Rubens: A Portrait

Rubens: A Portrait

by Paul Oppenheimer

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ISBN-13: 9781461661245
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 05/21/2002
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 301
File size: 4 MB

About the Author

Paul Oppenheimer , professor of Comparative Medieval Literature and English at the City College of the City University of New York and author of Infinite Desire: A Guide to Modern Guilt, lives in New York City.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrationsxi
I.Rubens and the Question of Beauty
1.The True Opposites of Evil and the Demonic: Prelude9
2.The Artist Meets the Prince10
3.The Landscape of the Portrait15
4.Publishers, the Word and Censorship21
5.Musicians and the Flemish Renaissance26
6.Painters and the Discovery of Natural Lighting28
7.Light and Mannerism31
8.Massys, Mor, Bruegel and the New Tradition33
9.Poetry and Painting37
10.History and Painting39
11.Sizes and Theatres41
12.Political Festivals, Masques and the Bliss of Illusion45
13.Two Weddings and the Signs of Revolution48
14.Family History53
15.The Menace of the Reformation58
16.The Profanation of Art62
17.Philip II and the Revolt in the Netherlands65
18.The Flight to Germany69
19.Refuge in Cologne73
20.Disappearance and Compassion77
21.Release and the Tragedy of Anna von Saxon79
22.Birth and the Months at Siegen83
23.Beginnings in Cologne86
24.'The Common Calamity'91
25.The Ongoing Violence93
26.The Slaughter at Mons and Mechelen94
27.The Spanish Mutiny96
28.The Role of Don Juan98
29.The Spanish Fury100
30.Don Juan's Misjudgements102
31.Artists and the War104
32.The Death of Don Juan107
33.Alexander of Parma and the Great Betrayal109
34.The Theatrical Soldier110
35.Coups de grace111
36.The Family Returns to Antwerp114
37.Life as a Court Page118
38.The Apprentice Years120
39.The First Three Masterpieces124
II.The Idea of Absolute Beauty
40.Journey to Venice131
41.The 'Heavenly Shew upon the Water'133
42.The City of Virgil, Mantegna and Giulio Romano136
43.The Wedding in Florence140
44.Copying as Innovation141
45.From Mantua to Rome147
46.The Roman Experience150
47.The New Aesthetic155
48.The New Sensuality158
49.The First Roman Commission159
50.Excursions through Italy166
51.Off to Spain169
52.Spies and a Sea Voyage173
53.Disaster and Ghost-Painting176
54.The 'Poison Reason Drinks'181
55.The Revolutionary Portrait186
56.Mantua, Friendships and Galileo190
57.Stock-Taking in his late Twenties192
58.Rubens and the History of Ideas195
59.The Second Stay in Rome197
60.Getting Rid of 'the Smell of the Stone'202
61.Early Fame and a Journey to Genoa206
62.Rejection and a Summons Home208
III.Beauty Human and Superhuman
63.Grief and New Beginnings213
64.'The Hand of the Artist'219
65.The Creation of Aliveness222
66.The Apprehension of Beauty227
67.The Pacts for Beauty230
68.Studio Life233
69.The 'Lover of Antiquities'238
70.Jealousy, War and the Engraving Business243
IV.Kings, Queens, Ministers and the Angelic
71.Large Works and the Atmosphere of Creation253
72.The Medici Invitation257
73.'The Theme Is so Vast and so Magnificent'259
74.Science and Art Amid the Ruins263
75.The Triumph of Political Theatre265
76.The English Experiment273
77.The Artist Meets the King282
78.Securing the Pact for Peace285
79.A Previous Engagement290
80.A Marriage of Politics and Art294
81.The Fantasy of Peace and War296
V.Rubens and Sensuality
82.Toward a New Optics301
83.Mission Cancelled and a Second Marriage303
84.New Life, New Beauty306
85.Promoting War310
86.Beauty, Evil and the Whitehall Pictures313
87.Festivals of Love321
88.Ferdinand's Joyous Entry326
89.The Second Golden Apple329
90.Living out of Town331
91.'The Unfortunate Europe'336
92.Painting Beauty Bare339
93.The Chance to Do 'Something Extraordinary'343
VI.Apotheosis: Beauty and Physics
Beauty and Physics351
Select Bibliography389

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