Rugby Team Initiation (gay CBT humiliation)

Rugby Team Initiation (gay CBT humiliation)

by Sapphire Rush

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One of Jimmy Jenkins's duties as rugby captain at Union College, USA, is to oversee the annual initiation ceremony for new players; and it's no walk in the park, especially when newbie Kerry Peters finds himself popping a huge boner as his new teammates laugh and make fun of him - and it only makes the torture on his cock and balls even worse.  Will he make it to the end?  And what surprise does Captain Jimmy have waiting at the end for him?

This 4,000 word gay story is suitable only for adults, and features heavy cock and ball torture, explicit humiliation, physical trials, and a good old fashioned jerking contest.


Now Tony stepped forward, the only other man on the team who could talk to Kerry without looking up.  His shaved head glinted in the afternoon light.  “Forwards take care of forwards!” he growled, grinding the brush into the bucket as though he was punishing it for containing such a horrible substance.

And then the brush was grinding the mixture into Kerry's skin.  He bit his lip hard as it inched painfully over his nipples.

“Hey, you like that, huh?” asked Tony.  “You like that?  Want it again?”  And he ran the brush back over Kerry's exposed, helpless nipples.  The team were hooting and hollering again, and up piped Freddie, the team joker.

“Hey, asshole!” yelled Freddie in his broad Tennessee drawl.  “You like that fuckin' brush on your tits, huh?  I bet you're gonna get a goddamn boner!  Don't get a fuckin' boner, whatever you do!”

And of course, the more that Kerry tried to think of anything except his cock becoming proud and erect in front of the entire team, the harder it was to ignore the possibility.  Images of them all hooting and pointing at it swam in front of his brain, fuelling his imagination further.  He clenched his legs tight, praying with all his might even as he fantasized broadly.

“Hey, asshole!” That drawl again.  Kerry looked at Jimmy, hoping desperately that the Captain would tell his man to knock it off; but there was no such help coming to him from that quarter.

“Asshole!  You know he's about to put that horrible fuckin' brush on your dick, right?  Wouldn't it just be terrible if you got hard from another guy brushin' your dick?  Scrub fucking scrub, asshole!  Scrub scrub!”

The team added general noises of approval; and of course Kerry's thoughts immediately headed in that direction.  Unavoidably accompanied by a sudden rush of blood; and clench his body and his muscles as he might, Kerry was utterly powerless to prevent it.  His heart sank even as his cock began first to bob between his legs, and then to rise slowly, unpreventably, inevitably.

“Whoo!  Horndog!  We got a fuckin' pervy horndog here, folks!” crowed Freddie.  “You wanna stick that prick in something, horndog?”

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Sapphire Rush is a two-handed author of one-handed stories who lives and daydreams with a slightly tubby cat in London, England.  Why not send an email to

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