Ruined (She Who Dares, #4)

Ruined (She Who Dares, #4)

by LP Lovell

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BN ID: 2940155407799
Publisher: LP Lovell
Publication date: 12/21/2017
Series: She Who Dares , #4
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 435,327
File size: 431 KB

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Ruined 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Lisa-Lou More than 1 year ago
Ruined by LP Lovell is the fourth book in her She Who Dares series but CAN be read as a standalone. This book, unlike the three predecessors focuses on Hugo and Molly, best friends of the main couple in books 1-3. Picture the biggest manwhore ever. A gorgeous man with tons of sex-appeal that promises a fantastic time but makes no promises, no commitments. Then multiply that by 1,000 and you have Hugo. Molly is a good girl except when it comes to Hugo. Hugo lets her be her true self. Problem is, Hugo knows in his soul that he's not good enough for Molly and pushes her away. What happens when events continue to conspire to bring these two together? Fireworks, panty-melting fireworks of epic proportions. LOVED IT!!!
Rebecca1RS More than 1 year ago
OMFG! Cliché I know but OMFG!!!!! I have a new author crush who might as well organise the restraining order now before the leg humping and drooling starts. I read Ruined at the weekend and totally bloody adored it so have bought the box set for the first 3 in the series.... just finished book 2 as I can't put them down! Kids are starving, dogs need walking and jobs are waiting but I’m busy and distracted! LP Lovell is as funny as f**k, has no filter whatsoever and is fabulously entertaining - her characters have grabbed me and won't let go. Hugo I like to f***. A lot. Anywhere, anyway, as long as I’m shooting my load in or on some pretty young thing I’m good. In fact, scrap that, they don’t even have to be pretty. What can I say? I’m an equal opportunities kind of guy. I pride myself on being able to turn even the most self-respecting woman into a dirty slut. I make no apologies for my life or my behaviour. I don’t care about anyone really, certainly not women. Except her. I care about her, which is why I pushed her away. Within the first 10% of Ruined I was highlighting on my kindle like a demented woman and howling with laughter while reading bits out to my friend, Hugo is just fabulous. Abso-f***ing-lutely fabulous. Total dog, manwhore extraordinaire, perpetually horny, takes being politically incorrect to whole new levels and as Hugo himself says has “No respect for boundaries or socially acceptable behaviour.” I don't discriminate when it comes to pu$$y. I do however tend to lean towards the nasty ones. I like a girl who &%&%s like a hooker who needs to make rent. Who would have ***ing thought it? I pay ten grand a night for hookers, and yet the chubby girl who hasn't been laid in six months just made me come harder than any of them. F*** going to sex therapy, I'm going to start hanging around outside Weight Watchers. And then we have Molly……………….. Molly is a rare creature. Classy, possibly even leaning toward demure on the outside, a people pleaser I guess, but there's another side to her. The side that tells me to go **** myself, and can put an unreasonable Lilly back in her box. Then there's this secret corner of her personality that only comes out under duress, the sexy side of her that loves to be called a dirty whore, and held down while she's ****ed from behind. That side is $£$£ing irresistible, and it totally blind sided me. Molly can be seductive and flirtatious, and she can be downright dirty, but she's a good girl through and through, until you get her naked. Then she's an animal, and the animal in me is drawn to her sordid corruption like a magnet. She is the perfect $%$%ing woman. Molly I suppose I’m what you would call the good girl, the sensible one. I’m that girl, the romanticist. I believe in ‘the one’, in that all-encompassing love that leaves you unable to breathe without it. The thing is though, love is an uncontrollable animal. The heart often declares war on the mind, and even the most rational being can become completely consumed by love. Sometimes rational is boring. It’s the taste of the wild side that makes you remember you’re alive. The heart wants what the heart wants, even if you end up completely ruined in the process. What I did not bank on – was the fact that I would actually grow to like the filthy pr^^^. I found him…refreshing. He doesn't adhere to anyone else's standards, and in his own way, he made me feel special without even realising he was doing it. He made me feel free. He made me laugh, and I grew to like him. He may not be Prince Charming, but he's my perfectly f***ed up version. Molly and Hugo start off as casual sex, however while Molly keeps claiming it's just a bit of fun and Hugo is unusually coming back repeatedly for more they form a bond, broken when Molly tells Hugo she likes him and he runs as far and as fast as he can into the arms of any willing pu$$y he can find. Despite this their friendship keeps growing and developing and like magnets they are drawn to each other but Molly wants the happy ever after while Hugo just wants instant gratification so will they or won't they ? I'm not telling, you need to read it but I will say that this is a rip roaring romp of a book, you will laugh, cry, smile and cringe, the debauchery, the humour, the off the charts sex makes it a nonstop page turner. What is interesting is that wrapped up in all this dirty sex and humour are characters that are flawed and damaged, complex, human and real, hidden in an outrageously funny, hot, sexy story that has such depth and emotion to it with characters you are so captivated by that the ending comes too soon, that you want to demand more, now, want, need. Hugo and Molly, Theo and Lilly, Vegas, Sex Therapy, Gaz the Bulldog, there is so much to love, I wish I was more articulate, I wish my excitement could come across better because LP Lovell is the most fabulous discovery, potty mouth, no filter and crazy talented, I adore Hugo, I adore Ruined and I adore LP Lovell.