Rugby Skills, Tactics and Rules

Rugby Skills, Tactics and Rules

by Tony Williams, Frank Bunce

Paperback(Third Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9781770850149
Publisher: Firefly Books, Limited
Publication date: 03/01/2012
Edition description: Third Edition
Pages: 168
Sales rank: 593,315
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.92(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Tony Williams is a New Zealand-based author who has written 13 books on rugby, including a series of All Black biographies and 100 Great Moments of New Zealand Rugby.

Former All Black Frank Bunce is a rugby legend and one of the greatest centers of all time. He is now a commentator on the sport, and a high-performance coach at the International Rugby Academy.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Authors' Notes: Experimental Law Variations

Introduction: The Game for All

1. The Team: Rugby is a Team Sport

The key rugby laws

Forwards and backs

The basics

The positions

Positions with alternative names



Second row

Number eight


Scrum half

Fly half




2. Basic Skills: Running

Key running skills

Run straight

Run toward support

Support play

Running after the ball

Carrying the ball

The forward charge

The fend off or handoff

The hit and spin

The bump

Deceptive running

The swerve

Outside cut

The side step

Dodge or dart

The prop

The feint

The goose step

The full stop

3. Basic Skills: Passing

Passing theory

When to pass

Hospital pass

Passing technique

Aiming the pass

Timing the pass

Passing on

Drawing the player

Delaying the pass

Different types of passes

Spin or spiral pass

Scrum-half pass

Long pass

American football pass

Dive pass

Reverse pass

Lob pass

Pop pass

Unusual passes

Flick pass


The offload

One-handed pass

Overhead pass

Basketball pass

The reverse flick

Change-of-direction pass

The "anything goes" pass

Deceptive passes

The dummy pass

The dummy kick

The non-pass


4. Basic Skills: Catching

Key catching skills

To catch or not to catch

Catching a pass

Catching bad passes

Catching a wet ball

Catching from a kick

Calling a mark

Never let a rugby ball bounce

Catching near the touch-line

Picking up a bobbing ball

Picking up the ball off the ground

Falling on the ball

5. Basic Skills: Tackling

Key tackling skills

Courage and judgment



The hit

The front-on tackle

The end of the tackle

Body position

Tackle practice

Tackling variations and techniques

The half hold

Side-on tackle

Tackle from behind

The ankle tap

Stationary tackle

The big hit

Smother tackle

Driving tackle

Touch-line tackling

Turning the player in the tackle

Tackling a bigger player

Drag-down tackle

Gang tackling

Tackling the fend

The strip

Illegal tackles

The perfect tackle

6. Basic Skills: Attitude

Key elements



Decision making







7. Specialized Skills


The punt

The drop kick

The place kick

Other types of kicks

Kicking in wind

Scoring a try

Grounding the ball

Low body position

Reaching out

Push-over try

Penalty try

8. Set Play: The Scrum


The front row

The second row

The back row

The engagement

The channels

The defensive scrum

Scrum practice

9. Set Play: The Line Out

Key line-out skills

The throw

The code

The jump

Variations on the line out

The one-handed tap back

The shortened line out

Changing positions

Adding a player

The throw over the top

The quick throw-in

Line-out throwing practice

Basic moves from the line out

The peel

The blind-side charge

The wing comes in

Defending a line out

10. Set Play: Kick Restarts

The kickoff

The 22-meter dropout


Against tap penalties

Against the forward charge from a tap penalty

Against the penalty kick at goal

Against the conversion

11. Phase Play

Tackled ball

The breakdown

Joining the breakdown

The maul

Stripping the ball

The driving maul

The rolling maul

Truck and trailer

The ruck

The start of the ruck

Creating a ruck

Clearing a ruck


12. Defense

Player-on-player defense

Drift defense

Rush defense

Blind-side defense

Defensive systems

Practicing defense

13. Attack

Parts of an attack

Penetrating the defense

Penetrators need pace


Quality ball

Breaking the line


14. Picking an Option: The best option

Picking an option

Options after scoring

Tactical options

Tactical strategies



15. Coaching

Team selection


You as coach

The players


Team pattern


16. The Rules: Laws of the Game

Law 1: The ground

Law 2: The ball

Law 3: Number of players

Law 4: Players' clothing

Law 5: Time

Law 6: Match officials

Law 7: Mode of play

Law 8: Advantage

Law 9: Methods of scoring

Law 10: Foul play

Law 11: Offside and onside in general play

Law 12: Knock-on or throw forward

Law 13: Kickoff and restart kicks

Law 14: Ball on the ground -- no tackle

Law 15: Tackle -- ball carrier brought to the ground

Law 16: Ruck

Law 17: Maul

Law 18: Mark

Law 19: Touch and line out

Law 20: Scrum

Law 21: Penalty and free kicks

Law 22: In-goal


Useful Addresses





Pictured on the cover of this book is one of the most exciting rugby players in the world — All Black Dan Carter. When Dan was a boy his parents got fed up with him kicking the rugby ball on to their roof, so they built him a set of rugby posts at the bottom of the yard, and there he would practice hour after hour.

As talented as Dan Carter is, it is learning the techniques and practicing them over and over that made him a skilled rugby player. (A technique is simply a way of doing something that works.) How these techniques are put to use in a team situation is called tactics. But that's not enough: you also have to know the laws. Rugby is a simple game, but the laws can be complex. The key to success and enjoyment in rugby is to master the skills, know the laws and use the best tactics for the situation.

Rugby Skills, Tactics and Rules simplifies the game so that a child of about 10 can understand it, but it also offers a broader knowledge for more experienced players and coaches. It begins with an explanation of the individual skills — from the most basic through to the specialized — followed by unit and team skills, moves and strategies, each layered one on top of the other. Toward the back of the book is a plain-language guide to the rules of rugby and a glossary, so that rugby terms can be clearly understood. Every time you struggle to understand, make a long kick to the glossary and clear up the meaning of that unfamiliar rugby term!

Read this book, reread it, watch, learn and practice. Rugby is the game with the most rules because it actually has the most freedoms. It allows you to express yourself in so many ways, such as kicking and passing the ball, tackling, pushing, pulling and getting muddy. Unlike most sports, you can use every part of your body, and there is no feeling in the world like running with the ball in open space, the opposition chasing after you, the goal line getting closer and closer.

Rugby Skills, Tactics and Rules gives you the basis of how to play rugby. After that it is up to players and coaches to be innovative and come up with new tricks and moves and, above all, to have fun!

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was new to rugby and found this book to be awesome. The pictures are great and the descriptions are even better. It helped me learn the game and enjoy the experience.