but also the Prince of Alexandria and heir to Queen Hatshepsut and Pharaoh ThutmoseII! Nefarra is livid beyond rational thought, flees the conference and Egypt, escaping to her parents' home in France. Mr. Goodman and Gamal search for her, finally realizing she is gone. Gamal is frantic and vows to get her back, while Mr. Goodman prepares to fly back to the states furious with Gamal for not telling her the truth earlier and making him swear to silence. Gamal seeks out Nefarra's destination, pleading with her to come back to Egypt and the project. She finally gives in after resisting for a while, knowing she has a higher purpose to fulfill and a realization that she has fallen in love with Gamal. The couple fly back to Egypt and Nefarra begins her project while they get to know each other better. One day when they finally decide to deepen their relationship, disaster strikes, Nefarra is kidnapped and Gamal tries desperately to find her. He finally has to tell her parents, Jan, and Carl the horrific news; her family flies to Egypt to be close to Nefarra. The kidnappers, setting up a meet for the ransom, finally contact Gamal. He is abducted along with Nefarra, the thugs have plans to kill them both after demanding more money from the families. Miraculously the couple escapes, embarking on a mission to delve deeper into the underground stolen antiquities ring the robbers are involved in. They mascaraed as farmers in a local bazaar to find clues, only to discover treasures beyond the imagination. While investigating they once again are kidnapped in danger of being killed by the vicious gang of men. The couple plans an escape; amazingly, they are successful and flee the dangerous, dark ancient tombs. The astounding news of the treasures is announced to the world while Nefarra and Gamal reclaim their lives flying back to Alexandria. Sometime later, Gamal and Nefarra are wed before their families and friends in a glorious ceremony at the Alexandrian palace. The couple vows their eternal love, finding out they are to be blessed with their own 'bundles of joy'. All is right with their world and the world around them.

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ISBN-13: 9781538075319
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 02/12/2013
Edition description: Revised March, 2018 ed.
Pages: 290
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.65(d)

About the Author

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Pauline began writing short stories while she was in high school. As time moved on she branched out into other avenues of the work force. It was just recently that she started back to her first love, writing. Thus, Romance Island was created and completed in 2012, her first work of fiction romance. Royal Seduction is the newest romantic adventure, published in 2013. She resides in upstate New York, where the seasonal changes offer her plenty of writing time, in-between spending time with her family. Writing has always been a passion of hers and will hopefully continue to delight and entertain her readers. As always… HAPPY READING!

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