Ruby's Secret

Ruby's Secret

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Ruby's Secret by H. B. Moore, Heather B. Moore

At age sixty-two, life is finally beginning for newly widowed Ruby Crenshaw. Her son is grown and gone, and after long years spent in the role of loyal wife to her charming but unfaithful husband, she's ready to live the life she's always dreamed of. Her resolve is firm: she'll never make the mistake of giving her heart to another man.

The first step in Ruby's quest for a carefree lifestyle was to create the Newport Ladies Book Club, an unlikely gathering of women who have been her haven. Now she's ready to take her newfound independence a step further-along with her friends from the local senior center, Ruby is jetting off on a much-needed Greece adventure. What she isn't prepared for is Gabriel-the group's tour guide-a native Greek and a true gentleman. His unquestionable charm is hard to resist. But resist she must-because no matter their growing attraction, Ruby is not about to fall for charming again!

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ISBN-13: 9781621086260
Publisher: Deseret Book Company
Publication date: 10/01/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,049,271
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About the Author

Heather B. Moore is a two-time Best of State and Whitney Award-winning author of the Out of Jerusalem series and Abinadi, Alma, Alma the Younger, and Ammon. She is also the author of the nonfiction work Women of the Book of Mormon: Insights & Inspirations and co author with Angela Eschler of Christ’s Gifts to Women.

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RUBY'S SECRET 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
cclblue More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed "Ruby's Secrets," as I have enjoyed all of Heather's books. Ruby has always been the backbone of the book club, pulling the ladies together in a strong bond of friendship. It was very interesting to see the club from her perspective and to learn of the trials in her life. I love this story because it is about learning to forgive others and to forgive yourself. It illustrates how we cannot be whole if we don't get over past hurts. I found a couple of very minor editing errors. I was surprised to see them because I have never noticed them in Heather's books before. I always look forward to my next book to read by Heather Moore.
Friz4 More than 1 year ago
I've read all of the Newport Ladies Book Club books, and I was excited when I heard that Ruby was going to have her own book so I could learn about what made her tick. The book club was her idea, and she really plays a major role in the series. I have to say that this exceeded my expectations! After all, Ruby is a lot older than I am, and a widow, so I wasn't sure how much I'd be able to relate to her. Thankfully my struggles are very different from Ruby's, but Heather Moore wrote Ruby in such a way that I was very interested to learn about her secret, and I became quite invested in her happiness. I didn't foresee myself enjoying a romance between senior citizens, but it was actually really good. Another shout out to Moore's excellent writing that pulled me in emotionally! This is a clean read with a very well-written main character.
Brookes_Books More than 1 year ago
At this point there are 6 books in the Newport Ladies Book Club series.  I had read one of them before I read this book and that was over a year ago.  I was concerned that they needed to be read in order, but I was reassured that each book could be read as a stand alone book. That was definitely the case here.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story about Ruby Crenshaw.  And, I liked getting to know the other ladies in the book club as well.  Although the story was about Ruby, she has experiences and situations with her book club friends that help us to know those women as well as Ruby.  I found myself just as interested in their stories as I went along.  The author did an excellent job of intriguing me about these women.  I will definitely be reading more books in the series. Ruby was a woman who seemed like she had it all.  But, she had a secret...she was miserable in her marriage.  She was now a 62 year old widow and happy to find things to keep her busy and active.  In an effort to appease her daughter-in-law, Ruby visited the Senior Center and quickly got involved with this unusual group.   The Seniors went on a trip to Greece where Ruby discovered that, although 62 years old and jaded to marriage, she had a heart that could still be touched.  I loved Ruby's relationship with Gabriel.  They developed a friendship that opened Ruby's heart in a way that she hadn't let herself experience.  I loved some of the dialogue between the two.   This story was about relationships, people, and developing your best self.  There were some serious issues explored, but also happy and sweet moments as well.   Warnings:  Infidelity, violence that is talked about, mental illness I would allow my 15 year old to read this book, but it is definitely adult, with adult situations that I do not think she would appreciate or identify with.
erinzachjj1 More than 1 year ago
Do we ever really know what is happening behind closed doors? Can we even believe the face that people are showing us? In the first set of Newport Book Club books we had no idea what Ruby's life truly was like. We were led to think that Ruby was a lonely grandmother who just wanted a little company. Who would have thought that hiding behind that sweet temperament and loving spirit was a heart that had been truly devastated. This next group of books is something truly great. I have loved this series, but I think that with this second set of books they have worked out all the kinks. Not only that but Heather Moore has brought something special to this story. I am really glad that she is the one who wrote about Ruby. I am sad that these books will be the last in this series, so I hope that they will move on to something new soon! Keep it up ladies. These are fantastic!!
lovingthebooks More than 1 year ago
This series is WONDERFUL, HEART-FELT, and INTRIGUING! Written by 4 different authors they share the stories of the women of The Newport Ladies Book Club Life in these books is real... and hard. Yet lessons are learned and hearts are touched. Friendships from the book club are what help them get through life. Ruby is the oldest AND the one who started the book club as a way to meet new people. Now she has expanded her friendship to the Senior Citizens Center. As she shares her travels with this new group they decide to plan a trip to Greece. The last time Ruby was in Greece was with her late husband. She is anxious to go...but will it bring up the memories she is trying so hard to forget? The trip gets even more complicated when Ruby's closed-off heart meets Gabriel, the tour guide. Can Ruby learn to trust again? A TOUCHING STORY!