Ruff Around the Edges

Ruff Around the Edges

by Roxanne St. Claire

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BN ID: 2940159034090
Publisher: Roxanne St. Claire
Publication date: 04/12/2018
Series: Dogfather Series , #6
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 4,777
File size: 794 KB

About the Author

Published since 2003, Roxanne St. Claire is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than fifty romance and suspense novels. She has written several popular series, including The Dogfather, Barefoot Bay, the Guardian Angelinos, and the Bullet Catchers.

In addition to being an ten-time nominee and one-time winner of the prestigious RITA™ Award for the best in romance writing, Roxanne’s novels have won the National Readers' Choice Award for best romantic suspense four times, as well as the Maggie, the Daphne du Maurier Award, the HOLT Medallion, Booksellers Best, Book Buyers Best, the Award of Excellence, and many others.

She lives in Florida with her husband, and still attempts to run the lives of her teenage daughter and 20-something son. She loves dogs, books, chocolate, and wine, especially all at the same time.

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Ruff Around the Edges 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 32 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I cried and laughed all while reading the same few pages . Wow way to start off . But the book just kept getting getting better. Love dogs pizza a new baby. Can not wait for the next book Love this Family
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A warm lovable story with great twists and turns.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Tears, laughter, fear, joy and triumph for both Beck and Aiden in this latest addition to the Dog Father series, Ruff Around the Edges. A beautiful read that leaves you hungering for more...AND hungering for a good pizza!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another great book in this series. Beck’s, Aiden’s and Ruff’s relationship was so hard. It was born out of heartbreak, loss, love and what was needed to survive. I could believe I was crying in-the beginning, middle and end. I laughed, smiled and could not wait to see what happens in the end, which you have to read to find out. You will not be disappointed! I can’t wait for the next 2. . Thank you so very much for these wonderful books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I found both Beck and Aidan to be a little bit annoying but I still really enjoy this series and will be reading the next
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read most of the series and am looking for the rest
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Oh, such a great book! Dealing with death, so difficult and this book did a fantastic job!! Crued, laughed and rejoiced all in one book....a great combo!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Thrilled how Aiden and Beck’s story turned out.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was another fantastic story ! I cried so hard from the very beginning and fell in love with Ruff, Aiden and Beck. I think this was the best Dogfather book yet. Loved it !
Pack52LG More than 1 year ago
This is Book 6 of Roxanne St. Claire’s Dogfather series about the Kilcannon family of Waterford Farm, a dog rescue and training facility in Bitter Bark, North Carolina. Ruff Around the Edges is Aiden and Beck’s story. Aiden, the youngest brother of the six Kilcannon kids and a recently retired Army major, finds he is having difficulty returning to civilian life not knowing where he belongs and wondering if he can fit in anywhere, especially with his large family. His focus is getting his best friend Charlie’s dog home from Afghanistan after Charlie died. Charlie’s dying request was for Aiden to bring the boxer back home to live with him. Rebecca Spencer is Charlie’s sister. Leaving her photography job in Chicago, she returns to Bitter Bark to help run her uncle’s pizza business after he suffers a stroke. She’s also looking forward to picking up Ruff and taking him back home with her as requested by her brother in his letter to her. Both Aiden and Beck think Ruff is rightfully theirs since Charlie asked each of them to have him. The push and pull of who is the rightful owner keeps these two at odds and at the same time bringing them into a budding relationship neither saw coming. The author weaves together laughter, tears and family into this story all bound together by a common thread of love for a boxer from Afghanistan named Ruff. A dog lover myself, I have loved each of these stories and look forward to the others yet to come. This book can be read as a stand alone but I would recommend starting from the beginning of the series to become familiar with the members of the large, Irish Kilcannon family and the dogs they love. A portion of the sales of all the books in this series is being donated to Alaqua Animal Refuge in Rocki’s home state of Florida.
Mpomper514 More than 1 year ago
An amazing series. Each book better than the one before it. Roxanne St. Claire pulls you into her stories and makes you wish this family was real because you sure would like to know them! Be prepared to shed tears - both happy and sad. Aiden and Charles were both Night Stalkers in the Army, each content to be together doing the thing they loved. Honoring Charlie's deathbed wishes to get Ruff moved to the states and Aiden to take care of him, Aiden arranges to have Ruff moved, thanks in large part with the help of his dad - the Dogfather. With Charlie's death, Aiden decides it is time to go back home. Enter Beck, Charlie's sister, who also claims that Charlie wants her to have Ruff, and has a letter to prove it. Always honorable, Aiden turns Ruff over to Beck - always trying to get her to change her mind. Aiden and Beck are both wounded souls in different ways, and with the help of each other, and the antics of Ruff, they each find the answers they are seeking to make them whole again. Loved some of the unexpected twists to the story that I did not see coming. If you have not read any of Roxanne St. Claire's books yet - what are you waiting for??!! This is a must read.
BetweenMyBookendz More than 1 year ago
What an emotional funny, fascinating story! Once again Roxanne St Clair hit us with a book that taps into our soul by exploring love, loss and how different people deal with the both. Aidan Kilcannon has spent his entire adult life away from Bitter Bark, North Carolina. His military career has taken him to hot spots all over the world; when one of those spots gets too hot, Aidan losses his fellow soldier and best friend Charlie Spencer. Aiden comes back home to heal, but that healing is not occuring. Home is not the same without his late mother Annie, reinforcing the feeling of loss and of being lost in his own family. Rebecca Spencer could not wait to leave Bitter Bark, as her memories of the town is just of loss and sadness; when her parents died in a car accident, “Beck” and her brother Charlie were sent to live with their Uncle Mike and Aunt Sarah there . While Charlie embraced making pizza at the family pizza shop and becoming fast friends with Aidan Kilcannon, Beck just felt the bitter loss of her childhood . But Charlie's death and Uncle Mike's stroke forces her back home to help Uncle Mike heal. When Beck and Aidan’s paths collide thanks to Charlie’s adopted-in-the-war zone boxer, Ruff - who Charlie appears to have left to Aidan, no Beck, no Aidan……well, get your tissues and heart ready! I loved every single part of this book! The characters, the dialog, the aching sorrow, even the pizza and it’s missing “secret” ingredient. Interestingly enough, the two characters whose presence impacts everyone the most are the two who cannot talk . Charlie Spencer's final words and wishes are what drives the plot, for its those words and wishes that are always in Beck and Aidan's thoughts and actions. And then there is Ruff - loyal, protective and rambunctious. It is these two that manage to bring healing to Beck, Aidan, Uncle Mike and even Aunt Sarah. And the way it was done was some pure Roxanne St. Claire magic, complete with humor, tenderness, angst and all the "feels." I do not mean to disrespect the Dogfather himself, Daniel Kilcannon, who as always is a strong, yet gentle force in every book, but Charlie and Ruff are the heroes here. Once again, you will leave Bitter (oops, Better) Bark with a smile on your face and one of Granny Finnie’s sayings in your mind. As the Kilcannon family expands by every book, so will your love of this series!!!
PennieM More than 1 year ago
Aiden has come home after 10 years in the Army and he is not the same. His best friend has been killed in action and he survived. Charlie's dying wish was for him to take the dog he rescued in Afghanistan back to the states with him. The only problem with that is he also promised Ruff to his sister, Beck. Ruff is a bad dog but he is really more like Charlie reincarnated. He is wild and out of control one minute and docile and loving the next and he tugs at all the feels. This is the latest installment in this wonderful series about this amazing family. Grab the tissues and be prepared to shed a few tears and laugh your way through this. Aiden and Beck are perfect together and watching the rest of the family come together just brightens everything. Now I'm hungry for pizza! I definitely highly recommend this one and it could be read as a standalone but (again) why would you want to when this series is so, so good!!!! **Received this ARC for review**
Kasi McKenna More than 1 year ago
Aiden and Beck... throw in their love of Charlie by way of Ruff the wild dog. Halfway through the book, I wondered if Charlie knew what he was doing. I loved watching the characters change like Aunt Sarah, because of that strong bond. Roxi once again spun a wonderful, teary story. Thank you!!
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
All I can say is WOW!! The Kilcannon Family just keeps getting better. Aidan has asked his father one big favor, to bring his deceased best friend's dog home. Aidan also returns home awaiting for Ruff, little to be known that Ruff was promised to his best friend's little sister, Beck. Beck has also returned home to help her aunt and uncle's pizza parlor. This is only temporary, especially since she does not like pizza. Aidan offers to help Beck in the pizza parlor, and to help discover the secret ingredient missing in the pizza. The chemistry between Beck and Aidan is perfect, so what harm is a casual fling, no hearts involved. Soon they find the missing ingredient, but will it be to late? Loved Aidan and Beck!! Please have a box of kleenex handy, from the beginning to the ending they will be needed. Loved the life lessons that Beck's mom left for her. So excited to get a sneak peak at the Kilcannon cousins. I highly recommend this book!!
tsmb02 More than 1 year ago
Aidan Kilcannon thought he would be in the Army for life, but when his best friend, Charlie Spencer, is killed in action, his plans change. As Charlie is dying, he makes Aidan promise to get his dog Ruff back to Bitter Bark and to take care of him. Wanting to honor his best friend's dying wish, Aidan calls his dad, Daniel "The Dogfather" Kilcannon for help. Once Ruff arrives in Bitter Bark, Daniel informs his son that there is a paper stating that the dog was left to Charlie's sister, Rebecca "Beck" Spencer. Charlie and Beck were raised by her Aunt Sarah and Uncle Mike when their parents were killed in a car accident. It just so happens that Beck is here staying in Bitter Bark for awhile because her Uncle Mike had a stroke and he and Aunt Sarah need help running their pizza place Slice of Heaven. Aidan reluctantly takes Ruff over to Beck because he doesn't have any proof that Aidan wanted him to have the dog. Ruff is a big, rambunctious, bad dog and Aidan is hoping Beck will change her mind once she sees him. Unfortunately, Beck is just as stubborn as Aidan and she wants Ruff to help her heal over the loss of her brother, just as Aidan does. As Beck and Aidan spend more time together between making pizza at Slice of Heaven or dealing with Ruff, sparks start to fly. These two souls who both feel lost in a new life that they weren't expecting to have, start to form a strong bond. Aidan is all ready to jump feet first into something more serious but Beck has reservations because everyone she has ever loved has died. It takes a serious leap of faith for these two to get to their happy ending, but they finally do in such a great way. As always, I just adore Roxanne St. Clair's books. She has wonderful characters that go on such an emotional journey together to get to their happy ending. Aidan is just a sweet, sexy military man and Beck is sweet, friendly and just wants a big family again. Read this book, you will not regret it.
LS135 More than 1 year ago
Not sure how Roxanne does it but every book gets better and better. Not sure what is going to happen when she runs out of Kilcannons'? Hopefully there is a lot of extended family...just saying...Here are 2 people that never wanted to admit they liked each other until they did. And it is amazing how every member of this family has a purpose in the wonderful business that is the Kilcannon Farm...this is a must read!
mslizalou More than 1 year ago
Just when I think the books in this series can't t get any better, Roxanne St. Claire proves me wrong with the next book in the series. Ruff Around the Edges totally blew me away and hit on every single emotion possible for me. Aiden heads home to Bitter Bark still waiting for his dog Ruff, who his best friend Charlie asked him to take, on his deathbed, to arrive. I love that The Dogfather totally helped bring Ruff home to Aiden, and had to let Aiden know that Charlie had also told his younger sister Beck that Ruff would be her dog. I loved both Aiden and Beck as soon as we met them both, but have to say that Ruff the boxer totally stole the book from them. I loved that crazy dog and the fact that he seemed to bring some measure of emotional support to Beck, Aiden, and especially Beck's Uncle Mike. I loved how Aiden stepped up to help Beck out at her family's pizza place Slice of Heaven. The more time Aiden and Beck spent together, the closer they became. The fact that Beck had plans to head back to Chicago once her uncle recovered and was back at Slice of Heaven gave me some concern, but not much as I could totally see they were falling for each other. Beck and Aiden had great chemistry and I loved when they finally acted on their attraction to one another. However, I loved they could talk to each other about pretty much anything and I think that gave me every bit as much hope for them as their chemistry. I'm just going to say I totally understood some of Beck's emotional blocks based upon her losing her parents at a young age. I'm lucky I still have my dad, but I lost my mom at 12, so I got her fear of losing people. I won't lie, I cried more than once while reading Ruff Around the Edges, both happy and sad tears. I love a book that pulls emotions from me, and Ruff Around the Edges did so in spades. Just when I thought all my tears were gone, Rocki threw another make me cry moment, but only happy tears this time. Fans of the series will love getting to spend time with the entire Kilcannon clan once again. I swear I wish these characters were real, as I feel like I could be a friend with them all. With each new addition to the series, I find myself loving it more and more. The Dogfather has 5 of his kids taken care of and I can't wait to see what he has in store for free-spirit Darcy next. Rating: 5 Stars (A+) Review copy provided by publisher
blonde_betty More than 1 year ago
Roxanne St. Claire had me in tears almost immediately in Ruff Around the Edges. Things let up until towards the end when the waterworks began again. St. Claire quickly and easily touches your heart with this installment of the Dogfather series. Aidan trying to find his way back from the Army is told with insight and thoughtfulness. Beck learning to let people in, the same. They challenge each other, even as they both try to gain the upper hand. They are a fun couple to watch. Bonus, we get to see more of Darcy and learn more about her story in preparation for her book. None of the installments in this series disappoint. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.
Bookladye More than 1 year ago
Fabulous story! “Ruff” will appeal to lovers of dogs, romance and strong family bonds! I loved this addition to the Dogfather series. Each book in the series has been better than the one before it. The story flows with meaning and purpose. Main characters Aidan Kilcannon and Beck Spencer were realistic and extremely likable. I loved the family support and loyal especially the support Beck and Aidan provide for Uncle Mike as he is recovering from health issues. Ruff, the untrainable boxer, is one most dog lovers has experienced in their lives with dogs. St. Claire “GETS” dogs and their owners. Can’t wait for the next Kilcannon story!
Cali-Jewel More than 1 year ago
Sweetly thrilling, emotionally gripping and heartwarming journey filled with passion, loss, love, unshakeable bonds, laughter and mutual need for healing. U.S Army Night Stalker Major Aidan Kilcannon is home after tragically losing his best friend he brings home Charlie's dog, Ruff to care for him so they both can heal. However when he arrives he learns that Charlie also promised Ruff to his sister. Rebecca Spencer, Charlie's younger sister is in Bitter Bark to claim Ruff and morn the loss of her brother. Sparks fly, tempers flair, plans are made and it all amounts to a highly entertaining and gripping romantic journey that I could not put down. Loved it!
Terri_C More than 1 year ago
This is a wonderful series! This book did something that I don't think has ever happened to me before--it made me cry in the first chapter! It started with two best best friends serving in the military in Afghanistan. I'm not sure if it got everybody or was more emotional for me because my husband also served in Afghanistan. I'm happy to say that the story got happier after that. What happens when a beloved dog is apparently left to two different people by his former owner and both want him desperately? It could only get more complicated when those two people have feelings for each other that they are fighting and one of them is determined to leave town. Of course the dog has to put in his two cents worth also...and create chaos at every turn. Ruff Around the Edges is a touching, hilarious romance with lots of meddling, loving family thrown in for good measure!
kathryntesh More than 1 year ago
I highly recommend this book. Although it will stand alone, it is part of a series of stories about a family of dog lovers. Each person is presented having such a different personality from his/her siblings. I highly recommend this book, and if you have not read others in the Dogfather series I also recommend those. Ms. St. Claire has a knack for writing believable, sexy stories. The people are real, and so are the dogs. Ruff is a rough-and-ready boxer mix, not very obedient even for the best trainers. Aidan is coming home after ten years in the army, because after his best friend Charlie died he no longer wanted to be a career soldier. Charlie adopted Ruff, and on his deathbed asked Aidan to adopt him. Aidan’s dad, the Dogfather, manages to get Ruff home from Afghanistan and Aidan is ready to begin a new life with his dog. However, Aidan’s dad tells him that Charlie’s little sister wants the dog and has a letter from Charlie giving Ruff to her. Both Aidan and Beck are struggling with knowing what comes next in their lives, and feel that Ruff is a necessary part of whatever the future holds.
Debbie823 More than 1 year ago
Just finished reading #6 “Ruff Around the Edges.” I have so enjoyed the Dogfather series but this one is the best so far! What great characters including Ruff. I love how the stories of all the Kilcannon family are interwoven and how they support one another. All along I had been wondering how Aidan would fit into the family business and of course Rocki surprises us with a perfect fit for him! We see updates on family members that we have already read about and get teases of stories to come (last sibling and cousins and of course the Dogfather himself,). Such a heartwarming, tear jerker of a story! Loved, Loved, Loved this book! (oh and I think you should share the sauce recipe,) This author is amazing!
luvluke6t6 More than 1 year ago
Roxanne St. Claire has once again delivered an amazing story! She skillfully combines our love for family, friends and dogs into a remarkable story. I received a free advanced reader's copy of Ruff Around the Edges for an honest review. All I can honestly say, is that I LOVED this book. I think it is MY FAVORITE book in the Dogfather Series. It made me laugh and cry, and happy and sad. I had chills and tears, and too many aww's to count. The love story between Aidan and Beck is filled with sweet, tender and poignant moments, as they both work to tear down each other’s walls. Ruff Around the Edges is Aidan Kilcannon's story, the youngest Kilcannon son, he was a Major in the U.S. Army Night Stalkers, but after the death of his best friend Charlie Spencer, who is killed in action, Aidan decides not to re-up and return home to Waterford Farms to help out with the family business. He is just not certain, where he will fit in when he returns. Aidan made a death bed promise to Charlie that he would get Charlie's rescue dog, Ruff out of Afghanistan and keep him. Once Aidan returns home, his father, Daniel lets him know that process of bringing Ruff home to Waterford Farms is almost complete, but Ruff rightfully belongs to Beck, Rebecca Spencer, Charlie's younger sister. Charlie wrote her a letter asking her to take care of Ruff if something were to happen to him. Daniel and Aidan agree, that Beck's letter from Charlie supersedes Aidan's death bed promise to Charlie. Once Ruff arrives, Aidan decides to do the right thing and give the dog to Beck. Aidan shows up at A Slice of Heaven, to introduce Ruff to Beck. He does not realize that Beck will want to take ownership of Ruff right then and there. Ruff being rough, decides to show Beck what he's made of, but Beck will do whatever it takes to keep Charlie's dog. Bitter Bark was never her home, it was just a place she and Charlie moved to after their parents' deaths in a car accident. Ruff does not respond well to Beck, and this makes her sad. Beck returned to Bitter Bark to help out at A Slice of Heaven following her Uncle Mike's stroke. Along comes Aidan to save the day. He helps Beck out daily at the pizza shop, since he is not sure what role he will play at Waterford Farms. Uncle Mike tells them there is a secret ingredient in the sauce, but he cannot remember because of his stroke. So Beck researches different sauce recipes and she and Aidan try out the sauces with a different special ingredient. Beck, Aidan, and Ruff are spending a lot of time together, and they get closer and closer with each passing day and every sauce. Beck has vowed that she will never fall in love, because she is too afraid to once again lose someone she loves. Her entire family has died. She and Aidan decide to keep their relationship casual. This might work for Beck, but it is not enough for Aidan. With Beck's help, Aidan decides what he can do at Waterford Farms to help him fit in. Beck and Aidan are ready to confess their love, but disaster happens and scares Becks away from her feelings. It would not be a Roxanne St. Claire book with the plot twists and surprises, and Ruff Around the Edges does not disappoint. I love the sage advice of Gramma Finnie, the conversation between Daniel and Aidan, and the quotes and photos that Beck found in her mother's scrapbook. So many surprises are revealed at the end of the book, not sure who was the better matchmaker here, Daniel or Charlie.