Rugged Texas Cowboy

Rugged Texas Cowboy

by Lora Leigh

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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ISBN-13: 9781250150875
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 12/05/2017
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 72,378
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 0.90(d)

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#1 New York Times bestseller Lora Leigh is the author of the Navy SEALS, the Breeds, the Elite Ops, the Callahans, the Bound Hearts, and the Nauti series.

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Rugged Texas Cowboy 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Im a fan of lora leigh but many times she just throws out books that are just smut i was looking forward to a good cowboy story there was a hot cowboys but not much of a story not worth the money i would rather wait for her books when i know she will write a great story
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved both stories in this book.
Cheryl-S 9 months ago
COWBOY AND THE CAPTIVE This fantastic romance features Luc Jardin and Melina Catarina Angeles. These two were burning up the sheets! Their chemistry was explosive! Amazing story line with plenty of suspense, heartbreaking memories, soul crushing family issues and let’s not Thank God for Joe because I’m at a loss for words where her parents are concerned. I was so happy to see Sam and Heather August. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen them. COWBOY AND THE THIEF This story features Jack Riley and Angel Manning. These two have an intense, fiery connection. Denying a long running Irish legend, these two mentally fight their attraction towards each other but their bodies won’t be denied. It’s highly entertaining watching them struggle. I love the little bit of Irish paranormal mixed into this story.
sportochick More than 1 year ago
COWBOY AND THE CAPTIVE What a dramatic opening....this is not for the prudish person. Author Lora Leigh continues her outstanding writing with this first book of the series. It deals with betrayal, revenge, mistaken identity and not only a dysfunctional family but how a family survives from it all. Melinda's character is gutsy, loving and ready for change. Through some heartbreaking events all of this happens in this story and she finally gets what she deserves in a most unusual way. Jardin, you can tell from the beginning is a nice guy but unfortunately he is bent on revenge which keeps the reader wondering how this story can end in a HEA. But for this reader I was very satisfied with the extremely dramatic ending. COWBOY AND THE THIEF Jack and Angel as primary characters keep the reader glued to the pages with their antagonistic interactions. The author does a superb job of keeping their push and pull relationship interesting without it becoming annoying. I quite enjoyed her letting Jack know in no uncertain terms exactly what she thought about him. The added Druid component was the right twist to this story. I do recommend you NOT read this book in a crowded place because it is that hot and descriptive in most of the scenes.
belllla More than 1 year ago
This is two-part storybook about two good friends Jardin and Jack who both find love in unusual place. COWBOY AND THE CAPTIVE 4.5stars Is a story about Jardin to who was injustice made and now he looks justice in his own hand. He kidnaps Maria who once almost got him and his friend ack killed him to teach her right. But he doesn't know that Maria has a sister and that he kidnaps wrong sister. Melina and Jardin had from the first time they meet uncontrollable sexual chemistry, to which they cant long resist. I like the story, I didn't for a long time read something on this thema a was pleasantly surprised with the characters. Although the story is short are characters great developed and their chemistry is hot. I enjoyed reading it. COWBOY AND THE THIEF 3.stars This one is a story about Jardin and Angel -daughter from Jardin's business partner. The one that sold to Jardin family heirloom and which Angel is a determent to give it back. What none of them expect is to fall in love. This story I didn't like too much, all the mystery about heirloom was for me not attractive and there is not a lot happening just bickering between Jardin and Angel, some hot makeup sessions which escalate in hot sex. I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
Cali-Jewel More than 1 year ago
Emotionally thrilling, intriguing, sexy, gripping and exciting romantic adventure filled with danger, mystery and family betrayal of the deepest kind. COWBOY AND THE CAPTIVE Melina is sweet, sexy, honest and has a natural air of innocence about her that her not so nice twin sister and her parents take advantage of her for, until the final straw after she is sent to Jail for Maria's crime. Luke is strong, sexy, sweet, charming and rugged cowboy that was almost killed by Maria's partners in crime for helping her transport a crate. Looking for payback for the hurt inflicted on himself and his partner Jack I agrees to abduct Maria at her brother Joe's request to try and clean her out of the drugs she is addicted to. Only Joe has him take Melina instead of Maria and the real fun begins. Loved every heart pounding twist and turn. COWBOY AND THE THIEF Angel Manning is head strong, sassy and so sure the stories of her family's legendary Irish torque leading her to the only man for her is just a fairy tail. That is until her she confesses this to her father and he sells the torque to the notorious playboy and rugged cowboy Jack Riley. He catchers her in his home trying to steal it back and the wild adventure begins. Highly entertaining late night reading.
S_Leca More than 1 year ago
This was an intense read. With two phenomenal reads in one book you will not want to miss out. I have enjoyed Lora Leigh immensely over the years and this book definitely held up to my expectations. The first book Cowboy and the Captive was extremely weird, with a brother helping a man capture the wrong sister, and parents always wanting their "good" daughter to take the fall for the "bad" sister. Melina has worked hard to get out of her sisters shadow but sometimes when you least expect it the past comes back to take over your life once again. This time it came in the form of a broken cowboy, Luc, who has already called her a horrible human being and blames her for all of the things that her sister did. The second book the Cowboy and the thief revolves around an old family tradition and a torque that says who you're fated to be with. After Jack buys Angels torque she will do anything to get it back even breaking and entering his house across the ocean. This was a great romance about second chances, and conniving individuals who cant stay out of their children lives. I would highly recommend this book collection as it was hilarious in it weirdness and how many families go to such lengths to get people together. ~A Book Obsessed Chicks Review Team Selection.
S_Leca More than 1 year ago
This was an intense read. With two phenomenal reads in one book you will not want to miss out. I have enjoyed Lora Leigh immensely over the years and this book definitely held up to my expectations. The first book Cowboy and the Captive was extremely weird, with a brother helping a man capture the wrong sister, and parents always wanting their "good" daughter to take the fall for the "bad" sister. Melina has worked hard to get out of her sisters shadow but sometimes when you least expect it the past comes back to take over your life once again. This time it came in the form of a broken cowboy, Luc, who has already called her a horrible human being and blames her for all of the things that her sister did. The second book the Cowboy and the thief revolves around an old family tradition and a torque that says who you're fated to be with. After Jack buys Angels torque she will do anything to get it back even breaking and entering his house across the ocean. This was a great romance about second chances, and conniving individuals who cant stay out of their children lives. I would highly recommend this book collection as it was hilarious in it weirdness and how many families go to such lengths to get people together. ~A Book Obsessed Chicks Review Team Selection.
PennieM More than 1 year ago
Two hot cowboys who know what they want and go after it. Two extremely hot and steamy stories that are re-releases but just as hot this time around. The Cowboy and the Captive Melina is mistaken for the twin sister and kidnapped by Luc. Oh my but he is in for a rude awakening when he figures out this one. The Cowboy and the Thief Jack and Angel are like chemistry times 100! Sparks flying all over the place. When she follows him to Texas how will that work out. Definitely recommend these! **Received this ARC for review from the publisher via NetGalley**
tiggeruoSO More than 1 year ago
Story #1 Melina is sick of covering for her sister and this time she took it too far. Luck is seeking revenge and will stop at nothing to get it. Can she stay safe and can he get the revenge he so seeks or will the plans just go to far? This story ok was not a fan. There was a lot of suspense and that kept the storyline going. There was some thing that were just to graphic for my taste in reading material. Melina’s family seemed more like the mob then just a super rich family so there was twist and turns every page for sure. Story #2: Jack is a free spirit and will never settle down, he is a wandering spirit and is more then happy. When he visits Ireland and a friend he seems to have met his match. Angel has missed so much since the loss of her mom but one thing is the legend that will forever be in her family. When she finds her what her dad has done with the precious gift that was meant to be hers she seeks it out and will stop at nothing to get it back. Can she get it back along with leaving her heart in tact or will Jack just be to much for her? Out of the two stories this one was my favorite. I really enjoyed the free, suborned strong willed spirit of both the characters. I loved how the both had this take no prisoners kind of attitude. This story like the first one was very erotic and very much has is full of strong language and adult scenes. Over all I am not sure how I feel about these books as a whole. But to each his own.
Marta Cox More than 1 year ago
Three and a half It's been a while since I've read anything by this author who pens such erotic stories so I couldn't resist this book. It's actually two stories with a decidedly western flavour so if hot cowboys appeal to you then well worth a read. The first story is definitely a case of mistaken identity and no mistake. Melina has a twin sister who is not exactly a good girl and she's not adverse to others paying the price. So when Jardin seeks vengeance unfortunately instead of kidnapping Maria he takes her much sweeter sister who has no idea just how sensual her capture will be ! The second story introduces Jack and Angel and would you believe an ancient Druid prophecy? Yes when Jack comes into the possession of a torque that Angel believes should stay in her family she travels to Texas to steal it back but the uptight Irish girl is about to discover that not all cowboys get put away wet ! Short but sexy stories with a very different feel so I think one or even both would certainly entertain romance readers but alas for me not quite enough depth This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair
D-B1 More than 1 year ago
I loved reading the amazing and intriguing romance stories. Because of Melina's treachery, Jardin's revenge is to kidnap Melina, but unknown to Jardin, he kidnaps Melina's twin sister, Maria. Even though Maria tells Jardin who she really is, he doesn't believe her. As the two of them spend more time together, Jardin and Maria's feelings toward each other increase and attraction combusts. A second story is included, a mystical, and spellbinding story. As Angel searches for her ancestors' legendary Irish torque, which legend says it will lead her to her true love, she learns it has been sold to a man with a reputation, Jack Riley. Read the highly recommended and wonderfully written love stories full of romance, mystery, and intrigue.
S_Abrams More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars This book is actually two stories, “Cowboy and the Captive” and “Cowboy and the Thief” that are being reissued under a new publisher. In the first story, Luc Jardin and his partner Jack Riley are asked by Maria Catarina Angeles to transport a crate from South America to the US for a hundred thousand dollars and a night that the men will never forget. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned and the men almost wind up dead. Luc vows to get revenge on Maria no matter how long he has to wait. Melina Catarina Angeles is Maria’s twin and has unfortunately had to pretend to be her sister which leaves her in some dangerous situations. Maria is once again in trouble with the law and Melina’s parents beg her to take her place. Upon leaving her parent’s house and returning home, Melina is kidnapped by Luc. Melina has always been attracted to Luc from the moment she saw him but he thinks she is Maria. How will Luc react when he learns the truth? Can Luc keep her safe from her unstable twin and her entourage? The second book continues with Jack’s story. He is traveling to Ireland to see an old friend Joe Manning. Upon his arrival he is introduced to Joe’s daughter Angel. Jack and Angel are like two bickering children but there is heat simmering underneath the surface. Unbeknownst to Jack and Angel, Joe is setting them up because of an old Druid legend pertaining to ‘the torque’. When Joe sells the torque to Jack, Angel flips out and follows Jack to Texas to steal it back. However, she gets more than she bargains for. Can the two work out their differences? Will Angel get her prized possession back? Lora Leigh has a way of crafting storylines that suck the reader into the action from the beginning. These two stories have everything; hot cowboys, steamy scenes, action, betrayal and plot twists that keep you engaged throughout. I volunteered to read an arc provided by Netgalley.
carvanz More than 1 year ago
Cowboy and the Captive This is the way a novella is supposed to be written. Plenty of character development, a storyline that is strong and doesn’t feel contrived, lots of steamy chemistry, a small bit of angst and some thriller type drama to wrap it all up. I loved that Luc wanted Melina even when he didn’t know who she really was and had no reason to want her at all. However, once those wheels started, he was determined to continue on the ride to make her his woman and protect her along the way. Wonderful story and a reminder why I’ve always liked this author. Cowboy and the Thief Another great little read. Didn’t have the angst as the previous one did, but it had the potential to be a full blown novel had the author decided to go that way. She could definitely do a historical romance writing the first warrior’s story – the man who received the torque and started the whole thing. Again, there is plenty of chemistry and steam but this one also included a few BDSM practices. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and reacquainting myself with Lora Leigh’s writing. This is an honest review of an advanced copy provided by NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press.
tsmb02 More than 1 year ago
This book has two shorter stories included in it, Cowboy and the Captive and Cowboy and the Thief. In Cowboy and the Captive, Luc Jardin is ready to seek revenge on Miss Maria Catarina Angeles after the stunt she pulled that almost got his best friend, Jack Riley killed. Maria's brother, Joe ends up meeting Luc and together they decide that Luc will kidnap Maria and have her work off her debt. What Luc doesn't realize is that he is actually kidnapping Maria's twin, Melina. Of course Luc doesn't believe Melina when she tries telling him that she isn't Maria. That's when the fun begins. I really enjoyed the way these two pushed and pulled with each other. They didn't want to like the other but then you don't always get what you want! ;) I really enjoyed these characters and this story line. In Cowboy and the Thief, Jack Riley is in Ireland visiting his friend, Joseph Manning. What he didn't expect was to be captivated by his daughter, Angel. After some fun sparring back and forth, the sparks begin to fly. Joe thinks Jack just might be the one to bring the fire back into his daughter. When Joe ends up selling Jack the Irish torque, Angel is furious, but Jack refuses to give it back. Angel decides that she is going to steal the torque back from Jack once he's back in Texas. Too bad he was waiting for her! I really enjoyed the sparring between these two and it was interesting how the Irish history came into play.
DebDiem More than 1 year ago
Rugged Texas Cowboy by Lora Leigh is like hitting the jackpot, you get two book in one. Both books are well-written and populated with amazing characters. The first book, Cowboy And The Captive is Luc and Melina's story of mistaken identity. This is my favorite of the two books. There's plenty of drama, action, humor and sizzlin' sexy bits. The second book, Cowboy And The Thief is Jack and Angel's story. Their tale is loaded with drama, humor and yes, enough heat to start a bonfire. I enjoyed reading Rugged Texas Cowboy and look forward to reading more from Lora Leigh in the future. Both of the stories in this book are complete, no cliff-hangers. I voluntarily read an Advance Reader Copy of this book that I received from NetGalley.
Rainn2978 More than 1 year ago
This is a 2 in 1 book, the first book is Cowboy and the Captive and the second is Cowboy and the Thief. You see the main hero from book 2 in book 1, as he is the best friend of the hero of book 1. Book 1 is about Luc Jardin and Melina Angeles. Luc is almost killed 2 years before by Melina's twin sister Maria after flying a shipment for her back to the states. Luc and his best friend Jack didn't know they were flying drugs back and that they were expendable. He wanted Maria to be punished for what she did but that never happened. Melina's parents have always expected her to take the blame and punishments for her sister. To the point where she even spent a week in jail 2 years prior in her sister's stead. Now they want her to take her sister's place yet again. She refuses and her parent's disown her. But then Luc decides he will teach Maria to take responsibility for her actions, not realizing the woman he kidnaps is actually Melina. He doesn't believe her when she tries to tell him as he has never heard about a sister let alone a twin. I truly liked this book. The way the parents treated her just made me so angry!! And then when Luc doesn't believe her when she tries to tell him who she is? I wanted to smack him for not at least looking into it to make sure he knew the truth. But then they both learn that they can depend on each other and that they truly love each other. Even after Luc finds out everything that happened to Melina 2 years ago. Very good story! Book 2 is about Jack Riley, who is the best friend that is almost killed with Luc in the first book and Angel Manning. Jack is in Ireland for business with Angel's father. They are attracted to each other but Angel refuses to be another notch in Jack's bed post after a bad experience when she was younger. Her father just wants to see some sort of fire his daughter's eyes again. It hasn't truly been there since he sent her away to school, thinking he was doing the best thing for her. He thinks Jack can bring some sort of balance to her life and sets into motion events to hopefully bring that about. He sells Jack a torque that has been passed down the female side of her mother's family since ancient times. This is in turn pushes Angel to go to Texas and attempt to steal it back. Then the sparks really fly between Jack and Angel! This was also a good read. The beginning was a little slow for me but by the end I really enjoyed it. Jack was a very likable guy, especially once he realizes that what he had given up on ever finding is right in front of him now. Angel seemed to be extremely snooty at first until you find out why she is the way she is. She and Jack are perfect for each other and balance each other out. All in all, both books were extremely well written with characters that I really enjoyed. Well worth the read and you can never go wrong with a Lora Leigh book!
CrystalsBookWorld More than 1 year ago
I am not to much of a fan for Western Romance when I am looking for a good book to read. When I saw that Lora Leigh was coming out with Rugged Texas Cowboy that had two short stories in one book, I knew I had to give it a try! Cowboy and Captives was all about the vendetta that was coming and mistake in identity. I was into the story, and the characters were great. The suspense of knowing that the wrong woman was kidnapped had me wondering what will happen next. With Cowboy and the Thief, we get that insta connection with the characters. There was always drama and once in awhile I was not to sure where the story line was going. All in all I got into these stories and my only recommendation would to make these into a full novel. I felt that the ended needed just a bit more to make it complete. I am a huge Lora Leigh fan and stil can not wait to see what she will bring us next. 3.5/5 stars!
AmyBosica More than 1 year ago
Rugged Texas Cowboy features two books in one; Cowboy and The Captive & Cowboy and The Thief. While both stories were quick and easy reads with unique story-lines, I found the characters in both stories hard to relate to. Don't get me wrong, both have some seriously sexy moments, but the overall story-lines were hard for me to wrap my mind around. Cowboy and The Captive had some seriously crazy family drama, mistaken identity and a kidnapping gone wrong. This story certainly peaked my curiosity and had some sexier than hell moments. Cowboy and The Thief is loaded with drama, mystery and of course lots of sexy times. Overall, I thought this combo was an ok read, but wasn't the right read for me.
FaeScot More than 1 year ago
gigiluvsbooks2 More than 1 year ago
COWBOY AND THE CAPTIVE Melina is one of two gorgeous twin daughters, the clever and considerate one who always spared her parents the humiliation of what her sister Maria had wrought. But now, Melina is finally ready to stand up for herself and seize control of her life—until she is kidnapped by a cowboy, named Jardin, who is dead-set on settling the score with her family. There’s only one catch: In capturing Melina, this tough, rough, hunk of a man has actually found a way to unleash her greatest fantasies, body and soul. . . COWBOY AND THE THIEF Beautiful, spirited Angel Manning has always longed to experience the power of her ancestors’ most precious heirloom. Her mother once told her that the legendary Irish torque would lead Angel to the one man worthy of possessing her heart. But when Angel learns that her father, now a widower, has sold the torque to the notorious two-timer Jack Riley, she is furious. Of course she plans to take back what is rightfully hers, by whatever means necessary. But the fate of the ancient Druids works in mysterious ways. . .Could it be that this slick, smooth-talking cowboy was destined to satisfy Angel’s deepest desires all along? Review: First, I will start out by saying these are reissues of previous works. That being said, I thought I had read them already, but either the stories were totally redone or I had not read them. Another thing there are two stories included in this book. They are linked that the stories involve two friends and the women they claim. These are both about Alpha Cowboys who use their sexy ways to tame their filly’s (I know bad pun). If you have Lora Leigh’s contemporary romances before you can expect the same writing style and sexy content and more sexiness. They were both quick reads and I finished them within a few hours. I think I liked Cowboy and the Captive best, but I liked the slight supernatural aspect of the Cowboy and Thief too. A must read for any Lora Leigh fans and I was glad she re-released these stories. 4Stars *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this provided by the publisher.*
grammyx3 More than 1 year ago
Lora Leigh's Rugged Texas Cowboy entails two stories. In the first story friend Luc Jardin and Jack Riley are duped into flying Maria Catarina Angeles and a box of drugs into the United States. Maria has a couple of thugs waiting to kill Luc and Jack at the landing strip to ensure their silence. After getting away Luc swears vengeance. Unfortunately when Luc thinks he is getting vengeance by kidnapping drug addict Maria he mistakenly takes her innocent twin sister, Melina instaed. What follows is a well crafted plot whereby Luc learns he has the wrong twin after falling in love with her. Lots of action and sexy love scenes. In the second book, Cowboy and the Thief the reader again meets up with Jack Riley who purchases a Celtic torque which brings Angel into his life, This story does not flow as well as the first story and drags at times. I received an ARC via NetGalley for an honest review
KindleKat64 More than 1 year ago
This is a nice 2-for-1 by Lora Leigh. Easy reads, I enjoyed both stories. They were both quite sexy! Cowboy and the Captive is a heat and steam infused suspenseful story. Cowboy and the Thief is more of a mystery with some fun and sexy times too. They were both well written and if you like Lora Leigh, you'll like these!
Amy-Townsend More than 1 year ago
I'm thinking these stories were written in an earlier time period - the scenarios were very rape-like. Good stories, but not politically correct.
Buecherwurm161 More than 1 year ago
Not my favorite Lora Leigh Book. I really hate when I don't connect to a book that I am looking forward to reading. I was excited when I got the book from the Author through NetGalley in exchange for a review, because I have been a huge fan of Lora Leigh so I did not even read the book description due to her being the Author. Plus I have always been a bit partial to Cowboys. There were so many problems with the plot for me, I just could not believe that a smart man would not know that he kidnapped the wrong women, especially when she did not have any signs of going through withdrawals. The whole relationship between the couples did not work for me and I am still trying to figure out what made them Cowboys? I read a lot and in order for me to escape the doldrums of everyday life I need to buy into the story you are trying to sell me, and the Author just did not do this for me this time around. I am still a fan of hers but just not this book.